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Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Back to Goa - exclusive mix from Goa based 'Twisted Kala'
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Back to Goa - exclusive mix from Goa based 'Twisted Kala'

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 20, 2010 16:01:26
Another dark and twisted guest mix this month from French born psychedelic DJ 'Twisted Kala'. Kala is currently based in Goa India and plays in psychedelic parties across the Indian subcontinent, as well as in her native country of France.

Kala headlined at the pinnacle of the Goa party season this year, playing Shiva Valley on new years eve and blew away pretty much everyone in attendence, myself included The old Goa spirit was definately awakened that night!

Please enjoy her guest mix, produced exclusively for the show:

Track list:

2-SYNTAX ERROR 'the grapes of wrath'.
3-INNERSOUND 'jetlag'.
4-FLIPKNOT 'tritone'.
5-BRAIN WAVES 'sprectal paranoia'.
6-KINDZADZA 'sinim bomber'.
7-PARANOIZE 'in the lab'.
8-TWISTED KALA 'new generation'.
9-CLAW 'fantaze'.
10-STRANGERS 'storm troopers'.
12-JELLY vs ORESTIS 'el nino'.
13- SILENT HORROR 'distorted'.
14-ZIK 'qe pedo qe maniaco'.
15-POLYPHONIA 'distorted reality'.

Download or stream the show here:

Artist's own bio:

'TWISTED KALA is karine petiau, born in france, live today in goa, india. Teneegers already she started to be addict of music and dancefloor.....She started to listen psycho and punk sounds, did some spiral tribes parties experiences..... She learned 10 years piano and classical theory at conservatory of Montpellier in France. She loves feel the waves sounds into her body..... Dancing, listening active meditation...there you find awareness of your connexion with the univers, expande mind with better feeling and understanding of cosmic energy....cosmic flow..... Be a circle, which has no centre, but a circumference, without any limits!!!!! Then after some strongs experiences on transe music she decides to start her own composition....she worked 1 year on frutty loops, 4 years on cubase. Today she is dijing in India and in France.....Starts to play in her set some of hers own tracks........ She has a deep twisted night style..... For booking contact:'

About Back To Goa:

Back To Goa is a free podcast celebrating the psy and goa trance music scene in all its forms. Running for close to two years now, the show has grown a respectful following of over 2000 listeners per month, in no small part to the contributions of guest DJs from around the world who submit their mixes to the show each month.

If you have a psychedelic mix you'd like to share please get in touch via the website:, or contact Back To Goa's editor Aurora via email:

Peace, Aurora
Trance Forum  Forum  Japan - Back to Goa - exclusive mix from Goa based 'Twisted Kala'
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