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Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint for Survival

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 21, 2009 00:18:23
Artist: Blue Planet Corporation
Album: A Blueprint for Survival
Label: DAT Records
Artist Website:
Label Website:

UFK Years 1993-1994
Overbloody Flood
Juno Satellite
Hemo Static+Overbloody Flood

Unreleased Tracks 1993-1994
Hemo Static II
Sub Sonic Underground
Goa Disco
Restore Hope

A new album from Blue Planet Corporation.
A new double-album from Blue Planet Corporation.
A new freshly remastered double-album from Blue Planet Corporation.
A new freshly remastered double-album featuring classics and unreleased material from Blue Planet Corporation.

Honestly, I am a bit short on words to describe and praise this monumental release.

Blue Planet Corporation has always held a special place in my heart of hearts, and they always will. [editor's note: I am well aware that Blue Planet Corporation is now only Gabriel and that Christophe has not been involved in a long time, but I am still going to refer to BPC in the plural form throughout this review]. Blue Planet Corporation is one of a rare breed of artists who can walk the line of squelchy psychedelic power trance with that of blissful soothing morning progressive trance.

The fat well-rounded bass lines. The driving melodies and various tempos. Some songs are quite fast, others are quite slow. The pacing changes and drives. There are stabbing synths. Harsh feedback squelches. There are swirling layers running back and forth, leading you on various journeys down the corridors of tranquility.

It's all here.

Music that is simultaneously driving and fast, while being calming and peaceful. How they pull this off is beyond me. Very few artists can strike this balance. Normally it is one or the other, but Blue Planet Corporation have managed to do the unlikely and have blended the worlds perfectly. And they have been doing this since 1993.

1993. Listen to Hemo Static 2 or Telekinetic and tell me that if you heard that in 1993 you wouldn't have be blown away. Knowing when the music was made gives it even more class, but nothing on here is dated and nothing on here is given a pass simply because it is old. Using age to defend music is not a good defense. The music wins because it is that damn good.

Luckily, I have been listening to most of disk one for years, as it is all old released material. I've been able to enjoy these energies and these worlds, but many of you haven't. And the newly remastered versions are bloody wonderful to listen to as well.

Then there is disk 2. Chock-full of unreleased material by Blue Planet Corporation, and the 1997 Flying Rhino 'Cyclothymic' 12" too. Wow. It's hard to believe that this much excellent music never got released back when it was written. It is all so good and still as timeless as ever.

Damn. This album really is very good and my lacking ability to describe it is starting to frustrate me. How do I convey the energy and sounds within this massive double-album? How do I remind you that simply because most of it is 15 years old, doesn't mean it sounds dated? How do I express that you should BUY this album and support this concept and this music? It's hard to do.

I'd say check out the Blue Planet Corporation MySpace page for some sample tracks, but MySpace can be a pain in the ass. I guess I can just reaffirm, again and again, that this is worth picking up.

If you're familiar with anything BPC has done, rest assured that all the new unreleased stuff on here is just as stellar and high quality as the released stuff that you know and love. And if you own the previously released 12"s as well, this is still worth picking up for the nice remastered sound and for the ease of having the music on one convenient digital format.

I suppose if I had to find one fault, problem, complaint, it would be that I kind of wish that this was also released in a nice DJ friendly 10-vinyl edition. An all nice and remastered, thick gatefold record pressing would be totally sweet.

Blue Planet Corporation has always ranked up there with the likes of Slinky Wizard, Process, Prana, Green Nuns of the Revolution, and Juno Reactor. There was always something unique about these artists that most others have never captured. None of these artists really exist anymore and that is sad. But we do have this new BPC release now and hopefully DAT Records will continue to pull items out of those DAT bags for a longtime to come.

And maybe this release will motivate Gabriel to make some new trance music and put the chill-out music on hold for a bit. We need some new energy from the Blue Planet world. I think it is time.

-A'damn           nlm - v4.2
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 15, 2017 06:23
I was super excited when I first heard about this but I gotta say you’re much better off visiting google play or where’ve and buying the much better album they did on Flying Rhino.

I’ve given this so many chances, and despite the majority of DAT records work to be really good quality, both the sound quality and track selection fall flat for me.

It sounds like it was released in 1993 despite supposedly being remastered & the tracks are mediocre trance even by the standards of when they were released.

I’d suggest listening to it for free on DAT’s bandcamp or on their official YouTube channel. Save your cash & get the Etnica & IFO albums instead.
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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint for Survival
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