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Dark Soho Interview

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 25, 2005 22:46
I'm back with another interview. This one might be of your interest. We've had the chance to talk to Boxer from Dark Soho and he was kind enough to give us a LONG interview. Here you'll have a chance to read a portion of the interview. For the real thing, check out our website at


When Dark Soho's debut album Sun Spot came out, everyone was surprised to see such an original sound coming from Israel. It was dark, it was gothic and, god damn it, it was good! By the time Dark Soho released their second album, Combustion , their fan base was already huge and they were rocking dance floors all over the world. Now they've decided to release a different experimental album, where they explore new directions and, oh boy, is it sweeet!! We had the chance to talk to Boxer, one of the members, and this is the result. Check it out, this one's worth it!

Psylosophy: First things first: who are Dark Soho?
Boxer: Dark Soho is me (Boxer Sagiv) and Rizo (Omer Kadosh). We used to be 3 in the band but Zeev Dukman left around one year ago.

Psylosophy: I noticed your live act has guitar on it, who plays it?
Boxer: Both of us play the guitar. We used to have a rock band together a few years back.

Psylosophy: Really, how was it called?
Boxer: Limphotsitim B. It's Hebrew. I'm not sure if it means the same name in english though... But its part of the vaccine system in the body.

Psylosophy: Nice. That last question also makes me wonder: Why the name Dark Soho?
Boxer: Well the name in the beginning was Soho... It started with me and Rizo. Then after a year of fuckin around and learning how to make electronic music, we met zeev. He was Dark Entity and so together we decided to be dark soho. Now after Zeev is gone we thought about changing the name back to Soho... But I'm afraid it's impossible now (laughs). So Dark Soho it is!

Psylosophy: When did you start producing music and what caught your attention in the trance movement?
Boxer: Well in general I play guitar since I was like 12-13. Same with Rizo. We started our band around the age of 15... After a few years we broke up... I had several other bands but nothing got to where I wanted it to get. At the age of like 18 or so I got into trance. How? Mmm, well... I wasn't supposed to say that but smoking, basicly... Although today we do not take any drugs at all. After a year or so of listening to it we decided to start making it and here we are. Oh yeah... You know, in the begining I was like into Shiva York & stuff, but it got boring. Then I got my hands, by mistake, on an album called "Silicon Trip " by Shakta. That was the shit!! It was so interesting! So basicly that got me into trance...

Psylosophy:You say you don't do drugs anymore. How do you feel about the relation there is between the Psytrance culture and drug consumption?
Boxer: Well, that's an hard one... I think drugs are part of the teenage culture, not part of the music culture. Drugs were there since the beginning of times. Our ancestors used them without knowing they were drugs... But on the other hand today's drugs are way more dangerous then back in those days... And I see younger and younger kids taking drugs at parties. That's sad in a way 'cause they destroy their bodies withouth knowing it. But I guess it's part of being young... The only thing I can say to all of you who do drugs is: Please, don't be stupid!! Learn about what you are doing, read about it on-line or something. Get info about what you are taking in your body... Don't kill it for this kind of fun! Be careful!
Psylosophy:That's a nice message... Nice to see more and more psytrance artists support drug-free music and parties.
Boxer: Actually, to be honest, when you take drugs in party you don't enjoy the party, you enjoy the drug. If you think about how many times you really remember the music or who played a good set or a bad set you'll realize you basicly don't remember much from what happend in the event itself. You remember coming, having a drink, taking drugs and waking up the next day, basicly...

Psylosophy: What was the best party you've played at, the one where you noticed the crowd was reacting to your music and was enjoying it?
Boxer: Mmm... I don't know about the best, 'cause there were many of them... I don't know, really.

Psylosophy: What about the worst, do you reckon?
Boxer: Long time ago, in Israel. There were like 50 people there... It was totally lame (laughs).

Psylosophy: Haha, yeah... Although some people say not always the biggest and most crowded parties are the best. You can have just has much fun or even more with 100 people than with 10000. Do you agree?
Boxer: It depends. When we play, the bigger the better. When we go for fun, the smaller the better.

Psylosophy: Let's talk a bit about your music: You've probably answered this question a billion times already, but here goes again: Your style has changed a lot with this new album, when compared to your two earlier releases and, although there are still tracks that remind us of the combustion, other tracks like Magic and Light in the Dark are clearly evidence of your mutation. Is there some explanation to this unexpected change in style?
Boxer: Well of course there is. Time changes man as man changes time. An evolution is something everyone faces at some stage. When you grow up you change the way you think, you change in general as a person. I, for example, became a reiki master during the years. These kind of things make you think differently. Another thing is that the music itself changed. If you look back to the past five years of music, it changed a lot. It became more professional, more accurate... Many new artists come out, new styles, new music... People Change.

Psylosophy: So "Light in the Dark" actually represents your change of style, your growing up and stepping into the brighter side?
Boxer: Yup. We had a lot of isues with fans because of that, but in the end of the day there's nothing I can do. We tried to make this album as an experimental thing: there are three tracks that are traditional dark soho, three tracks that are lighter and three tracks that are experimental. I belive it's more interesting than just one style of music.


Full interview at

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Posted : Feb 26, 2005 15:08
the only reason is.there is no way you can make the same old style without zeev.thats it.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 27, 2005 00:11
you read my mind dust, although I respect dark soho for their good production and obvious musical talent, I fear their direction is the wrong one, and that zeev was a decisive element in their formation.

So that said, anyone know if zeev is still making music, I know that 'alone' is a really sick track, I would like to hear more of it...
Inactive User

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Posted : Feb 27, 2005 02:39
~This one is very good one, thanks baba!~           Sea>Israel>Ben-Gurion>Tel-Aviv>Ramat-Goa>Marom Neve
is this pure reality could we be led?
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Posted : Feb 27, 2005 15:47
i think he is doing KRUNCH.

Dainty Doll
June Rashava

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Posted : Feb 28, 2005 15:43
When i was reading this i was thinking the same.. Zeev was the brain!

Still is !!!!!!


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Posted : Feb 28, 2005 21:47

On 2005-02-26 15:08, dust wrote: way you can make the same old style without zeev.thats it....


On : 2005-02-27 00:11 neuromantik wrote:
.. I fear their direction is the wrong one, and that zeev was a decisive element in their formation...


On : 2005-02-28 15:43 June Rashava wrote:
When i was reading this i was thinking the same.. Zeev was the brain! Still is !!!!!!

its not as simple as you think = "Zeev left, Dark Soho aint Dark no more so must because Zeev is missing"... if this is true then KRUNCH would be Dark.... but it is not...I wonder if you are all missing the obvious here...If Zeev left Dark Soho, and you all think he was the 'Dark' element.... then why is his new project 'Krunch' also 'Light, Bright and Funky' (same as the newer Dark Soho stuff is lighter, funky and different) ???
.... It must be that all three of the 'Dark Musketeers' have evolved over time and moved on from the sound they were producing 4 yrs ago.....

"without change... something deep inside us sleeps..........the sleeper must awaken" - Duke Leto Atreides

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