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Brisker and Magitman "Just Another Day", (Tribal Vision april 08)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 22, 2008 12:52:26
Artist : Brisker & Magitman

Title : Just Another Day

Label: Tribal Vision Records

Cat. No.: TVRCD018

Release Date: March/April 2008

Format: CD/Digital


1. Braniac (126 bpm)

2. Just Another Day (127 bpm)

3. Discodelic (127 bpm)

4. Cold Summer (126 bpm)

5. Six Degrees (126 bpm)

6. Dinner Out (126 bpm)

7. Bad Asss (125 bpm)

8. Hot Winter (126 bpm)

9. On Hills (127 bpm)

10. Whispering (128 bpm)

Roman Brisker and Igor Magitman are a talented and prodigal duo from Israel, who came to fame with a first musical project named Elec 3, which caught attention by delivering original electro-scented fullon music. Almost simultaneously, the duo started another career, releasing over fifty tracks under their patronyms at forefront labels such as Baroque, AVA, Flow, Plastik Park, Audiotherapy, Candyflip, SOG, Babylon, Method, Twisted Frequency, Blue Tunes, Plusquam, and Dissident to name but a few, which earned them a strong reputation for their fat production and trademark sound in the Electro/Electro-House genre. They can boast the support of the most influencial DJs and have had their sound signed up by a wide range of music editors, from Sony Music to Hernan Cattaneo’s Renaissance compilation. Not to mention numerous appearances in the biggest clubs and events. They’ve decided not to remain in singlelandia, and so Tribal Vision is releasing their first artist album titled “Just another day”. Needless to say this is one of this year’s most anticipated albums.

1. Braniac

“Braniac” quickly opens onto the punchy rattle of the main lead which starts just as a rhythmic idea but then grows into a more panting motif enhanced by the snare / kick drum combo and underlaid by an undulating, subterranean bass. It serves as a nice backdrop for a wide array of gurgling flourishes, metallic snippets, and other arrangements evoking nocturnal sounds in a mysterious forest which evolve towards an overall ominous atmosphere. Good intro in a technoish vein.

2. Just another day

” Just another day” features another gritty signature bassline. The piece is constructed in order to progressively build up the thematic motif : elliptic in the first half of the track, more fully enunciated in the break, and then fully developped in the final sequences. It is more positive even though it is initially immersed in a misty and dreamy atmosphere and grows towards a distinct melody, orchestrated with a harpsychord sounding synth.

3. As the title indicates, “Discodelic” turns to B & M’s expertise in building a devastating, gritty, siliconed electro bassline which commands the whole track until a vocal snippet is woven into the rhythmic combo, and gradually occupies the whole stage in the break. If you’re seduced at first by the potential of this electro anthem, you might be bothered after a while by the “ah ah” reverberated sample which perhaps becomes too invasive and bogus in this context, especially with the harmonic support of the final pads.

4. “Cold summer” orchestrates discreet technoish arrangements at first, but finally turns out to be another demonstration of the duo’s chunky rollercoaster electro bass, introducing a more simple spooky theme later on. It explores pretty much the same territories as the previous track, but it is given a sharper and deeper edge. Has my preference in this respect.

5. “Six degrees” hinges on a plainer, more panting beat, only to serve up an old-school techno motif. The break displays an atmospheric interlude which vanishes with the coda of initial sequences that rather take up and highlight a short inital riff. Well done once again, but neither the melodic aspect, nor the general rhythmic combo is striking as a particularly original construction.

6. “Dinner out” blends electro influences, notably with another memorable bassline, but adds a distinct psychedelic touch with the introduction of a twisted brief arpeggiated motif, flavoured by distorsion and dissonances. This converses with a more moody melodic line, a combination that yields a strong, lysergic, late-party hour melancholy and weirdness. A successful, unique and compelling atmosphere.

7. Bad Ass

“Bad ass” features the deep, dark and filthy side of your favourite dirty electro : an elongated, twisted bassline à la Bill Laswell, playing with a brief, hissing arpeggiated snippet in which the “it is bad ass” voice sample is inserted in the final bars of the sequences. The breaks resound with an alleviating and more atmospheric synth line, although tempered by the snare and the ominous reverberated synth rolls. A very convincing, strong-impact interpretation of the electro vein which should leave casualties on the dance floor.

8. “Hot winter”

As the oxymoronic title suggests, the piece encompasses technoish elements such as tight clicky beats and rolling percussion while bathing it all in a trancey atmospheric mist. Yet the long transposed arpeggiated melody is run-of-the-mill and does not IMHO bring the emotional touch it is meant to trigger.

9.“On the hills”

This piece unfolds a more melodic, luminous, pastoral feeling as the title leads us to expect, slightly balanced by the trademark, gritty, chunky bassline. Again we find the same ingredients in the writing of the melody, bathing in heavy reverbs and distortion that will address sentimental hearts, but perhaps not those discerning ears requiring more complexity and depth.

10. “Hissing”

The concluding piece might owe its title to the distant flute-like synth which provides the melodic orientation and reverts to a more electro-house style, although strongly scented with an early 80’s retro touch. It uses a much more gentle rhythmic combo (compared to the more hard rocking previous ones) only to deliver a melodic, cheesy appeal displaying the same —overused— tricks. Not my cup of tea.

