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Audiodevlish & Dancing Dragon presents THE SNAKE DANCE

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 17, 2009 20:11:26
22h / 28.08.2009 / Stara Tovarna Rog / Ljubljana / SI

:::::::THE SNAKE DANCE:::::::

guest artist info:
Tâmirís is Nilza Gomes. Born in Portugal, her first approach to psychedelic/goa trance was in 1998, when she started to go to Good Mood parties in her country. As a DJ she started to play Chill Out music in 2002. As a member of Spectral Records ( she played Chill Out in several countries such as Belgium (Rakti Dei Festival 2004), Morocco (Rhythms of Peace Festival 2005), Brazil, Spain and Italy. In the end of 2005 she started to play psychedelic trance at parties in Portugal until August 2006 when she was the first djane to play in Costa Rica. Since then Tâmirís has played several times in Spain (Existence Festival 2006, Spectral Party 2008), Greece (Girls Generation v.I – Athens), Italy (Time Distortion - Torino), France (Magnetika Agency Party – Paris and Arcadia Festival), Mexico (Blue Dreams - Monterrey and Telepathic Sounds - Torreon), besides her own country. In the beginning of 2007 she released her first psychedelic trance track, with Menog, on Flamencomania compilation from Nutek Records. In the end of 2007 she’s became the new DJ of TimeCode Records from South Africa ( In her sets she likes to play music from several labels as Spectral, TimeCode, Nexus Media, 3DVision, Yabai, between others. Her favourite artists are: Menog, Phyx, Pitch Hickers, Brethren, Lost&Found, Audialize, Tickets, Shift, Twisted System, Tryambaka, Khopat, Artifakt, Multistate, Azax Syndrom, Abomination and Absolum. She also has a project called Tamigani with djane Ganeisha, also from Portugal. Together they have a Female Artists Agency called Magnetika where they promote artists - DJ’s from all kinds of electronic music, VJ’s, Decorators, and Graphic Designers ( Now she is preparing herself to go once again to Costa Rica in March after playing in South Africa in February.


DJane TâMíRIS (Spectral Rec./Timecode Rec./Magnetika Agency) / Portugal[/color]
TYMA Psykopter (Dancing Dragon)
CUiCH (Audiodevlish,Psydezero)
NAVEEN (Audiodevlish,



Stara Tovarna Rog, Koncertna Dvorana
Trubarjeva cesta 72

gOOgle map >>,+Ljubljana,+Trubarjeva+72+&sll=46.082757,14.506073&sspn=0.864907,1.766052&ie=UTF8&ll=46.052625,14.514849&spn=0.007133,0.013797&z=16&iwloc=A],+Ljubljana,+Trubarjeva+72+&sll=46.082757,14.506073&sspn=0.864907,1.766052&ie=UTF8&ll=46.052625,14.514849&spn=0.007133,0.013797&z=16&iwloc=A

flyerz @ www:

Entry fee:
22.00h-00.00h = 5 Eur
00.00h-07.00h = 7 Eur
with flyer 5e anytime

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Trance Forum » » Forum  Balkans - Audiodevlish & Dancing Dragon presents THE SNAKE DANCE
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