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cds for sale

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 17, 2003 12:24
Hey guys,

I have absolutely loads of trance cd's (old and new) that I don't have time to listen to anymore. If there are people interested, I could post of list here of cd's I would sell.

Is anybody interested?


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Posted : Jan 17, 2003 17:08
why do you need to sell?
keep it man
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 19, 2003 11:35
russ i am interested so it would be cool if you did indeed post that list, as well as how much you are looking to sell 1 cd for. thanks in advance.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 21, 2003 13:36
Hi all,

The deal:
1cd=800 yen
Minimum purchase=5 cd's (b/c busy at work)
Every 5 cd's purchased=1 cd free (you choose)
Every 10 cd's purchased=3 cd's free (you choose)

This way you get 6 cd's for 4000 yen, which is pretty good, as you can't get 2 cd's for that at the stores, and cd's don't really depreciate in value. They sound the same as when I got them years ago. If you are interested, just tell me which ones you want by sending me a mail directly to my isratrance account. I can give you the cd's in Shibuya.

The best place to see reviews for these is

OK, here's the list. First come first served! Happy Hunting!

Xerox + Freeman: Human Race
DNA (Space Cat + friends): Virtual Jungle
Earth: Liquid [Free Form]
Wizzy Noise: Cybermancy [ZMA]
Astral Projection: Dancing Galaxy [Transient] (with liner notes no original jewel case)
Germinator: Propagation [High Society]
Dark Soho: Orbis [Sphere]
Sphere: Rotation [Insolation]
Sphere VA: Orbis
Digital Sun (early Tarsis): Re-collection
Ceiba VA: Goa Gil @ Burning Man [2 cds]
Chi AD: Virtual Spirit [Nova Tekk]
Distance to Goa 3: Comp + dj Xavier mix (2cs)
Distance to Goa 4: Comp + dj Dino mix (2cds)
Distance to Goa 5: Comp + dj Sangeet mix (2cds)
Distance to Goa 8: Comp + dj Joti mix (2cds)
High Society VA: Psychedelic Beer
Future Prophecy: Shadows (Big Foot)
Optimus VA: Resurrection
SUN Project: Drosophilia [Spirit Zone]
SUN Project: Macrophage [Spirit Zone]
SUN Project: Zwork [Spirit Zone]
Necton: B12 Cocktail [Spirit Zone]
Electric Universe: Waves [Spirit Zone]
SpiritZone VA: Psychotainment
StoneAge VA: Swedens Notorious Orebro Freak Factory
Platipus VA: Platipus vol. 4 VA : Movers Groovers at the Temple of Dawn VA: Movers and Groovers 2 VA: Trance de Eivissa
Off the Ground VA: Lucid Dreaming
Zen Lemonade: Lemon Soul
Platipus VA: Platipus vol. 1
Transient VA: comp + dj Jean Borelli mix (2 cds)
BMT VA: Boa Trance 3, 2 cds
Medicine Drum: Supernature
Earth: Emotions [Free Form]
Johann: Blow Your Mind [Blue Room]
Dienzephalon: Debut [Nova Tekk]
Volldampf: Trainpotting [Global Trance Network]
Tripticon (early Ticon): The 7th Portal [Tsunami]
Atomic VA: Behind the Scenes/ Marc van der Vlugt
3d Vision VA: Ultra High Frequency
Spiritual Heritage: Dreamweaver [Tsunami]
Genetic: We are... [Dragonfly]
S-Range: 2001
Atomic VA: Kiss the Future: Procyon
Atomic VA: Kiss the Future 3
Atomic VA: Single Cell
Atomic VA: Electrosect
Atomic VA: Serial Killaz
Goa-Head: Vol. 6, 2cds
Dream Creation VA: Sound of Freedom
Goa-Head: Vol. 3, 2 cds
South Africa-2000 Millenium party compilation
Psychic Deli VA: Psychedelic Electronica 3
Phatasm VA: Fill Your Head with Phantasm vol.5
Freeform VA: A Taste of Freeform
Matsuri VA: Feel the Noyze Nick Taylor mix
Medium VA: Deep Psychedelic Diving, 2 cds
High Times: Deep Psychedelic Diving, Dj Bim mix (Medium Records)
Full On Vol.2: The Israeli DAT Mafia
Shakta-Silicon Trip
Psychic Deli VA: Psychedelic Electronica 3
Man with No Name: Teleportation
Boom VA: Double Dipped!
Loops on Mrooves: dj Sal mix
Digital Psionics VA: Psionic Tonic
Digital Psionics VA: Psionic Medicine
Digital Psionics VA: Psionic Sounds
Vaishiyas: Flaxid
Boredoms: Super
Boredoms: Chocolate Synthesizer
Soft: Shamanic Waveform
Dj Tateyama mix: Big Energy Attack
Solstice VA: Electronic High
Synthetic: 100%
Morphem: Monitoring
Rastaliens: Freestyle
Hadshot VA: Devil is a Dj
Sonic Fusion: Discovery
Isratrance VA: Amalgamated Amalgamation
Genetic: Motion Picture
Spiraltrax International VA: Mechanism
Segment: 01
Paste: Blow Out
Medium VA: Acupuncture
Medium VA: Sunrise (Human Blue, Matenda)
Medium VA: Vibration 4
Lish: Dejavoodoo
Tatsu VA: Dragon Tales 3
Tatsu VA: Dragon Tales 4
USTA VA: Psychedelic Blonde-Swedish Psychedelic Trance
Matenda: Energy Loader
Dragonfly VA: A Better Living Through Chemistry
Quarz: SIO2
Element Records: Final Destination
Dragonfly VA: Order Ordonata Vol.5
Space Cat: Shapes of Sound
Manmademan: Cell Division
Return to the Source VA: Earth Dance (2 x cds)
Transient VA: Transient Dawn
MDMA VA: Under Construction
MDMA VA: Under Construction 2
Deviant Speciies: The Quest for Bolojax
Tsunami VA (Zorba, Saikopod, X-Dream, Total Eclipse, Infected Mushroom)
Yumade: Danz Ego
Alchemy VA: Conspirators of Pleasure
Neurobiotic VA: Experience
Uphonic VA: Rolling Synthchords
Starsound VA: Dynamic Features
Zerontonine: Cygnus Loops
Masun: Storaktion
Magnat: Say Yes
FunfD: No Promises
Atmos: Most Wanted dj mix
Nervasystem: 13 Amp Fusion
IndiaDrop: Backwards into Chaos
Loopus in Fabula: Loopus in Fabula

visionquest japan
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  24
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Posted : Jan 23, 2003 08:29
Hi Russ how are you doing.
we are looking to buy the holl list.
please let me know the price for all.
and if you have the time to call us directly.
peace visionquest
PS phone is 03-5545-4127
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  35
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Posted : Jan 24, 2003 15:37
hiya VQ,
thanks for the interest. i just called but the office is closed now. i'll try to give you a call tomorrow.
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