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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Chromatone- Chromaconnection/ Vaporvent Rec.
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Chromatone- Chromaconnection/ Vaporvent Rec.

Karma Konnect
Karma Konnect

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Posted : Jun 26, 2006 21:37
woww wowww wowww ... this is something interesting i must say .... Yummy hehehe

wat a collab ... killer ... its one worth material ...

all the best to lawrence & all involved ..

waiting 2 grab the copy           Look Around You - EP Out Now on (Planet Ben records)
Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

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Posted : Jun 26, 2006 22:27
congrats!!!!! great job my friend! looking forward to hearing it           Bringing Dreams to Life!

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 00:05
This is one special album for sure, I think we maxed out the G5 on every track so this is what u get from that. After a year of working on these, then trying to decide what would be the best tunes for this .. reworking and mixing forever to get the cleanest sounds and funkyest new twists and turns, i think we got somthing right. What a blast it was to have our studio graced with the presence of all the wonderfull artists who helped with these tracks. thanks to the universe for the love. enjoy all u psymaniacs. hope u hear these tunes on big sticky speakers, it will strengthen the stange like you and me,
mercy for any errors, which there are none. 

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 01:17
Yeap guys, it's shaping up to be a killer one. Mr. Chromat's been on the road again, and I had the pleasure sit down with him and Celli, in sunny ibiza, mid may. The collaboratation on this one is massive and the reslut is such a delight....Keep on trancing in the free world !!!!!

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 01:26
hey lawrence congratulation this one looks like a boomb man ,, hope to listen to it soon

good luck amigo
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 01:29
all the best to Vaporvent Rec
good luck to Chromatone
am sure the release will blast 

Combat - New Generation
VA - Greekedelia
VA - Endangered Species
Psychotic Micro - Edge of Sanity
VA - League of Shadows
Delysid - Noize Infection
VA - Twilight Vision soon...
Takuan"the pickled radish"

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 04:32
Chromatone is DA MAN !! ive been lissening to this for a few now it is the stuff good times are made for....... what can I say about such true brilliance !! oh well i guess thats it ..........go buy it !!!!
Karan Third Eye
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 13:47

Holy crab-cakes Batman!!

looks like we have a real zinger on our hands here!! hehe.. doooodus.. your album looks mad , crazzy collaborations and great concept.. cant wait to get a taste of this psy treat...

all the best man.. and wish only good things for you .
big love

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Posted : Jun 27, 2006 22:12
finaly ...looks like people have bin waiting for this congratulation buddy.
interesting concept and mix of people from a guy with great musical talent enyoi BooM           Dubfix Chill-in-or stay out
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 28, 2006 17:53
Hello Lawrence

I always like your style,
I am peculiar to listen to the new tracks, thinks about sending a copy to Barcelona Goodfellas !!!

see u soon 
Out Now! va PROFESSIONAL MATCD12 - Compiled by Dj Anahata
Bio Genesis
Bio Genesis

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Posts :  208
Posted : Jun 28, 2006 18:10
Hey Lawrence, i heard your stuff from Gosse stash, and i must say you were the highlight by far.

Papasito is very proud of you and promoting your smashing tunes!

Keep it up man, best of luck from Spain.


Started Topics :  13
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Posted : Jun 29, 2006 16:36
Here is more info on the trax, and upcoming releases...

Chromatone - ChromaConnection

1 Merciful Error (+ Random + Helios) 145 F
Three San Francisco producers have a Vapor Volcano session that sparks this beloved song. Starting out very deep with contrasts of shimmering sitar and snarling acid hooks, then building with an unforgettable melody that has every one with hands in the air!

2 Existentialist Detectives (+ *Christine* ) 145 F
Produced in the legendary Trance Mansion of Santa Cruz with sounds and feminine vibe from our own radiant talent Dj *Christine* An up and coming producer, she is also a renowned artist who inspired the cover art from her painting LSDNA

3 Biiiig Sticky (+ Earthling + Random) 145 E
The title taken from the special strain of bud from da Witchdocta, This instant hit follows up on the vibes of Killer Dope released on Spun Records and Even the Hip Hop kids start whoopin it up when they hear the huge build up and Beasty Boys samples!

