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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Compilation - Beatport Two (Jum Jam Records)
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Compilation - Beatport Two (Jum Jam Records)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 16:15
Album: Beatport Two
Label: Jum Jam Records
Released: August 2004


1. Bitcrusher - Really Sick
2. Vaishiyas - Babe Watch
3. C.O.N. Sequencer - Movie Pictures
4. Bitcrusher - Chick Attack (Ololiuqui rmx)
5. Sonus - Upgraded
6. Phonatic - She Likes It
7. Fabio vs. Magical - Repeat
8. Vaishiyas - Calculate
9. Morganixx - Strolch

The review:
I checked the archives, but didn't find a review of this. Anyway, here goes: Bitcrusher serves up a funky track with an old school house feel to it because of the many old school samples in there. Also, it's got lots of organ sounds in it, which these guys seem to absolutely dig. I've got mixed feelings with this track. Sometimes I put it up and think: Pretty good. Other times I just can't be bothered with it. On to track 2: One of the highlights here. Great smooth track with organ sounds and a beach-feel to it from the Vaishiyas duo. Nice rhythm here. Track 3 then, and this one goes off to a more guitar approach. McCoy, well known from S.U.N. Project, clearly states where he comes from. Wrap S.U.N. Project in a more proggy, smooth sound and the result is this. Not bad. Track 4 is another Bitcrusher track, and they're playing with the organs again. This time it's remixed by Ololiqui though, which gives it a more proggy feel and makes it fatter. I like this more than the first track. Sonus brings up a goodie here. Normally his style is more proggy, but this borders on melodic full-on. Clocking in over 9 minutes this is also the longest track. Pretty nice! Phonatic delivers standard psy-prog fare, it's ok. Nothing really special. Fabio & Magical do the same, but this is not as good as Phonatic. Still, no annoying stuff in here, so not bad. Vaishiyas take it to a bit darker level now and rake up another stormer. Good track. To close it off the compilation ends with one of the best tracks I've heard by Morganixx. Great work on the sample here. And also... a really nice vibe.

Conclusion time: Definately a worthy compilation. There are a few weaker tracks on this, but the great tracks by Vaishiyas and Morganixx lift it up above mediocrity. Thanks to Sonus, Bitcrusher and C.O.N. Sequencer there is also a bit more variation going on in this compilation than your average run of the mill compilation, so I'd advise you to check this out.

Listen to samples here:

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Posted : Jul 14, 2005 16:22
Above average compilation with some very enjoyable tunes, but some fillers as well.

Biggest highlights for me must be Vaishiyas' excellent "Babe Watch" and SONUS' very uplifting "Upgraded". "Bitcrushers "Really Sick" is also a lot of fun           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Compilation - Beatport Two (Jum Jam Records)
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