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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - bad things happening to an artist or dj during their performance
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bad things happening to an artist or dj during their performance

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 7, 2004 08:47
so what kind of absurd scene have u seen during a party. i just thought of this topic cause i was just listening to lish-electric and made me rewind back to like 2years ago, when he was being booed by people that couldnt realize what progressive music was about. they were telling lish to lift things up and i belive someone threw a water bottle at him?.... poor lish
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 7, 2004 11:57
maybe lets turn it into 'good things that happened' ?

talking about bad things is not on my menu for today.           Crackling universes dive into their own neverending crackle...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 7, 2004 18:25
Taku, sometime ago I was at a party and the DJ was playing wonderful Noma's "No More" and all of a sudden in the peak of this etheral track he bumped in the CDJ and the music stopped, bringing everybody down to Earth. The strangeness was that, me for instance, was close to Mars and all of a sudden back to old Nagano. lol. But no one booed him, just stared and gave him that "start it again, please" look. And to everybody's delight we could dance to it again from 0 second.
It must be very sad to hear a trance crowd booeing a DJ. After all we are all human beings doing mistakes both down in the dance floor and in the DJ booth.

peace and love.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2004 05:02

On 2004-05-07 11:57, Trip- wrote:
maybe lets turn it into 'good things that happened' ?

talking about bad things is not on my menu for today.

true, this topic sounds very negative.i should have named it different.hehe just wanted to hear some stories... oh well

goa ganges, the same thing happened to one of my friend who was djing at a party when some fool who was checking his skills had pressed stop.
anyways, if anyone can share stories that was out of your sight it would be interesting. not just bad things happening to a dj.... cheers
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 8, 2004 06:14
I once saw Simon Posford playing a small party in Osaka , Japan (Bayside Jenny)..maybe 150 people and no security or regulations ....and there was one japanese guy who was just flipped from too much acid..and the crazy tracks were just too provoking to his mind. He kept trying to touch simons equiptment and shake up the controls on the console...and simon was just trying to firmly wave him off..and gave him an anrgy stare....but noone would help. It was scary cause I understood the poor guy was losing it...the music was VERRRY TWISTED..but eveyone was too high to do something about it (japanese people are very polite)...and it was just really erie...everyone just used their MIND POWER to make the guy stop and get off the stage......waving him to come back down...and eventually he did..and it was a was really tense and unsettling for everyone to watch....
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 8, 2004 10:53
@ BrettFromTibet: ur story make me cry

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 8, 2004 10:55
about 3 months ago i was playing at some party and someone from the audience came up to me, made a "your're insane" gesture with his hand and poured beer all over the mixer... needless to say the mixer blew up its fuses and started to smoke right then and there.. the music stopped.... 2 tracks before the end of the set.

lucky for us we had another mixer ready to go, or it would have been curtains for that party.           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 8, 2004 11:46
I was at a big festival in the dessert of Morocco (Morocco 2001 Gathering). Star Sounds Orchestra was playing, when suddenly a French guy flipped out, jumped up on stage and started hitting the instruments with his hands (his hands must have been really hurt). Then he started shouting loud to the crowd in French. I don't understand French language, so if anybody else heard it, please tell me what he said. I heard a rumour that it was something political. The security started fighting with him (on stage), and he came back a couple of times before he disappeared...

It was a strange night with several people having bad trips. In the middle of he night, it was really cold, and a swedish girl ripped her clothes off, while crying and screaming, laying in the sand in the middle of the dance floor. She had a really BAD night. The rest of the party was nice:)

Getting a little off topic here, but I was attacked by some guys from Israel once because I was wearing a t-shirt from Turkey with Arabic letters on... They screamed to me; "We hate the arabs!"

This happened at Samothraki...

My answer: "Calm down, can't we all just be friends! We are at a trance party! I'm not an Arab either."

Well, that was just some of my weeeird experiences:)

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 10, 2004 22:05
I think the worst was driving 12 hours to a festival to play only to find the organizer drinking a beer, riding a dune buggy all over the place, and the stages were not even setup on the friday evening... the campground for this festival was in a sunken area down from the main dancefloor but it had rained heavily two nights ago and the place was flooded and swampy, so everyone was setting up tents in the middle of the dancefloor (they didn't know since there was no music). The party didnt get going til like 4am saturday morning and the whole line-up was pushed back like 9 hours. My morning-time Goa set ended up being played in the late afternoon heat while everyone was sleeping in their tents right on the dancefloor, on equipment that barely functioned. Then we didn't get paid. All in all, a $600 weekend that made me think twice about accepting just any old gig. I tell you, one of the "stages" at this event was a fold-out table with two decks and a mixer, ONE speaker, and a single blue flood light. That was all. Our group made our own fun of the time we had out there, but still, it was an expensive trip and for no purpose.

Most of the other problems I've ever had were due to audience members getting really high and thinking they are the sound technician... maybe I need a water pistol for outdoor parties - it works on my cat, to get him to slag off when required.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 10, 2004 22:58
I had a rather bad experience last weekend.

I was about 30 minutes into my set, and was halfway through one of my all-time favorite tracks - Cosma - "Out of Range" (Son Kite Remix) when the power suddenly cutout. Generator problems. Crap! After about 5 minutes, it came back on. Fortunately the people on the dancefloor stuck around and were ready to jam again.

So, I start the song again - then halfway through it, the police showed up at the decks and made us turn the sound off. Dammit! They were cool and let everybody stay at the location, but we couldn't have any amplified music for the rest of the night.

Sometimes it's just not meant to work out...
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 11, 2004 12:24
this is probably off topic but please keep this thread alive i really enjoyed readin these wierd stuff which actually happened cos i have never experienced any           New mixes on

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