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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Are Dj's/Musicians Ego representatives or Psychedelic healers?
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Are Dj's/Musicians Ego representatives or Psychedelic healers?


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Posted : Dec 13, 2007 20:17
I think there are both, but what are your thoughts.

Let's keep it positive, no personal attacks staying who's an ego representative, let's just discuss which are the attitudes that could generate power vibrations of.

Light and Energy!
Light and Compassion!
Light and Love!
Light and Strenght!
Light and Wisdom!
Light and Unity!

and attitudes that can generate

Ego and Energy drain
Ego and Selfishness
Ego and Hate
Ego and Weakness
Ego and Ignorance
Ego and Divisions

Do you believe the dj could be an antenna that is sending his thoughts and vibes to the listeners? yes? no? why?

Do you believe that music can be charged with energies? could this energies be used to generate good or bad emotions, thoughts? yes? no? why?

Now do some self criticism, but keep it to yourself, it's for you and it's your treasure.

What kind of dj/musician are you?

Are you a representative of the Ego?

Or are you a warrior from the Soul?

why?          Peace, Love, Light and Harmony

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Posted : Dec 13, 2007 20:34
Great thread!

I believe music is much more powerful than we realize most of the time. I think it in some way has a soul, some kind of counsciosness behind it all. I really believe that all music is energetically charged, and can send you in different directions, wich would most definetively change your "ego" point of view.

As an enlightened soul, with a passive connection to the ego's energies, the person would rather observe it all without judgement, instead of getting emotionally touched.

I believe dj's and artists to be shamans. Please take this job very seriously. You have a responsibility when leading a whole dancefloor of (maybe even tripping) souls....

Aida Noridania

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Posted : Dec 14, 2007 01:44
most likely knowing how i react i would surely qualify as a warrior of the soul as that's the main intent when i compose and play, however i am human thus not perfect

mainly i got a bit of ego issues struggling when i got overloaded with lots of positive feedback then i got the "flying on a cloud" symptom, however i do my best to stay "feet on the ground" and never will act as a God or as a star as how i see it is like offering a journey to the listeners in order to do so it is not me offering that from my "throne" but it's a two way flow...

i do believe artists are shamans indeed

they share they offer healing through sound they offer magick it's a gift

i also never will set any rule neither like "don't play a track twice" i can do that if the situation asks for the track to come up again it's also why i sometimes just "soundmatch" sometimes beatmatch...

also when i play a song i composed during a hard time then i don't hide my emotions neither, i am sure people see that and that counts as well: as artist i am mainly a human being with human emotions

i neither am affraid to play tracks that could be labeled as "too personal" if the situation gives me the the idea to play such a track, i play it, period

the best story of how i act is this one:

in Lithuania on yaga it was my first time i played international and there i played the first song i ever did compose now 13 years ago though it is primitive and though it is very personal i didn't hesitate to share how this dream all started with

i was there crying as even for me that was an event beyond explenation i only could think "yea back then i had the dream now i am doing it in real, amazing!" and someone asked me what i was playing and i explained him this story...

i know that when i play i play for the people, but that as i play for the people i also tell "my" story as a human being

the biggest self criticism is

i am not always as egoless as when i play but i do my best and aspire to do better to offer a better journey each time, to share the stories each time

i am aware they are personal too and am aware that this is also easy for the ego to slip in

but the day that i will play there emotionless and with the feel of "what am i doing now" that it will be bad

i can play and stand doubting myself and i will then show that, i will play and perhaps feel sad due to a specific story of my life tied to the track and i will show that i will watch the people, surround and feel that as good as i can and will act on that

sometimes self doubt will make that flow to hiccup and i'm aware of that and then try to battle it away inside of me and i will show that as well

when i am happy like the 1 st September when there were people dancing on my tracks i was happy as well and did show that by dancing at the console whilest still playing

and on eargasm when i played an old track where you hear me cough (was a live recording and had a cold) a few people bursted out in laughter but i did too as it was just funny to show this imperfection as i will show that as well

but gonna stop rambling now

basicly it comes to this i have the hope that people enjoy the music but never will i force them into something however i got "my" style and you like it or don't, i don't gonna change that but that's imho counting for every artist that takes his art seriously...           no situation is stronger then a heart that dares to love
so may the force of life light and love be with you
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 14, 2007 02:46
Imagine dancing in communal ecstasy with the planet -- a global dance party, where everyone is aware of being together, as one... a massive gathering of like-minded people from all over the world, united with the intention of altering our destiny...

As the base level, raves are very comparable to American Indian religious ceremonies, i.e. pow-wows, and also to the concept of the Shaman in Eskimo and Siberian society - where music is the key towards pulling oneself into a unique emotional and psychological state, a state in which one experiences washes of sensations and visions, not delusions, but visions.

The Rave is an energy event, where amplified music and flashing lights like strobes and lasers, combine to create a field of resonance in which the dancers move.
This energy event is part of the greater energy field of society; what happens at raves affects society as a whole, even those who are not at the rave.

The individuals who participate in the rave bring back their changes in outlook and experience to everyday life, and this alone has a ripple effect on the social fabric.

So a positive, life-affirming and life-changing experience at a Rave has a positive effect on society as a whole, on people's ways of seeing, techniques of coping with life and of mechanisms for interacting with one another. This postive experience or positive vibrations are a direct result of the artist/DJ's effort and dedication. The DJ must *know* their music, know where the breaks are, know the keys, know the BPM's, to make his/her set come out as perfect as possible.

Some would even argue that a Rave event ripples through the information field of the universe itself, affecting the morphic field which constitutes our collective Mind. According to this perspective Mind is a collective phenomenon which is the shared resource of all living beings. (FYI, Morphic fields are "potential organizing patterns of influence" which, while they are localized to the particular systems which they organize, are not constrained by space or time -- i.e. they operate trans-temporally and trans-spatially, hence giving rise to phenomena such as telepathy.)

Get geared for the Eschaton Party
Raves are like Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZs) - separate, selfgoverning events that take place between the cracks of society's fabric.

Im not a DJ or an artist, but a person who respects psychedelic culture and music above anything else.

Goa Gill, the godfather of psytrance (IMHO). I share with you 5 of his Mahashivaratri sets. This was played live in Goa on 13-03-2002 :

Now, this is how a psy DJ/artist should play! The sets are exploding with energy every goddam second of it and the vibes are unique. This is what makes a good psy DJ IMHO.
          Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe
Sugandhim Pushti - vardhanam|
Urva - rukamiva Bandhanan
Mrytor - muksheeya ma - amritaat||

Started Topics :  111
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Posted : Dec 14, 2007 03:01
I feel the joy in the air 
Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Are Dj's/Musicians Ego representatives or Psychedelic healers?
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