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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Common Paving Method of Wood Floor
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Common Paving Method of Wood Floor

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Posted : Sep 29, 2016 06:24:35

Now choose the owner of the wood floor decoration more and more, then how to install the wooden floor? Here we look at the installation of wood flooring of the four common methods to see which one is more suitable for you?

First, the traditional laying way: laying the keel method
The keel laying method is a rectangular long wood as a material, fixed and bearing the floor surface to withstand the force, according to a certain distance from the laying of the way. All solid wood flooring, as long as sufficient bending strength, can be used to lay the way to lay the keel pavement, keel of raw materials, many of which are the most widely used wooden keel, there are other plastic keel, aluminum keel and so on.
Suitable flooring types: solid wood flooring, parquet, as long as the bending strength of the floor enough, you can use the keel pavement.

Second, the simple laying way: floating paving method
The so-called floating laying method that the floor is not directly fixed to the ground, usually in the ground laying mats, and then on the mat will be with a lock, card slot spliced into one of the floor laying method, the more commonly used mat Material is bedding treasure.
Suitable flooring types: laminate flooring, parquet.

Third, fast laying way: direct paste shop method
Direct paste laying method is to glue the floor directly on the ground, this installation method quickly, the construction requirements of the ground is very dry, clean and smooth. As the ground flatness is limited, too long to lay the floor may have Qiao Qiao phenomenon, it is more practical for the length of 30cm below the laying of solid wood and cork flooring. Some small pieces of teak flooring, parquet flooring must be laid by direct bonding method.
Applicable flooring types: parquet flooring, cork flooring, laminate flooring

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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - Common Paving Method of Wood Floor
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