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BUS - Morebusinesslinkyouthere (Sub) 2005

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 2, 2006 18:07
Artist: BUS

Album: Morebusinesslinkyouthere

Label: Sub Records

Web: (Not working)

Year: 2005

Format: CD


01. Disco Suns
02. Take a Walk With Me
03. Outta Their Loco Vulcan Heads
04. Plastico
05. Bambi and Thumper
06. Bus L'Ouverture
07. Return of the Fist
08. Attitude Jets
09. Depth Charger

What's This About

Gus Till The long-time psychedelic trooper has returned. If you are still wondering who exactly might this cat be, suffice to know he is half of Zen Lemonade and an ex-member of the infamous Slinky Wizards with Dominic Lamb, George Barker, R. Biggs and yes… Simon Posford (ah, that got your attention). After having released tracks in all the old school labels: Flying Rhino, Dragonfly, Iboga, Spiral Trax, Nova Tekk, old TIP records, and god knows where else. The newly formed Sub Records from Australia (a sub-division of Psy-Harmonics) debuts his solo album. Morebusinesslinkyouthere is a tremendous piece, with turns and influences at every track forming one cohesive -read mixed- ride, but this is so freaking good I'm willing to let that issue pass.

Per-song Break-down

1. Disco Suns *

Opening the album characteristically long winded lines and pads advance through dream-escapes, interrupted only by the increasing depthless of the kicks, slowly dissipating the mist in favor of intricate cadence with drums and breaks. I would not call the Sun's “disco” but is certainly daytime progressive cushioned with velvety melodies interacting with each other. The kind of material that is custom fitted to mix with your latest Ticon perfectly.

2. Take a Walk with Me *

“It's a whole different way of life, it's a whole different way of living, but more than that it's a whole different of thinking…” Things heat with a complex intro following voices filtered through a radio preset and a noticeably faster pace. Allow me to be biased for a second and declare this track as my favorite of the lot. The kicks with shakers in between the kicks protrude a strong bass announcing the first signs of psychedelic effects to gurgle the speakers. A progression occurs accompanied with ancient 303 bubbles by the sides, surfacing from under the reverbs now and again. It goes totally bonkers as Tito Fuentes takes over becoming impossible not to wave your hands around in the good ol' air drumming session… anyway… if you are so inclined. It closes doing the roundabout of themes with a cue-friendly finale.

3. Outta Their Loco Vulcan Heads *

As it could be deduced this is this the ‘freak-out' track of the album. It comes loaded with a techno feel including cold jagged beats and the echoing machine delays in turn of the bass. It's minimal and nearly a-melodic, focused mostly on the grove. So deceptively simple in structure it permeates experience from every pore. That said, for a 9 minutes it does feel a bit bare. The magic comes when you slide that baby underneath another tune and the rest goes on auto-mode. Clear progressive-industrial influences a-la X-dream (if there was ever such thing)… the drive is nearly unbeatable for a progressive mash up that seems a bit useless to categorize.

4. Plastico *

The intro is a slow dragging fixture of samples smeared to treated leads before the pumping kicks become more visible. The rewind-fast-forward bits on the voices unwind calmly giving rise to the low-toned riff loop. Mixing and blending different influences has never been more apparent. The remaining voice blips have a certain touch of the 1950's amongst the web of elements, disconcerting even the most experienced listener to a different idea of psychedelic. It is not based on the LFO's and modulation with blips bloping a really screechy glitch. We are still talking about music here and the different influences and masterful precision of samples, breathe a lot more experience and dynamism from the usual array of psy trance. This is the odd track of the lot and however weird it might seem it is not out of place.

5. Bambi and Thumper *

Bambi and thumper smoothly follow the plastic regions of this album with another doze riffs with a distinct doze of dance-floor friendliness. The female chants seem to agree and the groovy plucked guitar confirms it. Welcome to adult trance-land, charged with blurred touches of the metal, violin lines and the atmospheric effects of an action movie. Plus it probably has the coolest name to come around for a while. Just by listing the elements in this track alone, one could deduce the biggest load of cheese since the Cheddar festival in Munich. Don't read it wrong, Bus manages to create something fresh out of elements we have heard before in a great arrangement.

