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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Blast Off to TECHNO AND BEYOND (DETROIT) (psytrance-yoga-art-healing)
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Blast Off to TECHNO AND BEYOND (DETROIT) (psytrance-yoga-art-healing)

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Posted : Jan 20, 2014 22:39:29
It's a call to your soul to remember who you are!


Event Schedule (*further descriptions below)

Psychedelic Space Yoga @ 5:45pm
Space is limited! $10 in advance / $15 at the door. Yoga session includes entry to the art show and dance party. As a perfect finish to the psychedelic space yoga, Zenaura Soluta will be guiding us on a journey through the astral plane with a deep space meditation! Guarantee your spot and buy a presale ticket today!

Sacred Geometry Art Opening @ 7:00pm
Travel through time and space with cosmic art installations and get lost in the collection of intergalactic artwork from all over the universe! Learn about different extraterrestrial races, crop circles, and the significance of sacred geometry -- from the smallest microbe to the largest galaxies; as above, so below; as within, so without. Displays will be up all night while live painters grace us with their craft!

Acro Yoga Performance @ 7:30pm
Veronica Callan from the Detroit Fly House Circus School will be gifting all of us an Acro Yoga performance! Support her troupe @

Sacred Breathwork Experience @ 7:45pm
Join in as we experience sacred breathwork with a powerful demonstration by Angela May & Jason Beers, two doctorate level clinical psychologists students who have been focusing their endeavors on the work of Jungian psychologist Dr. C. Michael Smith, also known as Mikkal. Curious about sacred breathwork?

Introduction to Sacred Geometry 101 @ 8:30pm
A visual presentation by Thomas Prychitko, a messenger and teacher here to show us the processes and functions of sacred geometry and their significance in our lives and universe!

Blast Off Dance Party!!! To Techno & Beyond... @ 10:00pm
Celebrate the launch of the Intergalactic Art Movement with us and enjoy otherworldly frequencies and soundwaves from the ethereal plane! Formless will be warming up the speakers at around 9:30pm, so don't miss an unforgettable opening to this truly wondrous night! Only $5 at the door until midnight and $10 after that.


Our Beloved DJs

21:30 >> Formless, from Arcturus
23:00 >> Primal Instinct, from Toronto :: melodic techno
00:00 >> T. Linder, from the Detroit Techno Militia
01:00 >> DJ Seoul, from the Detroit Techno Militia
02:00 >> DJ Amoeba, from the Pleaidies :: psy
03:00 >> Plan B, from Toronto :: forest
04:30 >> Atheria, from Toronto :: forest
06:00 >> Fractal DNA & Saba Sababa, from Detroit :: hi-tech

Primal Instinct ::
T. Linder [Detroit Techno Militia] ::
Dj Seoul [Detroit Techno Militia] ::
Dj Amoeba [IAMrecords] ::
Plan B [Shakti Collective] ::
Atheria [All Stars Festival &] ::
Fractal DNA [313 Family & Psyence Tribe] ::


The Intergalactic Artists

Neural Patterns [Detroit, MI]

Trenna Jean [Melbourne, Australia]

Jorden Lee Rookus [Grandville, MI]

Nikki Kaminski [Lake Orion, MI]

Ataraxic Vision [Brighton, United Kingdom]

Shekinah Kainesh [Detroit, MI]

Brandon Brewer [Detroit, MI]

Adam Esden [Toronto, Canada]

Joe Guz [Detroit, MI]

Tsar Bomba [Toledo, OH]

Brandon Bluefossil [Detroit, MI]

Bill Oliver [Vancouver, Canada]

Michael Marcus [Detroit, MI]


Psychedelic Live Artists

Ariel Esterline ~ Aquamocean Dreams Artwork [Merrillville, IN]

Ken Campbell [Ferndale, MI]


Event Descriptions

I AM [Sacred Geometry Art Show Opening]
The Intergalactic Art Movement is launching and we couldn't be happier to have all of you here for what is an extremely important day for all of us! Please enjoy the displays we have been blessed to receive from such extraordinary talents from around our world! We invite you to join us in celebrating the launch of our website and clothing shop on the same day as well! For a sneak peek, check out our presale t-shirt on Etsy! Get one now at a discounted price and come party for free!

I AM [Psychedelic Space Yoga]
Shanti Time Yoga and Liquid Sound Theory come together to present yoga like you've never experienced before. Get your stretch on while LST spins chillout psychedelic ambient vibes. Suitable for all levels, we'll blur the lines between yoga and dance! Yoga must start promptly at 6pm, so please come a few minutes early! Namaste.

I AM [Deep Space Meditation]
Zenaura from the Emergence Earth group will be guiding our yogis and yoginis with a deep space meditation! Together, our collective thoughts and concentration will bring us to a very special place where our individual minds and spirits meet the awareness and consciousness of the universe, to harmonize, dance and create!

I AM [Sacred Breathwork]
Angela & Jay will introduce all of us to the concept of journeying in a Non-Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC), invoked by abdominal breathing and three levels of evocative music. They will be blessing and smudging the energy of our space before taking us on the sacred breathwork experience, so we can all be assured that our journey will be devoid of any unwanted visitors! A brief creative expression will conclude, for purposes of integrating back into consciousness the knowledge and healing gained. Please bring something comfortable to lie on and something comfortable to rest your head on!

I AM [Sacred Geometry Presentation]
After Thomas' presentation, there will be a time for answering any questions about sacred geometry that anyone may have. If time allows, we may have additional talks on issues that range from the metaphysical properties of crystals to the various extraterrestrial races!

I AM [Intergalactic Dance Party]
Blast Off!!! To Techno & Beyond... It's BYOB, but we all know how to share by now, right? Mixers and water will be available for sale.We are going hard until 7am! Bring your dancing shoes, hula hoops, glowsticks, finger lights, whatever. Most importantly though, bring all of those good vibes and energy to spread so they can be rejuvenated and empowered!


Face Painting by Facepainting Detroit

Artists, vendors, time travelers and anyone else who wants to get involved or has questions regarding availability for displays, space, and logistics, please contact:


I AM [The Intergalactic Art Movement]
It's a state of being. A state of consciousness where you realize you exist perfectly and completely in yourself and in everything you see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. Where you realize you don't need to be anything other than that which you are, an eternal being made of sacred geometry, here to experience light and love in any form you find desirable. And when you realize I AM, you realize we are in fact all one, that any separation of I AM is an illusion; we can always step back and experience all that we have collectively created.

The Intergalactic Art Movement is any and every artist utilizing sacred geometry and other universally respected mediums of creation. Any and every artist honing their craft for the purpose of raising the collective consciousness and vibrations of our planet and everyone on it. We're all in this together and wish you all to explore the mysteries of space with us, both outer and inner!

Join the movement! Drop us a line and tell us what your vision is! Tell us what makes your heart burst at its seems! Tell us what your dreams are! Tell us where you want to take the ones you love! Tell us what you want to show the world! Tell us what makes you cry! Find the others... This is only the beginning.

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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Blast Off to TECHNO AND BEYOND (DETROIT) (psytrance-yoga-art-healing)
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