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ComPost party @Davka club

Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2002 08:15
well , it was in Haifa ... the home town

we arrived to the place at about 12:30 , it's a very nice club right to the famous City Hall ( i entered it for the first time , searching for the baloons ... different music , crowd , athmosphere ... i came back outside pretty fast ) . it was nicely decorated with the Alice's wonderland images , a v.j running weird cartoons all night long , a bar with a tasty beer .... Paste were playing .... i liked their set periodicly , imho it didn't have any defined direction , and wasn't too danceble which comes out a serious problem already ... but it's me , they got plenty applouds at the end so probably other ppl liked it more . and then came up THE MAN ( there is also THE GIRL presenting in this story as well ) , Nadi .... what can be told about a man that reads the crowd in such an absolute extent ? great DJ , really .... i enjoyed every second of this set , which started in both groovy and mind opening , soul releasing way , and then made the crowd to transmit all the the energy on the dancefloor .... Boom to the man and if u will read this post one day , what is the name of the track u finished with , which i think we all enjoyed so much , plz ? ok , and then come up this cute girl , Anna is her name ... well , she had some fashlot in mixing but i guess it's not something she is used to . apart of this , she just kick asss .... kick pumping ass set ... woow . ppl danced their feet to death , well i can bearly feel mine now .. BooM 2 Annushka
This party is the first one of others to come as a part of a line organaized by Yossi . next week is Nady , BLT and Dani Markov , live set . should b gr8 . just come and see by yourself coz it's nice place , ppl - 10 , great music , lovely babies ( Haifa was always on the map at this field btw ) and great vibe , definetly that's how it was this night (it finished at 6 actually) .. as u can understand , i had a blast time , cheers to all forum members and boker tov Israel           Dance is my Trance
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2002 15:53
great party!!!!!
cheers to compost crew!!!!!!
paste was bad imo, he plaed house and the great crowd that came waited for sth better i gues, nadi from the other hand was briliant!!!!
he gave a beautifull minimal set that made me dig all of his set
after him came dj anna and gave a great pumping set like chaka laka said, the deco was very nice and the vibe was great as well
i had a very good time and i'm waiting for next week to hear blt and makov in action !!!!

[ This Message was edited by: huga_generation on 2002-11-30 15:55 ]          Bottom Line Presents
The new minimal techno haifa line
saturday night. The 14/03/09

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Posted : Nov 30, 2002 16:04
i dont know what you like about the Nadi set but it wasnt so brilliant IMO .....and also Anna's set....
Anna told me later that the monitor gave delay of 1 or 2 seconds and the headphones were bad with the delay so they had both a really Fashlot...
great party after all
see you next time
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2002 17:00
what about sound? no one noticed how shitty was the sound???????? killed all tracks,basslines and kicks were sucks,and u can hardly hear the sounds.
ppl? wouldnt say was so great also
yossi had better parties before           boom shankar
Chaka Laka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 30, 2002 17:54
actually , sound could be better , esspecially near the enterence ... but when u fall into the dance trance - it stops bothering you ....           Dance is my Trance
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2002 01:24
yep indeed....

nice party after all...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 1, 2002 16:28
what a waste!
I couldn't make it((((
I was sappose to be there, but .........((((
next time!
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - ComPost party @Davka club
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