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Trance Forum » » Forum  UK - COLLECTIVE FUTURES presents; World-Bridger 9/11
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COLLECTIVE FUTURES presents; World-Bridger 9/11


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Posted : Sep 8, 2004 03:31
Here we go

"Bringing together friends from all over the u.k to promote a delicate day in the hope of George W. Bush and Osama Ben Laden to put aside their buisiness differences and instead come together for...


This is an event that will be held in a true collective style

attractions on the night include..

Temple of Light - Psychedelic Trance

(20k turbo sound)

Compressor Live (transient)
Dick Trevor aka Dickster, Jumanji
Marcello V.O.R. - Neurobotic, Brazil
Vlado - Pukka Music Shangri Lala
Tim Mcgregor – Astro Cafe
Astralex – Symbiosis
Spiney – Astro Cafe
Nix - Error Corrective
Woef - Indigo Children
RML - Wonderland
Ben Artec - Collective Futures
Gandolf - Indigo Children
Chameleon - Synergy
and more atrist tbc

Goa Chillout with Wonderland

(photon powered rig by solar quest)

Solar Quest feat Aviva - Live
Blue Monkey - Psy Dmt
Owl - Wonderland
Sea Goblin - Tribe of Frog, Baraka
Zann Esu – Wonderland, Collective Futures
English Baba - Collective Futures, India
T0m – Tone Deff, Collective Futures
Carlo Rossi - Dr Love
Theomas - Collective, Small World
& more artists tbc

Universal Peace Stage

(Hosted by Carnival Twist and Bulgarian Outreach)

An End To War, Other Worlds Are Possible Cabaret
Live Bands:

Ambient Anarchist
Tripleicious 23
Sat Sound Sang
Alan O’Rourke
Pok Star
Luther – dance
Paradox – poetry
+ Many More

Conscious Bulgarian literary café

Sound by MBV
Lighting by MBV & Alien
Décor by MBV, End To War Cabaret, Bulgarian Outreach

The Astro Cafe Funky Beat Bar

(funky dance with cocktails & a latino flava)

The Magic Carpet Ride & The Pyrimid Of Infinate Possibilites
(freeform creativity experiment & live jam)

Other essentials on the night:

The Kids Area (by donation/energy exchange)
Earth Temple Healing
Psychedelic Café
Eco Info & Networking
and other special attractions tba.

decor and lights by point of light, indigo children, MBV and the collective community

Keep checking the website as we’ll be updating things as we confirm more sound systems and the full artist lineup.

infolines: 07903 464 242 – 07956 240 034

for more info email: "

boooooooooom booooooooooom boooooooooooom boooooooooom

Part Time Hippie

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Posted : Sep 8, 2004 18:24
This looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted : Sep 10, 2004 15:20
Good luck to the orgenizers with this superb idea for the production... Powerfull line up, and wish we could be there to hear the COMPRESSOR guys LIVE!!!
Cheers and keep on the vibes,
Mantra Prod. Team

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Posted : Sep 13, 2004 01:39
wicked party!!! people didn't want to go home.. I left around 6pm and the place was still packed!!! nice one, Ben and everyone involved... looking forward for the next one!!

all the best,


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Posted : Sep 14, 2004 16:26
Simply one of the best parties i've been to in question about it..

Ben and the Collective futures plus so many others and all the effort made..

You've shown us how it's done guys..

Special mention goes to Tribe of Munth and their rig..proper rocking in a long time..Astro Cafe and the most perfect vibe (and the most drunk dj)..Wonderlanders Dennis, Luana and Romulo you've brought the sun in more ways than one..even the loonys..which party is complete without some people loosing it?thanx a lot...

>End summer in style..

          But mostly there was music..a little sun light, a slight breeze. A few trees framing the distance.The disire to be happy, regret of time's passing, and always the undiscovered truth..that's all.. nothing else..
Trance Forum » » Forum  UK - COLLECTIVE FUTURES presents; World-Bridger 9/11
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