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Crystal Nexus Change 2012

Crystal Nexus

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Posted : Sep 15, 2011 15:32:36
We have opened up groups for people from all countries. Find your Country add the Group and Spread the word on the festival. Hope to see you in Namibia Africa in 2012, actively making a difference.. xx

"Crystal Nexus Change 2012
Dates: 4 - 8 July 2012
Spitzkoppe, Namibia, Africa

What is Crystal Nexus Change 2012?

It is a 5 DAY ECO MUSIC Festival that will take Place at Spitzkoppe in Namibia. It will serve as a platform for AHTCOTW. A platform where people of like mind can come together from all over the world to create change.

Crystal Nexus Change 2012 is a brand new concept in Namibia and will be hosting the best Namibian, South African and International DJ's. Crystal Nexus Change 2012 is the first ever Psytrance festival to take place in the Desert. This event strives to bring the tribal energy of Africa's Namibia together with the contemporary trance beats. Our vision is to create an environment of freedom, interconnectedness and awareness of the diversity of nature by way of the haunting desert setting. This gathering will not be an isolated event, but rather a constantly evolving ideal, changing from each event to the next, spreading the word on environmental awareness, love and unity.

Our venue being one of Namibia's most treasured and loved can host up to 5000 people. It is completely isolated, truly panoramic and attracts visitors from all over the Globe annually.

When ?
4 July 2012

What is the Vision:

The Vision is to bring people together. It is to give people an opportunity to not only travel to a beautiful destination but to travel to a destination and a festival that is actively involved in making a difference in peoples life’s. We all want change and what better way to create windows of opportunities at an event that promotes conscious change and awareness for future sustainability not only for ourselves but for everyone on this planet(earthlings). And that in a safe country that is visually intoxicating and healing to the soul of anyone wanting to get away from noise, pollution and over population.
The vision is to get people involved reaching far and wide from Corporate Organisations and their employees to the individual on the street. .We believe that if people stand together as one and in harmony we can start living a life of pure love and acceptance. Ultimately we all want peace and love.

We can not do it without the help from those who have the power of voice, money and means to make it a success.
There is so much good in this world and we don’t generate a quarter of that unlimited potential to actively do good.

What do we want to do?

Instead of creating yet another NGO or orphanage having to go out looking for money to feed or cloth or educate a younger generation. We decided to tap into a market, create this Company and subdivision AHTCOTW, organise this festival and assist those who have gone out before us to start a non profit organisation or home for children and help them.
Sothe dream is to help the children of the world to help themselves. By giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential, be educated on matters of the world and providing them with the necessary means to consciously build a future for themselves and those around them. Uplifting their community and maybe one day their country

We are asking you to help us with this project so that we can make a success out of it and go out into this world and help these children to help themselves.
By helping ourselves we can help others and in doing so we unite and we live.

Trance Namibia will also be supporting two other bodies. A portion of the tickets sold will go to The Naked Truth Welfare. It is a non-profit Organisation that takes care of the needs of Sheltered Animals (SPCA). Secondly The Damara Community (Spitzkoppe Region) will benefit largely from this event financially. Going forward funds will be used for the local school and various other projects. The community will also be putting up a crystal stall displaying crystals from Spitzkoppe, Brandberg and the Erongo mountains.

Letter for public

Crystal Nexus......
The idea is to get DJ’s, Artists, Musicians, Dancers , Writers..Activists sponsors. Participants, anyone who is wiling to stand together, speak up or speak their minds…use their gifts or talents together in one place.We want you to interact and share your vision for a consciously evolving and ever changing unifying existence, There is an opportunity for you to go to a mind blowing destination, have fun and create windows of opportunity . We ask everyone and anyone to come and share who you are and what you have to offer and make a difference.Come and inspire the people, come and inspire yourself. You can get involved with our projects you can link with someone elses project….
We are doing this to raise funds to help those in need. Instead of creating another NGO we are going to create a festival that will generate income to go and help existing NGO’s and orphanages and individuals. The time has come that we not sit and meditate for change and peace and harmony but that we act and live change and peace and harmony.

Registrations for the festival start on 1 September 2011 and will end on 1 May 2012. There is a small fee to be paid for use of equipment and of course your ticket to this festival Crystal Nexus or shall I say your ticket to Change.
We humans, us earthlings have an obligation to our fellow earthlings. We are in a position to create a shift so powerful to change and love to live and let live.

Theme camps are more than welcome and should you wish to have a stall at Crystal Nexus Change 2012 please think Green. We will have shaded dance floors, cash bars and an Oasis water camp. For those traveling with the kid’s .We will have a safe and separate “Baby Crystal Camp” with qualified and experienced volunteers.

We are currently booking artists for Crystal Nexus Change 2012 . Please e-mail Petro D on for information and address details for demos. All South African and Namibian artists are more than welcome to send in their demo’s. International artists please mail us and include links and full descriptions.

For further information on the Naked Truth Welfare,Africa Helps the Children of the World and Trance Namibia Crystal Nexus Change 2012 visit or contact the organiser Petro D on If you share the same vision, look us up on facebook and add the friend and Group page: Namibia Trance Friend Page or look up your Country, Trance Namibia at Crystal Nexus 2012. example: Germany, Trance Namibia at Crystal Nexus Change 2012

Thanking everyone for their ongoing support to make this a success.

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