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Different Styles Of Flooring Buying Guide

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Posted : Sep 28, 2016 06:16:33

1, the Nordic style, tone calm is the key

For the fashion and the pursuit of simple people, Scandinavian-style decoration is very appropriate. Scandinavian-style interiors with simple known, interior roof, wall, floor six faces without patterns and decorative patterns, using only lines, blocks of color to distinguish embellishment. Scandinavian-style carved furniture is not used, emphasizes practicality and functionality, people-oriented design. In the Scandinavian-style home, do not see the extra modification, but rather clean walls, furniture layout, ergonomic chairs aesthetic function, combined with thick lines on the floor, simple way to create a clean and full of harmony personalized home.

Scandinavian-style simplicity and oak, maple, pine, walnut wood flooring and other large textures complement each other, Scandinavian-style bedroom floor should not be used fine texture, straight grain wood. In the choice of colors, the Nordic style is more suitable for neutral and dark wood flooring, calm tones highlights the quality of the room. In addition, soft colors, soft cork flooring would be a good choice.

2, rustic preferred light colors

Rustic style irresistible to become a city people home design, it reflects people's respect for nature, a return to nature. Idyllic materials respect for nature, bricks, pottery, wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, of course, can also be used Continental American furniture and fine chandeliers to match, is the most typical floral curtains, fabric texture choices use of cotton, hemp and other natural products, the rustic and not decorated with carved pursuit fit. Sometimes also hung a woolen wall hanging, relating to the performance of a number of countryside. Can not be missed is that idyllic green room but also through the living space into green spaces, such as the combination of furniture and other furnishings arrangement of green, or as the focus of decoration and decorative corners, but also along the window arrangement, the plant and into the living room .

European-style furniture, striped sofas and elegant, with large patterns matched oak flooring, natural interpretation of the pastoral style. To highlight the rustic nature of the return to the spirit, in the choice of colors, bright colors preferred mild, with some traces of the old floor to make the most suitable rustic room.

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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Different Styles Of Flooring Buying Guide
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