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Candyflip Records - "ETSI" Compilation


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Posted : Jun 14, 2002 01:54
After the 2nd Wizzy Noise album, the second release from Candyflip Records is compilation "ETSI". Here is the playlist:

1. Das Medikament - Kikma (6:43)
2. Drone - Contagious (9:37)
3. Bent Sentient vs Pied Piper Paul - Malice in Blunderland (8:24)
4. Igneous Sauria - Cookies for Rookies (8:27)
5. Unearthed - Voices of Electra (8:17)
6. Wizzy Noise - Process (7:24)
7. Eargear - Dependence (7:04)
8. Skizo÷renic Society - Obsession (6:26)

First track by dj Aze from charasmatix. A really clever atmospheric groove. Best way to start a compilation.
Second is a track from a new project from Greece, Drone, offer really "Contagious" rythmes combined with psychedelic sounds.
From South Africa, Bent Sentient with Pied Piper Paul are serious with their title. This track is twisted.
Chris Igneous Sauria playing in his unique techno style made me jumping around with his track.
Another artist from Greece, Unearthed, give a good compination of crazy rythmes and atmospheric sounds.
Wizzy Noise with an unreleased track in the sound they had in their album will keep everybody dancing.
Eargear set a hypnotic techno oriented track for the "minders".
Finally the last track from Kostas Alekoglou (ex-Magus) is in a more slow funky beat. We know Magus' style and i personally really like it.

Well known artists and very good newcomers gave a very powerfull and well-flowed line of tracks for this compilation. Everything for the dancefloor! Good for us! Very nice indeed. I hope they'll continue in this way in their later releases.

Favourite tracks: 1,2,4,7           in search for an answer...

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Posted: Jun 14, 2002
Great!           BE HAPPY!!!
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2002 13:34
so, i gather this is a full-on style comp?           MiniMAL cabron...
Vibe Tribe
Vibe Tribe

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Posted : Jun 14, 2002 13:38

just gr8, new wizzy noise track 

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Posted : Jun 29, 2002 03:11

On 2002-06-14 13:34, Munchie wrote:
so, i gather this is a full-on style comp?

well.. not exactly full-on... powerful enough though           in search for an answer...

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Posted : Jul 1, 2002 11:49
Well all i can say is that it's a good comp. and it's more tech oriented than psy although it does have some psy-factors....:-D

And it doesn't come close to a full-on experience....

Wizzy noises track is really good...
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Posted : Jul 11, 2002 02:07

A first compilation from Candyflip after their first release, Wizzy Noise's album. This is a nice compilation with a solid minimal psychedelic line, but with a limping start. Still it has few killer tracks and gives us one very promising new Greek act.
The opening track I really don't like, I find it boring and I don't like the sound. Drone, a new Greek act shows some promise, a nice three phases track with a killer return from the break- I would prefer a global cut here- too long and looses the plot. Malice in Wonderland- the sample and the track name are great, the track itself doesn't do it for me. All three openers don't impress in the sound department. Igneou Sauria gets things moving with Cookies for Rookies (T4), a fast, happy and catchy groove, with constant head twisting rhythm changes surrounded by a multitude of effects. Unearthed, another new Greek name for me (how do you manage with these long surnames guys?) with a real discovery- a killer psycho track that keeps changing and evolving with good music and good samples, will be a joy to drop on the dancefloor. The kick could use a facelift, though- but I'm writing down this name for sure. Wizzy Noise do their thing, Process (T6) is a real dark atmospheric intense piece, with scratching storming splashes of sounds. Excellent. Eargear follow (T7) with a totally clubby track, but in no way you have ever heard before- totally catchy and will make you smile for sure- I just love this one, found myself using the repeat button with this on. The closing track is a breaky slow piece, nice, but not more.

Bottom Line: a weak start, gets better in the middle- four excellent tracks, real gems, inside- Candyflip shows potential. Favorites: 4, 5, 6, 7(!!).

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Posted : Jul 13, 2002 01:09
good release from good greek label!

have fun dudes!
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