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?Crystal Field @ Synergy Center - 8th July?

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 22, 2006 20:59
Greetings all,

Crystal Field vs Divine Music Tribe
Synergy Centre
Two Rooms
The Shaman Orchestra
Temple of Light
Suggested donation 10

Crystal Field is back with the divine music tribe on the 8th july to give you an audio visual exhibition with a difference.

We have been working on this concept of joining artists and musicians together to for a live orchestra. Creating 3d environment were musicians from different fields come together and jam allongside each other with extremetly talented VJ's and live video displays. We are joining different types of bands from the world of reggea, ghanan drummers, tribal forest psychadelia, beat-boxing, shamanic musicians with didge, flutes different variety of drums, dub, funk and all things cosmic. They will play one hour sets individually and through the night join forces with the other groups to formulate a sound that we have all been waiting for, which is live, original, improvised experience working with 3d scape sound system, where you will be imersed in the music.

We will be creating an interactive 3d environment, featuring a mayan temple with portal for the VJ's to spin there magic upon you. The decor artists are Cortex from divine music tribe, who is designing the visual stage for Booom festival this year, and you guys get to see it here first before we leave for portugal. You can find some of his work on The other exciting artists are the renound Inago
tribe, and english 3d sculpture and instalation project which will bring everything together to tantalise the eyes.

Upstairs there will be a cinema where we want to play eye opening to activate the unquenchabe mind. Also there will be Stone massaging, healing, poetry reading from magicians of the word like Inua face, we would like to encourage aspiring poets to get up and speak their words. On top of this ther will be open mic music where you can bring your instramenet of choice and play a song or to. We will be collaborating with rose who will create an art exhibition to give you great variety of brain food.

The shaman orchestra


This is the very talented beat boxing crew that stormed Glade last year, who have been playing all over London and Europe. When they hit the stage you will be surprised by the versatility of this magicians ability to create sounds that you thought were impossible for anyone to create. Their style is upbeat tribal psychedelic of the truest nature, everywhere they play the dance floor erupts.

Planetman and the Internationalz

Wow, what an exciting band. They are booked to play at boom festival this year and have played all over, especially at the Synergy Project. Sunrise festival recently and at the G8 up in Scotland. They are a whole hybrid of styles, ranging from reggae, psy-funk, drum and bass, hip-hop. Headed by Planetman (vocals and guitar), a veteran of the psychedelic scene right back to days of it's creation, backed by Mr.Shifta on the drums, one of the best drummers around at the moment who also mc's while drumming. Lorenzo from Sicily is on the bass and Charlie from Cambridge on the trumpet. As they put they 'mash up the crowd' which if any of you have heard them they really do.


Laurence from LSD label will be performing his debut album here. He has come a long way since the early days of Crystal Field and my goodness his music will tickled every neuro plactons in your brain with utmost splendour. His vibe will take you on a journey through the uncharted ends of the cosmos and bring you back with the freshness we all desire.

Cosmic Serpent

Jakob from Amsterdam and creator of the Divine Music Tribe, plays the sounds of the Shamanic world, drifting from the likes of Steve Roach, to abstract tribal forest vibrations to release the animal in us all.


well these guys need no introduction, they are the master drummers of Ghana. The idea is that they play their vibe and then join in with others to amplify the effect to keep the body floating. We always want to see the music in front of us performed by the hand rather than the screen so this will be an exciting experiment.

Sonigro Sagrado

What a beautiful group this is. When you find yourself completely lost in life, these guys will bring right back onto the vibe. Beautifully produced and performed shamanic music, accompanied by the mesmerising Nanelli on vocals to be accompanied by a flute, didge drums and other instruments to create sound-waves that balance all the hecticness of this world into sounds of the cosmic healer. They have played all over the world, Sunrise festival and Soulclipse 2006 to name a few.


Most of you are familiar with this natural phenomena called Alex. His vision music has sent us to his own audio forest, buzzing with life normally only seen in our dreams. His journey takes us through the enchanted forest filled by the naughtiness and overgrown wild life that we all try to escape to. His production and journey is unquestionably up there with the best. He is one of the pivotal players in the very exciting and innovative Wild Things records that most of you are familiar with.

Cell Fish vs Rhino Rossi

For all those that are familiar with this dynamic Brighton duo, consisting of Trigo and Rossi, then you'll know that these to play progressive psy of the most abstract vibe which will keep those legs pumping to the end with utmost splendour. The musicians performing on the night, to keep the synchronicity of the exhibition alive, will accompany them. We have been trying to get hold of these guys for a while now and thankfully they are here to entertain you now...


A veteran of the chill vibe, associted with the notorious Liquid Connective crew, the journey master of many paths.

The Artists and VJ's

As the music is going to be so good we had to make sure the art was up to standards to make the whole environment come together to unite all to one message. We want to use all the technology we can get our hands on and make it into an environment that we can all believe. We will spend up to a week decorating the venue and experiment with ideas that have worked before, but in a new light.


Daniel is a young and very vibrant live video and 3d visual artist that has played his abstract shamanic psychedelic art all over. He's played at Acid Monkey, Crystal Field,
Atlantis, Soulclipse 2006 and will with us on our project at Boom. His art will combine all the concepts of the universe and place them in a way that you can make out from the abstraction what you want to see, allowing you the freedom to be free in what you see.

Agent Shivamonkey from E.D.S.A (extra dimensional space agency)

Richards is one of the founders of Collective Futures, and a truly exceptional VJ.
He has all the workings of a magician. We believe that music and art have to work directly in conjunction with each other to create the ultimate effect and he does this with great ease.

A.V. Ologists

We are very lucky to have these guys with us ob this project,, Normally affiliated with Break-beat world, where they have been working with the top acts in that scene, they make everything themselves, from video to effects and are truely one of the best upcoming VJ act arround at the moment.


Member of the Divine Music tribe, and a true Mayan artist, who envisions the hidden world of Maya, Aztec and all things ancient, combining them all together to create this magical world. He's crated this new method of backdrops that make the receiver feel like what they see is a real world before their eyes. He's been working with Crystal Field for the last two years on a an environment that we can be content with, which is to transport people away from the shackles of the present into a world that we can all believe and aspire to create in the conscious world.


3d environment artist from England are also a very innovative crew of designers. Sculpting an environment to go with the rest of the exhibition that holds everything together, for the experimentation of light and projection onto mind -boggling objects.


Mad Brother Visions

Ned and his crew are the professors of lighting and will make their lighting work with all the work we have inside to give it their special edge and abstraction.


Element 7 will provide a 7K 3D SCAPE sound system and spend a few days in the venue making sure that everything is tuned perfectly to the environment, so that we can take sounds and wrap them around the room to amplify the atmosphere that we want to create.

Temple Of Light


Cinema (Playing short films from various young talents)
Massage ( stone massage and alternative body massage)


This is open mic for anyone to recite the poems or philosophy. INUA FACE who has been with the notorious ONE VOICE stage will come down and perform to entice you to get into the spiriit.

Open Mic

This is an opportunity for musicians to come in and play their music and get themselves heard. If people want to get involved with this we'll need you to send an email to, to arrange the time slots.


Peace not War and other information stands will be there for those that want info,,
any other info stands that would like to be there, should also send an email to

Info on location

For those unfamiliar with the Synergy centre's location:

22 Farmer's lane
of Camberwell road

The nearest tube is Oval station on the Northern line two stops away from waterloo station.

May the light be with you!

Crystal Field           U.V Art & Design / Festival
Supporting: EchoVortex Rec, Parvati Rec, Hypnotica REC
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2006 20:36
Quality!!           Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
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