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Trance Forum  Forum  Production & Music Making - Best X-Over settings for splitting High/Low on Bass
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Best X-Over settings for splitting High/Low on Bass

sonic tickle

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Posted : Sep 29, 2016 14:01:15

Hi there...

I`ve been experimenting with different techniques recently, splitting my bass synth in different frequency bands to work on them separatly...

I mostly do this on two different ways:

1. I make a second instance of my Bass synth (In Ableton i would put it in an Instrument Rack) and cut the highs on the one for subs and vice versa...

2. I Make an Effectrack in Ableton, make two effect chains in it and in one i cut the highs and in the other one tho low freqs...

Now my question, what is your favourite x-over freq when separating high from low freqs on Bass? What things are you paying attention at while splitting frequencys?

THX and cheeers


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Posted : Sep 29, 2016 18:49

Hmm on this topic for a first approach I would prefer is to isolate the low end from the rest, especially with a lot of the "full lead bass lines" of today, we would want the higher end of the bass stereo and the lower end mono andall under tight control.. So this brings me with a split somewhere between 120Hz and 250Hz.

But it depends on what you want to do with it Do you want to control your low end? your mid end? high end? sub-bass? mid-low end?

I think for a bass, the section between 250Hz and 500Hz will give it a ton of character and will perhaps make-or-break your bassline
But it depends on what you want to do.. and there is soo much possible (just try taking a dark bassline, isolating a small band > 500hz, and apply a phase / flanger to it -> you still have the fast constant rolling bass on your chest, with the proper "bass note clicks", but the bass sound will be modulating over time

Btw, (you didn't say how you splitted the signal, so) try using Ableton's Multiband dynamics effect for splitting the bands - it's pretty much the first step of this amazing multiband compressor It should give a more cleaner and precise results than with live's EQ3/8           Super Banana Sauce
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2016 19:01
if you use the same patch, you can use 2 sends, one for the low and one for the highs for example, insteed of duplicating the synth track (tax more cpu )

i do a bit similar to knocz when i do that , i would say around 100 hz (offcourse will depends the sound after the notes used ect ) then after the muddiness in the low mids. ( but it depends what you want to do, if you want to split in 2 bands and remove the mud at same time, or split in 3 bands and lower the volume of the band with the mud)

for crossover you can use eq (you don t have to split at the same can lp at 115 hz and hp at 800 for example) , or some multiband where you mute the non needed band, if it s standar phase, it will mess the phase almost like a all pass filter, all pass filter are sort of non modulated phazer..some like to use a phazer to get same effect ( it add phase delay mean it delay some frequency in realtion to the others it can lead to intresting result ,personaly my fav bass are simple analog ones and you sure don t want to mess much with the sound as it sound great on his own to me but it s standar, nothing really creative in term of sound design if after that)

for usual eq of the bassline or splitting it to bands i would recommend you try to use a 2 bars loop, first 1 bar non equed sound and the second bar the one you eq always listen to the non processed sound while tweaking the eq. with a saw and all the harmonics , cutting and boosting it s very easy to mess the sound and somewhat change slighty the perceveid pitch/ tonal balance and end with a result that sound not natural (bad equing , good equing you should not ear any eq but think the sound was like that right from the source imo, the pitch/tonal balance have to stay spot on)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 30, 2016 01:05
better than 1k words
in this video you can learn how to isolate the low-mid-high, frequencies of the bass ,is a good technique to use in high tempo music (that lacks of low end).           d(((+_-)))b
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 30, 2016 02:17
Trance Forum  Forum  Production & Music Making - Best X-Over settings for splitting High/Low on Bass
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