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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - day dream party 14.11
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day dream party 14.11

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 16, 2003 16:48
well we arived to the place in 2:00 something like that we thought the party will be in forest but it was in open air place it wasnt so good becose we expexted to wood party(dark woods )and we knew waht ppl we will be there but we told our self if we came to here so we no need to give a shit about the ppl need to listen to the killa music
so when we arived there was warm dj playing he played some prog/minmial tunes nice tunes to open party after him came psychotic mico vs winter demon for becose them i came to this party and it was a hell of set dark to the bone some new fungus funk trax and shift that really rocked the dance floor ppl was dancing hard
after their set(3 hours something like that maybe more)that we didnt stoped to dance i went to sleeeeppppp i was very tired they killed me
after them camed onyx vs ptx i hared some of the trax was very good morning tracks some new chain reaction and back and white i think very good stuff for morning i heard the dance floor went crazy in their set night i think was like 150 ppl there donno exactly some cowerfull ppl very nice btw...and many arses but as i told we came for the music and to enjoy!
overall nice party very good music didnt disappoint us


hope next time for more good!

and who pictures so pls post
boom ppl!

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Posted : Nov 17, 2003 01:20
got to the location at around 2.30, it was a really cold night, and the best thing to do on a chilly friday night, is to start digging and grooving, and that is exactly what i came to do. There was a very fine groovy minimal set on which got me dig into the dirt from the instant i stepped into the party. There were some nice decorations and very good sounds, the only thing is that there wernt any people.there were maybe 70 people dancing, and the rest just paling it from the cold, but i didnt give a fuck, the music was so fucking nice that i didnt really care what was going on around me, so i just closed my eyes and tripped out from the great music which was on. PsyMicro vs Winterdemon came on next and played some fucking dark shit which blew me away, it was just too damn intense, on of the most powerful sets that ive heard, good fucking job guys!!!, after that dali took stage and tripped everyone with her fine morning set, perfect music choise, i really liked her, her dancing just gave everyone a great vibe, thnk u very much for that wonderful set , enjoyed every second of it, it was unfortunate that many people started leaving, and the party just stopped at like 845am during a fucking nice onyx vs ptx set, anyways, there were not too may nice people, and hope for a slighltly bigger party next time with more good people, the music was there, but the crowd wasnt, overall great music, ok location, a few good vibes, good deco, not enough people, take care and good chilly week for all of u
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - day dream party 14.11
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