4 Strengthen the Strange (+ CPU + Random) 147 E
Back in his trance origins of San Francisco, Sammy CPU comes up to the tower after Burning Man and lays down some blistering desert heat into this total dance floor monster. Chromatone shares with him the power of NI Reactor, and a new level of sound is born.

5 Spiritual Reality (+ Digital Talk + Random) 147 G
Every one takes a drop in the studio and these 3 psychedelic masterminds divine a huge range of sounds that are packed into this fantastical song. Massive production, twilight melodies, and sticky tricks are sure to make this a coveted track for Djs.

6 Glow-stick Armageddon (+ Freaks of Nature) 149 G
Started in Oregon with the biggest west coast Freaks of Nature, then finished in SF, Chromatone polishes it off with some epic anthem leads that will shoot down the raver time machine and cause Adidas and glow-sticks to flail off into the stratosphere!

7 Laser Wax (+ Hyper Frequencies + Random) 147 G
A second collaboration after the unique and successful Hyper+Chrome - "Twisting Tower", released on Mechanik Castle, Boom DVD, and Boom 04 CD. Random even joins the mix to forge this incredibly story telling adventure with one of the most wicked build ups of the CD!

8 Electryk ChroMama (+ ESXS / Neuromotor) 144 G#
A total remix of the hit from High Octane, Fred's tripy samples and heavy riffs are refortified with many new flying baselines, melodies, and psychedelic squish. The fat bounce of this bomb has the crowd (and especially Chromatone) pouncing and trouncing at its apex!

9 Green Power House (+ Rob-ot + Psytony) 135 E
Psytony of Goaplay sets the vibe: "Make it slower" and Rob-ot adds in a few of his classical proggy melodies, but the production, atmosphere and groove is all Chromatone. This sexy and emotional song is always a glorious end to his live set, evoking unyielding applause.

V.A. Vaporize Volume 2:
Following up on the successful Vaporize compilation featuring music from the best of the west coast of USA.
Chromatone continues his compilation series now with a mix of international talents.
With Chromatone and our 2 new label artists: 4 Winds Circle (Mexico) and
Pure Pressure aka Yohei (Japan)
EU artists: Audialize (Portugal), Electrypnose (Swiss), Ibojima + Chromosome (Sweden), Polaris (France),
Mekkaniika and Earthling(Spain)

Other upcoming projects:

Morphonix - Fur Bot
Debut album of the Psy Breaks / Chill project of L. Hoffman aka Chromatone.
An original mid tempo style that is dreamy and spacey while also groovin and movin!

Water Juice - Liquid Journeys
The 3rd installment from the juicy groovyers, embark on the liquid journey...
This album promises to be their most deluxe and versatile!

Jirah - Remixes
Remixes by famous trance artists of the timeless music from Jirah.

VA - Trance Mansion
Compiled by *Christine* All trax from artists who have stayed in the Legenday Trance Mansion in Santa Cruz.

VA - Cloud City
Our upcoming chill compilation series.

We are also looking to expand our collective with many more artists and Djs....

Also look for interviews in the current issue of Revolve mag Summer 2006
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  14
Posts :  69
Posted : Jun 29, 2006 18:11
congradulations to Chromatone and Vapourvent Rec. Wish u all the best and good luck with the sales and all the future releases           Vlado @ Pukka Music
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  15
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Posted : Jul 2, 2006 01:09
Chromatone-Chromaconnection is lightly delayed at Saikosounds. Expect it shortly

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  15
Posts :  289
Posted : Jul 6, 2006 01:02
Arrived and now in stock at Saikosounds! Ahh yeah! 
Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Chromatone- Chromaconnection/ Vaporvent Rec.
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