6. Bus L'overture *

Like the name suggests we get a fair share of orchestral music (coming from the Concrete Unlimited orchestra, which Bus actually 'conducted'). There are violas, violins, xylophones, electronic touches, war-time drumming bits and god knows what else in a mish-mash of elements of such amazing grace; I don't remember hearing a classical fusion this good in a while. All throughout we get strange car samples, laser gun shots, ritualistic bits… it's a mess… a beautiful mess.

7. Return of the Fist *

If you had been missing effects fear not for the fist shall avenge. We take off with congas and tribal dozes before the screams subdue in organic rhythms. Space age-effects and filter sweeps are treated to the entire collection of presets in less than two minutes. The whole disarray of madness pulls through by the end with a twisted melody (trust me they are scarce here) that actually works. The level of detail alone speaks tomes about the time this guy has been sitting in front of a sequencer to let his work do the talk for him.

8. Altitude Jets

We start of with the sounds of a rotor engine gyrating (it is more like a helicopter actually), with more strange quasi-filter sweeps. The techno spice returns announcing synthetic, aggressiveness (as much as the BMP will permit) and minimalism throughout. Much like the third track I find a good doze of rhythms, but not nearly enough to keep me entertained all the way. The feeling is very transitory, meant to connect more complete works, but on it's own it barely stands against the outpour of quality we had been treated to up to this point. Is not bad, but I might go as far as calling it filler.

9. Depth Charger *

Bus closes the book with the golden lock throwing a remix from the Slinky Wizards in collaboration with R.Biggs, blending elements of the previous tracks for an 11 minute recapitulation of what you might have missed earlier. It sounds like a progressive adagio balancing flowery lines, with vocodic wallows and a pace that remains moving and unthreatening. The woman chanting like some angel we might have hunt down later, makes sure the listener feels as comfortable as possible. “We most transport ourselves inside their skin and think of it as through their eyes – just to understand the thoughts that grind away the decisions of their actions.” It's pretty decent way to lock this trip.


All and all

Quality surfaces not only when someone is able to reach a particular level creating his own style. The real challenge is to throw an album showing a variety of styles, making every ‘experiment' work. Bus went so far as to direct the Concrete Unlimited Orchestra in here. Who are they? Were did they come from? I don't know, they could be trained monkeys for all I care, but they did a great job just like is the case with the entire album. If you like to impress your friends and the girls by declaring yourself as a ‘psy progressive Dj'… and by that I mean ‘nothing over 145, dear' or you are simply a progressive-head it is clear this album might no be essential, but mandatory… keep telling yourself that at the time of actually purchasing it, you won't regret it.

Where to get

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Posted : Feb 2, 2006 18:44
Fucking ace album! I've been a huge fan Gus Till since the Slinky Wizard days, and this album is amazing as expected. Wonderfully diverse, and with a very appealing mix of both new and oldschool progressive and minimal elements, ranging from blissful or funky morning themes to hard nighttime stompers.

If you think that most progressive have reached somewhat stagnation lately, this album is exactly what you're looking for.

Favourites: 1 (!!), 2 (!!), 3, 4, 5 (!!!), 6(!), 7, 8, 9(!!!) - yep, that's all of them.

9/10          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 2, 2006 18:52
Nice review Rah!

Yes, this album is for sure something with quality. Gus Till obviously doesn't care about the stereotyped trance scene at all, and releases here an album that gives new life to a seemingly "outdated" trance scene... A talented producer for sure, who is now based with his girlfriend Super Cozi (who also has released two albums) + kid on beautiful Bali... Gus is also producing ambient/dub, so check out his albums on Cyan and Thirtieth... For those of you who want something fresh with new ideas for a change, check out this album...           CHILL TRIBE
CTRCD04 WOMBATMUSIC - Shameful Silence
CTRCD06 IAN ION - Gringo Locomotion
CTRCD07 SUNKINGS - Before We Die

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Posted : Feb 2, 2006 19:15
By the way, track 8 is called "Attitude Jets".           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 3, 2006 21:18
Like this one a lot.. been in my minidisc for weeks now..           "The Only Good System.. IS A GOOD SOUNDSYSTEM!"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2006 19:17

I really like this too, I've always been a fan of Gus's tunes, especially his recent chilled albums. Favourites are probably tracks 1,2,7,8,9, especially the last one, which really builds into a lush dream of a tune.

