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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Battle of the Future Buddhas - Urban Legends (2013,Schlabbaduerst Rekkords)
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Battle of the Future Buddhas - Urban Legends (2013,Schlabbaduerst Rekkords)


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Posted : Sep 24, 2013 22:52:01
Apparently the forest legends from Uppsala strike again, this time with a fresh new album. It seems these guys always hit at the least expected time. Not many expected Digging Mud to be released in 2011, and not many expected a new Battle of The Future Buddhas album release in 2013, along with couple of more upcoming Schlabbaduerst Rekkords compilations (brown,orange,pink) that not many believed we would come to see.

For those unaware of the Battle of the Future Buddhas guys, their sound has nothing to do with the modern psytrance sound or mentality (production-wise or music-wise even). Forget the over-polished productions, which of course does not imply the production is bad or careless. Quite the opposite, but expect nothing but raw,harsh sounds, well-crafted patterns and intense atmospheres. In terms of genres, it's hard to define the Battle of the Future Buddhas' (or the Schlabbaduerst Rekkords') sound. Over the years it has been goa'ish or sometimes just goa trance, dark (anyhow they are some pioneers of the early dark psychedelic trance sound), forest, technoid, even almost post-industrial psytrance (Schlabbaduerst 3 and Schlabbaduerst 7).

This album has a bit from the whole spectrum. From my perspective, there are strong resemblances to Demonoizer, Twin Sharkfins, Schlabbaduerst 3,4 and 7, and maybe a little bit from D-Dave's technoid solo album "Pleading Insanity" as well.Demonoizer's stomping dark psychedelic trance , Twin sharkfins' fuzzy psychedelic goa, Schlabb 03's & Schlabb 07's post-industrial dystopia and last but not least, Schlabb 04's (the more overlooked Schlabbadurest Rekkords compilation) hypnotic background trance are some descriptors of this music trip. Still, everything blends perfect together and the final result is something unique, with its own character. Old schlabeads will notice several familiar patterns reworked and vibes revised, with many twists and pinches of freshness and new tastes. Urban Legends is oldskool but still innovative, almost 20 years after, it's a flashback within a new trip.

This is a journey from dark to light (and not the other way round), a journey full of twisting and evolving morphologies, a set of smaller stories that flow and interact with each other to make the bigger picture.

1. AM I DEAD? (9:29)

A track that starts very harsh and dissonant, with lots of Demonoizer and Schlabbaduerst 7 vibes.
Dark, hypnotic, technoid, noisy, fuzzy and experiMental. Very powerful and immersive for an intro track. Welcome to the dungeons!


Already swimming in the dark waters, what's next? The Schlabbaduerst kind of goa. This is dark & goa'ish, elements of Twin Sharkfins can be tasted. Then familiar Demonoizer vibes get in the play as well ( probably it's mostly the kick&bass that brings this familiar Demonoizer-like feel) . Long assemblies of melodies lead us to Mr. Fantastic revised (although not intentionally according to D-Dave). This is Mr. Fantastic's twisted and deranged alter ego.

3. WE HAVE TO SEE (10:52)
4. WE HAVE TO KNOW (9:45)

WE HAVE TO KNOW is in one way the second part of WE HAVE TO SEE, as the titles imply. By the way do track titles 3 or 4 spring anything to mind? Hellraiser, Velvet Acid Christ? Darkness changed its texture a bit and now we are introduced to industrial hell'ish vibes. The vibrations here resemble Schlabbaduerst Rekkords 3 quite enough, although noticably more anthemic at parts.

5. BODYHIT (9:02)

Leaving the dungeons behind, BODYHIT sounds like dark & techy goa, sharing similiarities with the style of Toï Doï ‎– Technologic. You can definitely still sense darkness although there's not so much of the hell'ish atmosphere of the previous tracks. THis is the most danceble track so far. We are starting to fly towards the Space.


TRANSFORMATOR also sounds like dark & techy goa, and it's spacey as well but closer to Pigs in Space than Toi Doi. However as the anthem layers start to sing their story this track transforms to unique mindboggling, hazy trancedance. The beats are very stomp-inducing and bouncing, urging the body to move, but the anthemic fuzzy melodies swirl the mind in a relaxing way. Mind in silence, body in action.

We are now beginning to feel the light. AFTER DEATH resembles Twin Sharkfins quite enough. This sounds much more chilly compared to the rest of the album so far and is also a hint that our journey is close to its end.

8. IDIOTI (11:07)
Final track! IDIOTI is even more cheerful,chilly and joyful. A warm "Thank you, please com again. Bye!".

All in all this is the most polymorphic and well-crafted Battle of the Future Buddhas album. Very "mature" and oldschool yet very innovative at the same time, with awesome integration of many different ideas and modules into a concrete album. 78 minutes of pure raw harsh psychedelia and fuzzy melodic dissonance.

That's all mates. If you want to order/buy the album (is has been already released, 24/9 !) contact

(Also, you can buy all schlabb releases at Schlabbaduerst Bandcamp now as well. In the past they were only available in CD/CD-R from times to times. )
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 26, 2013 21:11
interesting! got to give it a listen           "no one ever sweats on a plug-in" -moby

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Posted : Sep 28, 2013 14:58
Samples can be found here
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 4, 2013 22:36
2. FOREVER BEFORE (9:42) is already released on 3rd Treetrollas' VA.           keep the spirit full-on !!!!1

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Posted : Nov 6, 2013 04:36
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Posted : Nov 7, 2013 20:38

On 2013-11-04 22:36, burkin wrote:
2. FOREVER BEFORE (9:42) is already released on 3rd Treetrollas' VA.

So? Bodyhit is also released on Chronicle of Mystery Records.
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Battle of the Future Buddhas - Urban Legends (2013,Schlabbaduerst Rekkords)
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