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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Baraka, 11/02/06, Liquid Records Night, The Coven, Oxford
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Baraka, 11/02/06, Liquid Records Night, The Coven, Oxford

Jon Baraka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 13, 2006 20:55
Flyer Front

Kicking off the first party of the year, joining forces with Liquid Records, Baraka proudly presents a most fluid progression of trip-top trancey type tracks flowing smoothly from a 10k Funktion One System:

First up in the surreal Egyptian space caves will be :

Artists :

10:00 - 12:00 Brij - progression of BPM set (Baraka)
12:00 - 01:00 Liquid Ross (Liquid Records)
01:00 - 02:00 Fromem Ory - live set (Liquid Records)
02:00 - 03:00 Jeremy (Liquid Records)

VJs : ODL, Tom Bull

Also Featuring:


Free Chai Stall

Powerful Graphical Lasers.

Flying Horses

Entry = Members: 7 all night
Non-members: 7 before 11, 8 after

Membership is free! Sign up online.

More info can be found at [url][/url]

Flyer Back

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Posted : Jan 22, 2006 21:37
Can't wait to get back up to oxford, been too long away from that friendly dance-floor.

I've got a lovely warm-up set planned to bring the crowd up to speed for the liquid boys to lay down some grooves.

For those of you who don't know me already, check out my updated profile and demo mixes to be downloaded on the Baraka DJs site

Jon Baraka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 30, 2006 03:43
Fromem Ory

Producer/label DJ Alex Story has been writing trance for 4 years under the name Fromem Ory, and in the past year has really started making a name for himself, starting with a release on the first Liquid Records compilation 'Build Your Own Reactor' with melodic full-on debut 'Chameleon'.
As 2005 draws to a close, Alex looks back at a year of success. He played his first international gig in Switzerland in May, and since then has played at The Synergy Project and several nights at the Psychedelic Dream Temple in London,Planet Shroom in Bristol, the Glade Festival and others. The hard work never ceases though, as he's currently preparing several tracks for release with various labels across the world, and is looking forward to playing in Switzerland this christmas, playing the midnight slot at Trance Orient Express in Amsterdam on New Years Eve, returning to The Synergy Project to play live in february, playing at Psyproject in London and Baraka in Oxford and is also negotiating bookings at several of the UKs finest psychedelic trance nights. At the start of 2006 Alex will be relocating to London, and you can expect his debut album later in the year.
His sound is distinctively deep, melty and atmospheric, and although it has a morning/daytime feel has also been known to rock a night-time dancefloor. If the thought of mixing forest-born organic textures with energetic sonic grooves appeals to you, with a balance of clean chilled sounds and cheeky, dynamic synths, then Fromem Ory is highly worth checking out. Expect to catch him soon either playing life or DJing

Liquid Ross

Liquid Ross began DJing in 1998 at warehouse parties around South East Kent, UK playing mainly trance but soon began playing chilled grooves too. Ross began helping with the local warehouse scene, as well as hosting many Chillout Sundays. After travelling to India and South Africa Ross soon became inspired to put on outdoor psychedelic events.

In early 2000 Ross and friends formed the Liquid Connective, a party organisation and stable platform for local up and coming artists and performers to work on. Five years on Liquid has become huge with outdoor events gathering more than 4000 people and sell-out London nights, with little or no promotion!

As a DJ, Liquid Ross mainly plays full-on psytrance, but with a deep and funky touch. Being the leading A+R man for the newly established Liquid Records, you can always expect his arsenal of tunes to be some of the grooviest sounds around, and he most definitely knows how to keep the dancefloor alive! You can expect his debut compilation on Liquid Records in July 2005.

