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Collective Minds - We want to make a difference!

Fraka Phil

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Posted : Sep 4, 2007 04:30
Greetings all Psytrance lovers and friends!

Thank you firstly for enteing this new topic. I hope u will all find interest in our concept of Collective Minds, a colima based organisation. Please allow me to take the time to inroduce ourselves:

Who we are:

Collective Minds is a non-profit orientated organisation who works collectively to offer cultural events through the promotion of audio and visual arts. Its aim is to spread and share their vision of mutual harmony and collective consciousness in unique moments of celebration. We strive to fulfil this purpose by demonstration and offering a friendly environment where people can be free and coexist it each other in a professionally organized setting. We believe that small details make the difference and we will be always looking to anticipate our public’s needs. We are heavily concerned of reaching this goal by giving our best effort to make everything work great to obtain this desired level of enjoyment and satisfaction of our guests.

Where we come from:

Collective Minds is composed of 6 individuals with different backgrounds that have been closely related to the psy-trance scene for over 4 years now, ranging from artists to promoters. Experience and knowledge acquired through dedication and contribution to the psytrance movement over the years, has made each individual develop a unique understanding and creativity that has led to the active development of Collective Minds. Shared vision, understanding, friendship and passion were the seed that unified us together.

How we work:

To bring life to this organization, it is necessary to contribute a considerable amount time, dedication and teamwork. We are all active workers and have our own respective professions. Collective Minds is the sum of different professional backgrounds that work together to achieve maximum performance from multitasking the different aspects of organising to developing and reaching the level of quality we want to achieve as a whole. We see it as an ongoing process.

We work by researching, communicating and involving ourselves with different promoters, artists & performers around the world that desire to contribute with their grain of sand in the desire of making this ideal come true. However our own personal experience has led us to the conclusion that individual effort, although very recognized and valued, prove not to be enough to achieve this wish to become reality. Together as a team we can.

Therefore thank you to all who have taken the time to read this. We appreciate it grately.

We hope our contribution and vision can bring a bit of difference and diversity to the scene. But mostly we hope we can show u the vibe that truly underlines us all!


Fraka Phil

Dacru Records
Dacru Records

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Posted : Sep 13, 2007 05:44
hey Phil
that's cool
we had the pleasure to work with Frakasound in Europe already, maybe some day we can repeat that in Mexico!
all the best guys!           Dacru Records
Talamasca, U-Recken, DigiCult, Alternative Control, Ephedrix, Bitkit, Aquila, Tropical Bleyage, Spirit Architect, Chronos, ...
Trance Forum » » Forum  Mexico - Collective Minds - We want to make a difference!
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