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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dimension 5 -TransAddendum (Suntrip Records, 2013)
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Dimension 5 -TransAddendum (Suntrip Records, 2013)

Jon Cocco
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 8, 2013 18:01:17
Dimension 5: TransAddendum
Suntrip Records

1. Altair
2. Zarkon
3. Strange Phenomena
4. Return To The Source
5. Caprica
6. Symphonic Switch
7. Alpha Particles
8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix)

Prior to 2013's releases of TransAddendum and Transstellar, I thought I had heard all of Dimension 5's tracks; D5 being one of the most famous groups in Psychedelic Goa-Trance. The debut, Transdimensional is a great album that many consider classic. Surprisingly, I find some of the songs on TransAddendum better than some of the ones on debut and vice-versa to be fair. A full review ensues.

1. Altair doesn't throw the best stuff at you just yet. It's not filled with many events, twists, and turns. The first half is decent, but with D5's melodic edge and ingredients that enhance the recipe along the way. The last third articulates the melodies, showcases them more. This is just the opening track and it's solid. The more I hear it, the more I like it! B+

2. Zarkon has a strong, melodic passage than stands out more than the previous track. The song really shines in the first half, from 2:26 to 5:47. The voice samples are unique. The interlude in the second third is nice too! I don't care for how the otherwise effectively psychedelic synth line changes up from 3:48 to 4:25, reoccurring from 5:19 to 5:58. I find it distracting and unnecessary. The song without its reprisal would have sounded bare, but something different in the fifth minute could have sufficed. Others may have no qualm with my gripe. Fortunately, the artists bring back the tasty lead in the last two minutes which salvages the end. This is a pretty good song with elements of greatness. B

3. Strange Phenomena is the first song to really grab me with the synth lead. The intro is short and emotive. The lead that enters in the second minute sounds determined and gripping, and the usage of voice samples compliments. The lead returns several times which is nice; the melody/sound work around it is solid. The song breaks for an interlude. Then suddenly evolves into Cosmosis-esque psychedelia, as if inspired by Synergy(!) around the fifth minute. Strange Phenomena is kind of like the Psychic Influence of TransAddendum to some degree with the melodies, driving direction, and voice samples. I'm amazed that this wasn't released before. Though nothing groundbreaking, it's better than numerous songs from the classic Transdimensional album in my opinion. Excellent work. A-

4. Return To The Source involves synth leads less prominent than Caprica. The supporting structures stand out more; they're more psychedelic, textured and immersive as if to load the vehicle with options. The track grows catchier as it progresses. It isn't very eventful though. That said, the layering is well done. Continuous blending takes precedence over changes of scenery so to speak. Overall, this is great song! A-

5. Caprica begins like something out of NeverEnding Story. The opening is ethereal, heavenly; it's gorgeous, like a castle floating in the sky or a beloved fantasy film unfolding before your eyes (ears). I love the work at the beginning of this song that reprise later. The style becomes more elaborate as it unfolds. During a floating interlude, the opening notes return. This approach is wonderful; the notes seamlessly flow into the uptempo work; it's catchy! I love songs that get better as they progress. The artist's have produced another gem with Caprica! I think a tremendous downtempo song could come out of the fantasy sound here with more development of those sounds. The first and last several minutes is magical; everything in-between deserves attention. Superb work! A

6. Symphonic Switch for some will be a melodic Goa fanboy's dream. It's one of the most melodic songs D5 has ever made. I love the nostalgic sound in the opening two minutes, the lead at 0:30 like something out a futuristic movie; this could have been on the Tron: Legacy soundtrack! I love the ambient notes, the plucking sound in the second minute that later reprise, the melodies, soundscapes, tune-driven interludes, and how the song develops. The last two minutes could have been tighter though, from 7:37 to close. Or the song could have ended around 7:37, without the drum roll, because the last two minutes didn't express much. Furthermore, the song doesn't seem to know when to end; how and when it fade seems odd and abrupt, as if soon after the song attempts a third-wind, so to speak. This song could have used some touching up towards the end, but as a whole, it's great. The melodies are wonderful. A-

7. Alpha Particles is more futuristic than the previous numbers. It involves more emphasis around the beat; the song's delectable, driving, and infectious. The first two minutes isn't anything great. They are more or less buildup to an indelibly designed liquid vehicle that comes to fruition in the second and third act. The pulsating bass line is hypnotic. Alpha Particles is a more sophisticated and advanced; it's crafted with technical skill and attention to details outside of melody leads, twists, turns, and climaxes that are generally associated with Goatrance. The song's inventive, kinetic, and mature. The purposely incoherent, skipping, vocals in the last third's background blends in with everything else remarkably. This song may take time to grow on numerous listeners due to its melody work taking a backseat to the experimental approach. Well done! A

8. Deep Space 5D (Thai Remix) is an ethnic-influenced version of the original to some degree, that being the most famous song on the debut. The classic, opening notes get me drunk with euphoria. Listeners will enjoy the vast, creative differences of the two versions. The hypnotic sound was simply more hypnotic in the original version. The hair on my head doesn't stand up this time. I'm not induced into a deep trance, but that's not a bad thing. The song is more aggressive and showcases catchy ideas and approaches from that of the original. Sold remix! A-

In Conclusion, D5's TransAddendum is a splash of old-school, nostalgic bliss with updated production values. D5 is huge when it comes to catchy rhythms and melodies, and TransAddendum is no exception. It's Psychedelic Goatrance in one of its purest forms. While the first two songs are solid, I didn't care for some of the distorted synth work in Zarkon. My attention was grabbed from Strange Phenomena forward, and going back, I enjoy the album straight through now. This release is filled with talent, delectable harmonies, and rhythms. It's for fans of Goatrance, both old and new. It's D5 as you remember them, a list of carefully selected, unreleased songs from the 1990's, mastered (or re-mastered) and released for the first time. The strange thing is that they did release a second album called Second Phaze... and it wasn't as good as this one!

Thank you D5, Tim Schuldt for the wonderful mastering, and Suntrip Records for making this album possible along with D5's Transstellar album! Highly recommended for fans of Goatrance!

Favorite tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,


Samples / Order in alphabetical order:





Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dimension 5 -TransAddendum (Suntrip Records, 2013)
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