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Basic - "Theory of Hype " (Bne / yoyo)

the machismo libido
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 29, 2007 13:12
The boys from the dynamic northern Israel duo Basic are about to release their debut album, entitled Theory of Hype. With this album they are surely placing themselves on the map!

1. Wicked
2. Virtual Space
3. Source Behaviour
4. Hard Questions
5. Moon Is A God
6. In Flames
7. One Year After
8. Just Asking Remix
9. Theory Of Hype

Benny Risher and Shahar Fahima, better known as Basic, have been producing tracks together for about two years now. During that time they’ve managed to get numerous tracks released on many different compilations and now it’s time for them to put out their very own debut artist album.
It’s told that both Benny & Shahar come from similar musical backgrounds with a wide range that include classical music, reggae, rock, and even the blues. On this album you can definitely hear that. I’m mightily impressed with how they’ve been able to combine many different types of sounds and mixed them together into this mighty prog/psy unit with a quest to take over your mind and soul. Which probably signifies what the ‘Theory of Hype’ is all about!
I must say that it is a long time ago since I’ve heard such a genuine and worked on album, the level of this album is sky high. When a track like ‘Just Asking Remix’ is kicking in with an acid line that you should get a Nobel Prize for, with its screaming and roaring sound and with such a pace you can’t get anything else but goosebumps.
Other tracks to lift up a finger for is the third tune ‘Source Behaviour’ and the forth song ‘Hard Questions’. They are both solid tracks, each with different approaches. The first mentioned has a little softer kick and loads of different cool effects and a pulsating melody while the other one includes pianos, guitars, vocals and of course a fast kicking drum combined with a wicked electric guitar line.
The ending tune, entitled just ‘Theory of Hype’, summarizes what the album is all about. The tune goes through these different episodes. It starts of very smoothly with a vocal line until a bassdrum kicks in but the atmosphere still feels kind of mellow. As the tune goes by you are treated to some more melodic work which has a different kind of approach and suddenly everything stops. Smooth strings are appearing and in the background you can hear a clapping crowd. Those strings and the claping in the background are totally awesome. I think as a tune itself this song wouldn’t have so much to say but at this point in the album it rounds things off perfectly. And this fact also shows how important it is to select the tunes in the right order.

Benny and Shahar have done a great job with this album and the quote, “BASIC's music is a mix of atmospheric melodies and very strong bass lines and grooves. It will fill your mind & soul and fuel your body with maximum beats.”, couldn’t be more right. A masterpiece by Basic who I would like to give a 8.5/10 to for this album!

by Spherix - taken from
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 29, 2007 13:40

i had a lot of expectations about this release.....but i dissapointed!

its not cheesy album....these is not stupid melodies and breaks!

i just cannot connect to this album!...thats all!

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 29, 2007 18:15
I think its one of the best full on albums of this year.. ya nothing new in this one, BUT, its just WELL DONE.

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Follow your heart, not the people around you"
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Basic - "Theory of Hype " (Bne / yoyo)
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