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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Deepchild - "Fractures EP" (Beef Records, april 08)
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Deepchild - "Fractures EP" (Beef Records, april 08)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2008 09:43:45
Artist : Deepchild

Title : Fractures EP

Label: BEEF records

Cat. number: BEEFEP004

Format: 12“ vinyl & digital

Release: April 2008


A1: Deepchild – Fractures original mix [126 bpm]

A2: Deepchild – Fractures (Solead remix) [126 bpm]

B1: Deepchild – Fractures (Robert Babicz remix) [126 bpm]

B2: Deepchild – Fractures (WeKi remix) [125 bpm]

Czech Beef records, sidelabel of the well-known Progressive Tribal Vision records, here releases a quite exceptional vinyl and digital EP featuring “Fractures”, one of the most impressive tracks from “Departure”, the artist album recently published by Aussie Techno fame Deepchild. This well-packaged album contains 3 additional rmxes signed by some of most hotly-tipped and hi-profile producers of modern techno.

1. Fractures (original)

The piece starts with a muffled thumping rhythm, lightly rolling and alluding to tech-house. The associated bassline soon joins the combo, in the low frequencies at first, but soon pitched up and oscillated to give a rather electroish tinge. The gentle harmonic wave of a bluesy surging synth soon pops in, reminiscent of some Botany Bay colours, combined with scratch flourishes à la Holden. The overall atmosphere bathes in mystery with distant metallic rattles and surging spooky voices and squeakings woven into a rich texture of sounds until the siliconed bass returns to yield a more electroish edge and sharper rhythmic value, definitely put into relief after the break. This is high-tech experimental techno at its best.

2. Solead rmx

French Duo Solead keeps clever bits from the original such as the deep edge derived from the bluesy harmonies of the mellow zooming synth, as well as the little scratches extravaganza. But they beef up the bass, giving it more drive and a defty undulating turn. They also sprinkle the seminal piece with brief, multi-faceted additional synth arrangements which capitalize on the momentum especially after the midterm break. The last 2:20 mn unleash a nice energy with an extra staccato lead which maximizes the almost funky drive. Another stunning demonstration from the Solead wizards.

3. Babicz rmx

Babicz, unsurprisingly, charts deeper and housier territories by switching to a more dubby bassline and kick drum combo, strengthened by distant claps. The swift, delayed, chopped up, softly exotic lead adds an exquisite touch and enhances the classy intertwining of synth lines. The synth arrangements are very stylish until the gritty electroish snippet drops heavier chords, evoking rather an elegant elephants’ parade. Nice job, but I prefer his recent “universal disco” rmx of Boratto, or a track like “Ping Pong by moonlight”.

4. Weki rmx

Czech duo Weki is last on rmx duty, and their take on the original is more minimal but aims at a more dancefloor approach secured by a heavier kick and housier lead. The break stages the appearance of the electroish synth motif that grabs you at the hips and from there serves up a conversation between high-pitched bleeping synth lines. Not as sophisticated as the above versions, yet still a nice dancefloor oriented dj tool, and the duo holds their own in such illustrious company.

Bottom line.

For those looking for a journey into deep, genre-crossing, impeccably produced, experimental techno, make sure you don’t miss this hi-quality EP! My favourites are the original mix and Solead rmx, but the B side is not outshone by the A side numbers.


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Posted : Apr 23, 2008 19:54
I didn't have the chance to listen to the other remixes but the solead version is a killer . One of their best track lately without a doubt and something to definitely check out !
Subtle and yet driving synthlines with a strong bassline gives this remix an instant techno hit flavour.
great work
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2008 20:40
I like babicz music but in this release, he didn't made his best rmx so far...
Anyway to keep a high level, even more than the original, the french duo Charles & Vincent from Solead made a hit ! A strong production combined to an arrangment very precise make this rmx one of their best.
Don't miss it, Beef & Solead rocks !
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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Deepchild - "Fractures EP" (Beef Records, april 08)
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