Ross has played in front of thousands for many established promoters and organisations throughout the UK including Altered States, Alchemy Records, Antiworld, Baraka, Earthdance 2002 and 2003, ID Spiral, Karma, Liquid, Symbiosis, The Synergy Project, TIP World, Tribe of Frog, and The Warp Experience to name a few. Ross has also funked the dancefloor at many major festivals such as Glastonbury Festival, The Glade Festival, Wickerman Festival, Little Green Planet and Liquid Connective! Internationally Ross has travelled to play in many countries including Finland, France, Egypt, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa and Tunisia. Ross has been a well known DJ in the UK and has shared the stage with some of the trance scenes most well respected artists including Bamboo Forest, Bio Tonic, Cosmosis, Earthling, Eat Static, Etnica, GMS, Hydrophonic, Ozric Tentacles, Prometheus, Raja Ram, Sesto Sento, S-Range, SUN Project, System 7, Tristan, and X Dream to name a few.


After being inspired by some of the groundbreaking psychedelic events from 1992, that showcased bands like the orb and Ozric Tenticles (two of whom created the legendary Eat Static , who took the word Trance to another level.) Jeremy flowed down the psychedelic river.
His inspiration and passion for Psychedelic Trance was magnified through his extensive journeys in Southern Africa.1997-2004
As South Africa was his base throughout this time he experienced Solar Eclipses in Zambia+South Africa and was involved on both artistic and production levels at many events. Rustlers valley was where he was involved most, starting with the Return To The Source-1997 summer solstice. Followed by many other festivals and parties there and throughout South Africa. Over the years organic events emerged from places like the Transkai to the epic Liquid party at Rustlers after the Eclipse 2003.
He also coordinated the chillout for the first Origin festival-Cape Town 02-03 (organized by the promoters that founded the glade festival). Which was the inspiration that became the Little Green Planet.
Jeremy co-founded Little Green Planet with Sam (aka Liquid Elf the decor co-ordinator of Liquid Connective), They went on to create a few epic and truly cosmic parties in the UK, bringing thousands of like minded cosmonauts to the wild..
As a DJ over the last 7 years he's played at various places around the world alongside some of the leading artists in the industry playing a full on tribal style of Psychedelic Trance...
As a Producer he's formulating his own style within the Trance scene that can be described as Psychedelic Forest beats for accessing other realms.(with the aid of logic)..
He's currently working on a dimentional shifting Trance project with Slackbaba ..Called DOUBLE HELIX... look out for these guy's on future releases from the label.
It's going to be a very Psychedelic journey!!!.
Jeremy is compiling the second Trance compilation titled' QUANTUM FX ' due for release in the first half of 2006.
As 1 of the 3 Directors and igniters of Liquid Records he is looking forward to seeing how the label flows through the cosmos...
AIM::::::: Trying to keep the music danceable, Psychedelic , Tribal and most importantly cosmic.....
"It's all about accessing the right frequencies"
liquid ross
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 30, 2006 13:02
looking forward to anothe stomp in me home town of Oxford,,... it been a little while ( a lil too long) since ive been to Baraka.. and it defo one of my fav nights in the country in one of the nicest vibes ... coven a great club too ... see ya all there

x           Liquid Records UK
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 31, 2006 01:52
I love the Baraka guys!!! They are so friendly and the club is defo worth a visit!!!!

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Posted : Jan 31, 2006 19:28
Gonna be there with bells on! C'mon!!!            ..::I don't advise a haircut, man. All hairdressers are in the employment of the government. Hairs are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos, and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight::..

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Posted : Feb 8, 2006 19:56
I might go... not decided yet.

Of course I will be going, as nature intended, and this means I dont have to decide myself whether I go or not, as that side of things has fully been taken care of
Jon Baraka
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 10, 2006 02:03
**News in**

Discounted entry for anyone sporting a monacle and handlebar mustache combination.

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Posted : Feb 21, 2006 17:58
This was a really good party with the full spectrum of psytrance starting out at light ambient and finishing with Jeremy's full-on nighttime antics.

The recording of my warm-up set is now available for download in the chillout forum 
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Baraka, 11/02/06, Liquid Records Night, The Coven, Oxford
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