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Trance Forum  Forum  Unidentified - choose life....from trainspotting
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choose life....from trainspotting


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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 22:54
hey guys,
i just wanted to know if anybody's ever come across a psy track with a sample from the opening dialogue of the movie trainspotting, its a really lengthy line, but it can be aptly called the "choose life" sample

the words to it are something like:

Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family, Choose a f---ing big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers.

Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed-interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends.

Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of f---ing fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing sprit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, f----d-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life.

the only track ive heard with these words are frmo the OST...any help would be appreciated


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jan 14, 2006 00:35
I don't know any track with these samples.
Respect!           .
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Posted : Jan 14, 2006 07:01
in that case then there probably aint any

thanx neways

*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 16, 2006 05:33
wycked sample tho... but now u've opened the door, 2006 is gona be full of 'choose life' samples.           ~*** You can tell By the way i use my walk, Im a woman's man, No time to Talk***~
Solid Snake

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Posted : Jan 17, 2006 15:22
There are plenty of "choose life" tracks

cant realy name one thou

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 18, 2006 14:28
didnt here about sample like this :\

awsome movie anyway:)           "There are many elements on a track , sometimes its few , sometimes its many
Trance Forum  Forum  Unidentified - choose life....from trainspotting
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