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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination (Avatar Records)
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Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination (Avatar Records)


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Posted : Sep 2, 2007 21:27
One of Russia's rising names, Astropilot is now ready with his first album FOTI to be released on Avatar in September. The album also includes the tracks Sansara, Arambol and a remix of Life Lines.
His music i always innovative and does the right thing for my taste. . . .
From uplifting to downbeat psychilling music to ethno oriented vocal singing music, has prooven himself to be a real master of he does and likes. . . . That does the real thing.
Up tempo and spiritual beats at its best.
Be prepared for this one!!!

AstroPilot comes from Siberia, Russia. Behind this name is the young and extremely talented Dmitry Red'ko.
Dmitry has completed education in the Siberian Institute of Communication and Information this summer 2007.
For the past 7 years he has been experimenting with music and sounds. His fabulous music is the direct outcome of not only his gifted talent, but also his true passion to the music and a lot of hard work in the studio. AstroPilot is a dominator in his field and is becoming a brand name. His music is a reflection, and combines the culture, sights and sounds form his homeland.
AstroPilot manages to generate a considerable buzz in Russia and is constantly grabbing attention from multiple directions... When listening to his music, it is sometimes hard to believe that behind these mature sounds is no other than a 22 year old lad... who is gifted with this rare ability to express his visions through his music.
Dmitry is a skillful and has a charismatic personality. He has been listening to The Future Sound of London and The Orb as a little boy and has been inspired by the writer Vasily Golovachev and alike...
AstroPilot is the prince of atmosphere, a pro in his field. His music sweeps the listener away into a world of imagination and hypnotizes with it's ethnic spices, rhythms and samples - and this is his very intention, he declares...
AstroPilot has played Shamanium in April 2005. Sun-Trance, the first Psy-trance open air party in Novosibirsk in May 2005. 3D party in May 2005. 4D Party in June and the biggest of them all - Sunvibes 05 that took place in 22-25 July 2005. Lately he has been invited to perform in the Sayan Ring ethno national festival that will take place this summer in Krasnoyarsk. In 2006-2007 he performed more in local events, includes 2 biggest ones - Kazantip Pre-Party@Boomerang (Nsk, Russia) and Sunvibes 06@Mountain Altai. His aim is to bring psychedelic chillout culture and ideas into the Novosibirsk nightlife.
He is always looking for something new for his performances, in beginning it was more downtempo psychedelic trip and now his sets and performances are more dance able
includes more ethno and modern rhythms parts, and when he plays chillout moves to dance floor, therefore sometimes AstroPilot plays in main floor!
Now Dmitry is not only a musician, he is A&R of new web-based label NCM, and he looks for interesting artists and collect chillout/downtempo music for upcoming compilation of NCM....

At the moment AstroPilot finished work on his world debut album that will be released later this year on Avatar.

Listen to his music - One thing is for sure- this pilot is trusty...!

Track list:
2. Arimoya
4. Hello Tomorrow
5. Enigmatic Hieroglyph
6. Life Lines RMX
7. Love Each Day
8. Touch of Heaven
9. Siberian Spring (feat. FPRF)

Cd image:

More info on: (two tracks can be heard on his myspace profile)

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Posted : Sep 2, 2007 22:55
looking fovard 4 this one,all the best with your debut Astropilot..and good luck Avatar!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Sep 3, 2007 12:02
if it is released on avatar then it seems it will have quality
all the best           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2007 22:44
interesting sound from astropilot
cant wait to hear it
avatar rulez

good luck to astropilot and avatar rec           Hallucinated Neighbour / Silent Existence

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Posted : Sep 16, 2007 19:49
With one more track added:
1.Arimoya (115 bpm)7:25

2.Sansara (110 bpm) 7:32

3.Arambol (90 bpm) 5:52

4.Enigmatic Hieroglyph (120 bpm) 7:18

5.Hello Tomorrow (115 pm) 7:13

6.Green Eyes Mystery (110 bpm ambience) 3:45

7.Life Lines Rmx (132 bpm) 9:48

8.Touch of Heaven (118 bpm) 7:43

9.Love Each Day (120 bpm) 8:24

10.Siberian Spring (feat. FPRFproject)(100 bpm) 9:05
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Nov 6, 2007 15:51

released           ...
Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Astropilot - Fruits Of The Imagination (Avatar Records)
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