Bottom line

If you’ve been waiting for an evolution in the duo’s chunky Electro style, your expectations should be fulfilled and you sure will find that they’ve gone a step further by moderately spicing up their electro with techno arrangements, but only moderately. But you can count on these guys to deliver hard compelling dance-floor tools. In that respect, the strongest asset of this album is their idiomatic sense for driving and twisted basslines and the winners might be found in the well-crafted numbers 1, 4, 6, 7. Unsurprisingly, the album mostly addresses club-oriented dj sets, even though their expert level of production will surely give rise to strong results on open-air dance floors this summer. However, their attempts to explore a more melodic vein in the final numbers of “Just another day” are IMHO not convincing. But overall, this first artist album by talented producers deserves your close attention & if you get your kicks from hi-tech Electro, it is definitely worth purchasing.


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Posted : Apr 22, 2008 13:37
2 Slater:
scheduled dates for Saikosounds and Beatport, please? =)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 22, 2008 14:30

On 2008-04-22 13:37, fire_dance wrote:
2 Slater:
scheduled dates for Saikosounds and Beatport, please? =)

I have no information when Saikosounds will receive the copies from our distributor, but usually it´s a matter of a few days after Psyshop official release date (which was yesterday)

The whole album will be available at Beatport on May 19th. Scheduled are also remixes of Discodelic track by Dousk and Noel Sanger as well as some more surprises           Out now:
*V.A. - Vanguard vol. 3 compiled by Duca & DJ Slater
Glen.C (Iboga Rec)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 24, 2008 03:35
very powerful, well constructed, and wonderful atmospheres through out.

great cd... maybe TVR best for me!

Well done B&M, Slater and all involved. 
Spikers & Midinoize - Lisbon Hooker (Glen C rmx) coming soon on Earhead Audio
Dance N Dust
Dance N Dust

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Posted : May 6, 2008 01:08
really nice album and i dig it.
fat sound with some very groove bass line in all of the tracks.
my best: 1, 4,5!! and 10.
good work tribal vision.
very recommended
best from dance n dust          out now:
Aumrec – Before The Beginning ,EP
V/a Beat Wins , Compiled by DJ Asherun
Embargaa - Slova . EP
tactic records

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Posted : May 7, 2008 08:42
great album and first of all good pepole keep rocking i see what you can do on stage all the best
and keep rocking the world
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 26, 2008 13:00
Here goes my review:

JUST ANOTHER DAY (17.04.2008)
1. Braniac
2. Just Another Day
3. Discodeli
4. Cold Summer
5. Six Degrees
6. Dinner Out
7. Bad Asss
8. Hot Winter
9. On Hills
10. Whispering

Roman Brisker (22) and Igal Magitman (24) from the south of Israel are one of the biggest surprises in the electronic scene nowadays. Since their first release in 2006 what followed was a great success which resulted in numerous bookings for some of the best electronic events around the globe both indoors and outdoors. As their discography gets larger, they have been concentrating on their progressive/electro project Brisker & Magitman releasing mainly electro/minimal tunes but not neglecting the psychedelic one, Elec3. Finally after a long time of preparing, producing and mixing they have presented their full length debut album mastered in Solead´s Préférence studios, as themselves which means that it is a clubby electronic album with elements from modern electro, techno and some tribal.

Let's take a stroll through the cd:

Starting of with an epic sounds reverbed to death and made to sound as spacious as possible followed by a simple yet crispy kick/snare/hat correlation giving a deep emotional “progressive in essence” feel perfect for indoor usage.(T1).Presenting the new direction that the boys went in to explore,mournful emotional strings mixed in a humid atmosphere with tight deep bass which reminds me of TRENTEMØLLER's work.... you know, dark and haunting techno deep house kind of music(T2).We are entering into more clubby territory as the electro grind swayed bass accompanied by it's mid tone mate are mishmashed into a spine-tingly tune(T3) A must Deadmau5 remix! The “cold summer” is here but it ain't what I expected. The production is tight but the experimentation level is high here and I find those evil sounds in the background somehow annoying (T4). Coming very straight forward, almost instantly hitting the dance floor hard with it's bass at full power and with superb drum fills progressive in essence. This one will be a brain cell burner for sure!(T5). As we go towards the middle of the CD, the atmosphere gets fancy and dance able, keeping the storytelling at a constant rate making it interesting for the listener as the groovy effects keep the vibe up along with “Mr Ozio's - Flat beat” kind of “bad ass” whipping bass (T6,T7).
The last part of the cd is reserved for the more relaxed and mellow types of atmospheres yet pumpy in their own way, layered with sparse moments of background percussions(T8,T9). The time flows towards the end like milk and honey, successfully rendering and ordering the events and actions of this story(T10).
Overall this CD is a very good example of the talent that these two boys have and how they use it and tend to continue doing so in the future. What I like the most is the flow, nevertheless that some tracks were not my cup of java, overall it's a smashing release. The artwork is simple, indicating that almost every day of their week is filled with activity, same as all of us living mortals waking up in Monday morning, saying - “Just another day”
Favorites: 1,2,3,5!,6           @Iono_Music
Sound Surgeon
Crater / Mish-kah

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Posted : May 27, 2008 22:28
I must say that I don't like this kind of stuff usually, but those guys created a great album!

My favorite is track 1, OMG!

way to go B&M!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 7, 2008 11:32
gr8 album!

My Hebreview:

          -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=
Nasa/The Gnome Effect

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Posted : Jun 8, 2008 16:40
Never been to keen on the Brisker & magitman sound, as its up until now.

I love this new techno-ish take on their music, more deep and atmospheric.

Thumbs up, Slater & co, for putting this gem on the market 
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 16:00
Neither did I expect something interesting from this album, but so far this seems to be a very nice album.

Very nice groovy, pumping beats.

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Posted : Jun 9, 2008 17:08
Still i like psy Trance but recently also been getting into progressive and i love some of these guys tracks.

Will purchase this very soon
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