8.5/10            - - It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice... - -

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Posted : Mar 26, 2006 13:38
Really what could you say about artists like Gus... Probably only Respect!!!
Listen this album and i am sure that you wouldnt regret it..
This is a true psychedelic journey...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 17, 2006 14:55
Noise Poison Records
Noise Poison Records

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Posted : Apr 22, 2006 23:05
ohhhh yes .... meep meep ...
it was late this disc arrives on my desk, but mjiammi ... yes ... this has to appear once or twice a year ..

there is no reason to introduce the idol for most of the trancers around the globe is hiding behind this project ....
is he already a few decades in the business...his legendary track "for those about to trance" stucks in my mind as well in my case since I heard it first time...his ambient album "electric ocean" was another proof of his marvelous musical backround and versed work...

Gus Tills recent album I would call a grown up trance pearl as its best. it's psychedelic, groovy, asskicking, tribalistic trancy driving prog ? .. this is no progressive in my opinion, this is an idol presents his long yeard experiences in music creation with the usage of the most recent production standards .. this is a subgenre of music, every real trancer should appreciate with respect and pleasure!!! I did, and even I use to play totally different kind of stuff, there are pearls urgently needs attention, just that the community notices some still bubbling under the surface ....

I just can recommend it from the bottom of my heart .... and if you know to listen ... every cent is worth the buy !

killer !
          I just came out, cause it seems there was a noise outside ! .... added to Parvati Records rooster .. check webside !!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2006 17:08
Very different, innovative and psychedelic album, just the way the wizard can deliver. This has been in my cd player for some time now and it doesnt get old. Definetly recommended for any psychedelic listener.           `Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end` Mandelbrot
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : May 16, 2006 04:34
SUB (Australia)

Disco Suns is one of the first opening tracks on an album in ages to get me genuinely excited. The intro sounds like it could be something from (bear with me) Sting or Peter Gabriel, immaculate, glassy production that suggests an unfolding; so its almost a surprise when a 4-4 eases upwards, and everything falls away to form a very tight and very psychedelic progressive groove. The unfurling, dynamic quality of this is fucking brilliant, and the way it slowly brings back the theme that was so markedly set out in the intro is nothing short of genius. Take A Walk With Me is a whole heap deeper, the emphasis is all on low-set clattering grooves winding in and out of each other, it's like future jungle dub, with some mouthwateringly glitchy twists. Devastating. Outta Their Loco Vulcan Heads moves like an old Delta track; the progression is pure psychedelic techno; but the sounds are just insane. The bottomend buffs along nicely, the percussion layering is simply gobsmacking, and the depth of it "fuck" this psyreviewsing little c*nt is beyond words. For once. Plastico has a great opening, fully wideranging sounds that sort of suggest gamma goblins, before the tune proper drops into a delicious bit of dark psybooty. The break is insane, it's lysergic-double-dipped, incredibly twisted and twistedly incredible. Bambi And Thumper takes that standard psy guitar sound but pushes it lower in the mix, where for my money it works a lot better. Building up female vocals, extreme funk, and percussion that's tighter than the girls they talk about on porn sites. It's got a rare hypnotism about it, that sucks you right into the middle of it and keeps you locked there. Bus L'Overture is billed as being by "Gus Till Conducts the Concrete Unlimited Orchestra" and, well, I like it. It's got a sort of whirlwind Disney about the strings theme, and it then moves through a sort of ticklish-james-bond. It's got a mind of it's own this one; anyone who can listen to this and still rate Jaia's Orchestra 2.0 is one crazy-ass muthafucker. Return Of The Fist is more of the sort of music I would have expected from Bus: moody, deep, low-set notquite-fullon with the emphasis on percussive grooves and classy escalation. Likewise Attitude Jets, a huge and wideopen track that picks up increasing degrees of nastiness and thunkiness, just like being married to a serial killer except it's done in eight minutes. Finally Slinky Wizard's Depth Charger gets a remix, and while it's bouncy and energetic I can't help feeling that Gus could have done more with it. Fine for bringing an oldie up to date, and the way the melodies sit together is crunchily satisfying, but it detracts from the rest of the album. Which is, let's recap, a wonderfully mature, varied little album that'll come as a nice refresher from the plethora of shite.


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 1, 2006 20:42
Very nice review Rah!! I've been a fan of Bus since I picked up a copy of his release "Let's Go" on Flying Rhino (RIP)

I know Morebusinesslinkyouthere was released last December, but I just found this today searching around on psyshop. So as soon as I get a chance, I'm going to check out the soundsamples and possibly buy this!! 
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