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Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - Do anybody like psychedelic trance here? :)
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Do anybody like psychedelic trance here? :)

Maxim Kai.

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 01:06
I hope you will do like this one too:

Please be so kind and make a small feedback here or
icq 37734186

PS Be sure to make it loud

Cheerz!           The Future is Here Now ENJOY
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 11:47
harmonic trance, just the way i like it

catchy synth lines and interesting unique drumline & FX

raise the volume of synths, otherwise it gets kinda lost within FX & drums sound

the drumline is repetitive

the build ups are kool!

i like the percussions as well

nice work, keep it!
best wishes


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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 21:02
where did u hear percussion?? and progression? i only hear one hihat.... length: 1.03 minute. is there somethin wrong in here???           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!
Maxim Kai.

Started Topics :  5
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Posted : Sep 1, 2003 23:48
2 BrainStrom: thanks for advises!

2 Anakoluth: yeah, something is wrong, the length is 7:13... this is full track.
          The Future is Here Now ENJOY

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Posted : Sep 3, 2003 22:06
overall not bad.
get the synths to the front and that flanged percussion sound that u play with all the tune to the back.

ND.           Without Deviation, Progress Is Not Possible.
Sound Field / ProSect / Sonify / Radio Mess

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Posted : Sep 3, 2003 23:52
Hi Maxim

Unfortunately I can only download 5.19 some other trys gave me even shorter pieces...

Production for me is the unimportant thing about music, important I find the music.. so first about the production...

You production sounds as if you had whether bad monitorspeakers or you use your headphones to often or always....
I listened to it on my DynaudioBM6A which don't lie. The bass is rather loud, and hard, the beautyfull synthline to quiet, the funky, weird flangernoises rather loud and the real cool full of energy power sounds starting at 2.42 and 4.46 could be louder... the snare progressions are a bit to bassy and therefore to loud... in my opinion...

But on my headphones it sounds really really cool.
This seems as if you have the right ears, but not the right equipment...

I like your breaks and the overall arrangement.
I personally would like one or two more elements while you are playing and tweaking your flangysound... maybe something repetitve, grounding... or another melody.. I don't know what would fit...
But I also like it they way it is now.

Unique for sure ;-)

Your flangysound is really funny! Haven't ever heard somebody paying so excesively with that kind of effect and sound.. Your sounds, especially after 4.46 interact really nice, it's a pleasure to hear how they dance with each other.. and when the melody comes back in its spine chilling for me but then the song stopps.

Would love to hear the full song, and looking for further things of you

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Maxim Kai.

Started Topics :  5
Posts :  138
Posted : Sep 4, 2003 00:23
wowowowow thaaanks guys! I'm REALLY so pleased with your replies!

2 subconsciousmind: you are absolutely right, i have rather cheap equipment unfortunately that's why it never sound good. But i'll keep trying, with your help
          The Future is Here Now ENJOY
Trance Forum  Forum  The Workshop - Do anybody like psychedelic trance here? :)
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