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Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - Bigeneric Live& Baba G/Fishimself/Co.P @Dbar Free Entrance 19 February
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Bigeneric Live& Baba G/Fishimself/Co.P @Dbar Free Entrance 19 February

IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Feb 11, 2011 19:46:39

Bigeneric Live [Swiss /Inzec Records]

Lives and works in Bern as electronic musician, live act, producer and label owner of Inzec Records.

Marco Repetto used to be a member of punk band "Glueams" and "Grauzone" and performed at the first raves and parties. He is still active and his present style spectrum ranges from hypnotic techno through ambient to the psychedelic sound field with its appropriate setup.

His electronic music is heavily inspired by plants and animals – from nature in general – and comes into being through sound research as well as experimenting, which result into studio productions and live performances. The curiosity of this internationally acclaimed and award-winning musician led him to collaborate with performers such as “Don Li "or dulcimer combo "Anderscht” from Appenzell. An album with “Anderscht" including various genres is due for release soon. Besides, he also increasingly engages in joint projects with visual artists.

Some of the most relevant recent productions include:

«pure electronic works 1», tonus music records, 2003; «sinbiotik - kalydra», inzec records, 2004; «bigeneric - caliphor», inzec records, 2004; bigeneric «the amaranth fields», inzec records, 2009,

Baba g [Swiss/Gr]
George rafailis originally greek - from corfu island - but was born and lived most of his life here in switzerland and in asia, mainly thailand and india. Mostly known for his great work at his restaurant in Bern - Mahamaya Restaurant! The main sounds are ambient and progressive. i play and played at many private and semi-private parties & events, but also in the QC swiss sunday chill sessions, or at the lounge of queersicht 05 & 07 (an intl. filmfestival here), as well at places like the mumbai palace, gurtenfestival 06,07,08 & 09, at the lounge b21 of the htl. zurichberg in zurich (chill’in with a view), bar rouge in basel and in the mahamaya of course. most local places and clubs in berne - like the wasserwerk club, sous-soul, isc, reitschule, formbar, dampfzentrale, progr, bassment and some more. mahamaya shanti sunday events, fraka sound switzerland, fullmoon festival germany 2005 & 06, universo paralello festival 07/08, bahia, brazil, boom festival 08, portugal, boutique 08, playground 08/09, club elf, bassment, streetparade 09, aurora festival 09, greece, duo club, bienne, ambonight, berne, mystica 2010, gurtenfestival 2010, presenting the chill-lineup @ summer never ends festival 2010, organiser of all cosmic soundscapes 2007 - 10.
People seems to love his sound and he loves to please people with it and to bring smiles into their faces. what more can a dj want to be happy of his set and the music he is playing for the crowd.
the spectrum of the music is big and varies, like in every genre – just one walk out of many - into the ocean of ambient.

Co.p [Gr]
After his great set at Blend Club with unique sounds of ambient dubby eclectic beats he is back to offer us great moments...Trully an amazing music lover and you can feel it in his sets.

Fishimself [Gr]
Haris P. aka Fishimself is a dedicated ambient activist. Owner of Freeze Magazine in Greece and IT Record shop in Athens, organiser of the first almost ambient only festival in Europe ISLAND OF FIRE, stage and booking manager for festivals such as Aurora in Greece, PR and manager of the ambient section of the newly reunited Medusa Records and last but not least a outstanding DJ.

He creates unusual mixes of electronic music with a melancholic mood and mesmerizes the crowds with sounds of ambient, IDM, acoustic music, sometimes breaks and downtempo trance taking them on a original journey for mind and ears.
Frequent guest at the Mahamaya restaurant in Bern / Switzerland for whom he compiled the Mahamaya series compilations in 2009, Fishimself also performed at many festivals such as Sonica reloaded / Italy, Source festival / Malta, the InSpiral Lounge / UK and Magnet in Turkey.

Starts 22.30, Free entry
Kostadinoupoles &Keleou 1, GAZI
Metro: Kerameikos


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Posted : Feb 15, 2011 19:57
we are looking very much forward to this cosy nite - and for the end of the nite and early hours - we will serve some groovy minprogtunes - so that you all have a beautiful sunday indeed.
bigeneric aka marco repetto - is something not to be missed.

athens here we come - with our hearts full of sunshine and blissfull music -
          - we bring you the taste of india -
IsraTrance Full Member
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Posted : Feb 19, 2011 11:17
22.30 - 23.30 fishimself
23.30 -00.30 Co.P
00.30-01.00 Baba G open for Bigeneric
01:00 -03.30 Bigeneric Live
03.30 till end Baba G set
Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - Bigeneric Live& Baba G/Fishimself/Co.P @Dbar Free Entrance 19 February
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