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Devils Mind Records - V/A Durdom

Jim M.E.

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Posted : Jul 7, 2006 10:27

Compiled by Dennis The Menace

1. Paranoize – Incoming Trancemision – 148Bpm
2. Melorix – Welcome To Hell – 148Bpm
3. Audiopathetik – Corrosive Material – 150Bpm
4. Fearkiller – Nonexistance – 152Bpm
5. Kiriyama – Feuerschutz – 152Bpm
6. Phazy M’ulator – Panikula – 150Bpm
7. Danse Macabre – Glombakkaboffdish – 158Bpm
8. Polyphonia – Freakadell – 151Bpm
9. Jelly Vs Mind Distortion – Dr. Givazoo – 154Bpm
10. Total – Mr Fingers 160Bpm


This album is not recommended for pregnant women and those with heart conditions. It is a complete onslaught to the senses like some pseudo-psycho rollercoaster ride manufactured by the most mischievous entities in non-existence. The musical flow goes up and down, round and round, inside and out, and right, SMACK BANG straight through the middle, penetrating every particle of the body and mind. There is no escaping the extreme mind altering nature of the music no matter how many rocks one attempts to hide under. The intensity of sounds in this cd could bore a hole through solid titanium. It embodies the elements that are most unmistakable and appreciable in the current style of full blaster night-time psychedelic trance. The eerie atmopheric soundscapes, that appear to have come straight from a cemetery at the stroke of midnight and those hyperactive basslines that could wake the dead, combine that with the sounds someone would make whilst getting ravaged by a pack of wolves in a long forgotten forest and you have DURDOM. Complete and utter madness for the senses. This is the type of music that must echo through the heads of psychotic mental patients the world over. It is a notable achievement for the Devil’s mind family to have so many new artists on one album, as it is the first tracks that many of them have had released for the world to now feast. If the production and composition quality of tracks on this album is anything to go by, then you will be hearing much more of these up and comers. It would not do justice to the producers themselves to rate this album in some kind of nominal ranking scale, as clearly much time, energy and emotion has gone into the production and arrangement of the cd itself. This cd is a must have for those oddities in nature that really enjoy a good old mind fuck every once and awhile. Enjoy the ride as there is no place to hide.

Samples available at:
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 7, 2006 11:28
Check here:           to use your head you have to go out of your mind
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Devils Mind Records - V/A Durdom
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