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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dominator Project - Paranormal Connection (Deja Vu)
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Dominator Project - Paranormal Connection (Deja Vu)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 21, 2006 17:29
Artist: Dominator Project
Album: Paranormal Connection
Label: Deja Vu Records
Released: February 2006


1. Paranormal Connection (7:20)
2. Reflection (7:15)
3. Hypertrash Technology (8:41)
4. Around The World (7:27)
5. Goa Harmonic (8:21)
6. No Delay (7:15)
7. East Intoxication (7:17)
8. Space Gravitation (7:23)
9. Psy Demon (8:55)
10. Love Is (7:20)

The review:

Another dark cd from Russian Deja Vu Records. This time by Dominator Project. I never really heard from them before, but with the dark revival currently going on inside my head I've been buying some dark releases lately and this one just sprang to my attention. I listened to some samples and got it, just because it sounded fairly dark and kicking. Track by track then, but real short... here goes:

Track 1: Dark start, with some samples from Star Wars (Darth Vader saying something about the rebels etc.) The beat stops and halts very often, making this sound like a hardhouse/hardcore equivalent of psytrance. Not bad, but certainly not the strongest track.

Track 2: Has a more coherent feel to it and pounds on along with a breakbeat kinda sample. A woman moans and some echoing sampling follows. The bassline pounds on and on and this one doesn't have as many stop and go's as the previous track. Nice and dark. A good track.

Track 3: Deep dark kick, more hollow sounding and some samples of a panflute get this going along nicely. One of the longer tracks, and this is pretty good.

Track 4: One of the more crazy tracks with some oldschool sampling from Pornkings (the distorted 303 lead) and some sample from 'Around the World' by Daft Punk. Not badly mixed and kinda uplifting even. Good.

Track 5: Deep feel to this track, but why it's called Goa Harmonic I wouldn't know. Heavier on the breaks again, but not overdoing it like track 1. Not bad.

Track 6: Typically dark psy fare, not outstanding, but a nice track to get this going along. Lots of cymbals in this one and some strange muffled voice sampling going on in the background completing the dark feel.

Track 7: A kicking track again and somewhat faster too. Goes on with the female moans again, making sure you realize this is in fact, Dominator Project. Not a bad track.

Track 8: Goes weirder again and has a really echoey feel to the sampling and the percussions. Strange sounding, but kinda refreshing. Not bad.

Track 9: Sounds more dry, a little more like Kindzadza sounds in some tracks. If you like that style then this is no downer either. Nice effects again. Has a weird kinda break at around 5:36, which lasts until 5:55.

Track 10: Has a more melodic approach to things. Mixes in real nice with the otherwise dark feel. Female moaning again, which is a repeating factor in this album. I liked this track instantly anyway. Good track, nice on the melodic front. (No cheese though, don't worry)

Conclusion time: So there you have it. A pretty standard dark cd with some good tracks and a more melodic track in the end. I think it's a rather good album, although track 1 is not really my taste. Still, a pretty complete package as usual from Deja Vu. They rarely dissappoint. 8/10 from me here.

Check samples here:
and here:
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Posted : Apr 22, 2006 17:00

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Posted : Apr 23, 2006 13:03
I've had the chance to listen to some tracks off this album and i loved it, the beat is a bit ... 'big' at louder volumes but its a good job done. loved the sampling on 'Around the world'
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 4, 2008 03:07
my favourite tracks of this cd are nr1 and nr7           ...
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Posted : Jan 5, 2008 21:55
Interesting music, Respect Dominator 
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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dominator Project - Paranormal Connection (Deja Vu)
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