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Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - April 7th: NYC: 28thday presents Blue Spectral Monkey + Equisol @ Cosm
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April 7th: NYC: 28thday presents Blue Spectral Monkey + Equisol @ Cosm

IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Apr 2, 2007 06:33
Saturday April 7, 2007

28thday invites you back to our favorite and only stronghold of groovularity in the heart of Manhattan's clubland... following the success of last month's party with DJ Pena, we're continuing our residency this coming weekend -- now with three sound systems!

In CoSMosis:

One of the most versatile psyslingers on the east coast, Monkey navigates with ease a wide spectrum of psy. In addition to his prominent place in one of the region's strongest crews, Monkey is also an Interchill-anointed chillmaster and one half of the new live psy project Medimonks. At this gathering Monkey will share a careful selection of prime cuts from his full-on collection, including some original Medimonks material!

CORAL (TOUCH Samadhi, NYC) v LAURYN (Peak Records | 28thday, NYC)

HUGH SHARPE (28thday, NYC)

Visionary projections by SPOT (Spotworks, NYC) | |
Spot is the creator of the mindbending AI phenomenon Electric Sheep. Spot's visuals are the product of thousands of PCs all over the world working together through distributed processing, collectively creating the patterns from which Spot builds his super high-resolution show. Contrary to Hollywood's evocations of a dystopian future in which AI networks plan the destruction of mankind, Spot's work enables those already in existence to send a message that peaceful co-existence is possible. In his own words, “Electric Sheep is a gift from the machine elves to us: a gift of Beauty.”

Deco by Zoob! (BSM & Doodlebug)

In the progway:

EQUISOL (Psybooty Records, CT) - Ableton Live Set
Steve Equisol is one half of D-Space, whose mastery of sonic manipulation has made them a mainstay of many past 28thday events. Now Steve returns to NYC to share with us an Ableton set comprised of his solo work, D-Space material, and select cuts from his very, very thick CD book.

EARTHIAN (Omnitribe, NYC)

MAYUR (Spectra, NYC)


Visuals by Alchemism (28thday)
Decor by Pharmamagus (28thday)

And in MicroCoSM:

This weekend marks the opening of Foto Phrontiers, an exhibit featuring work from none other then the infamous Eli Morgan! When not standing at the door telling you yes, you have to pay the cover, Eli uses a camera to capture images of the world as he sees it. His delving into the psychedelic consciousness has left him with a deep desire to "search for a forgotten truth." At this exhibit he shares the walls of MicroCoSM with six other outstanding photographers: Nancy Burson, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Zena Grey, Dean Chamberlain, Dercik Ion and Andrew Zuckerman.

Sonic soundscapes in MicroCoSM provided by:

PEDRO (Reality Engine | Interchill Records | CoSM , NYC) | - Ableton Live Set

Originally from Brazil, Pedro plays and produces free style tribal grooves. His wide ranging musical sensibility gives him the ability to create the right atmosphere for a pleasant and deep experience in any setting. After many events in his native country and 3 years of gigs in the US, Pedro has established himself as one of the most influential downtempo artists in the scene today, a position that has earned him his right to the many hats he wears: he currently serves as resident DJ and events coordinator at CoSM, as a label DJ for premier downtempo label Interchill Records, and is a key element of the audio-visual company Reality Engine.

KIFE (Omnitribe, NYC)

USTAS (Omnitribe, NYC)

Sound by 28thday

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
11PM - 5AM $15
542 West 27 Street, 4th Floor

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Posted : Apr 2, 2007 07:31
NYC in full action , keeping the family in check and in touch .
I know this will be a sweet event for everyone and the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors .
Blue Spectral Monkey always comes through with a fine selection of brain twisting slop thumper's and some New fresh tracks from the delirious duo MediMonkz !!!
To everyone , may you stomp in peace .

StompStomp to the BoomBoom,
Medisin            **Feel the breeze upon your soul **
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Posted : Apr 4, 2007 05:05
it would def be great fun to join everybody at cosm for a good bash:-DD

fresh nu mixes at           -------
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Apr 5, 2007 16:50
We just bought new spandex... expect a completely different look to CoSMosis this saturday!

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Posted : Apr 5, 2007 22:22
I hope you are using that spandex for deco and not for 28th day crew matching shorts....
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Apr 5, 2007 23:20
I admit nothing.
Divine Balance Records
Divine Balance Records

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Posted : Apr 6, 2007 06:41
best of luck on this one...cannot imagine what tricks monkeys got up his sleeeeeve..
          "Creating union with self through psychoacoustic technology; harmony of body, mind, SOUL!"
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Apr 6, 2007 07:36
I just got back from the opening of the show at microcosm, and damn... those are some interesting pieces. Seriously. Think photography meets remix artist.

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Posted : Apr 7, 2007 22:16
bump 4 2nite

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Posted : Apr 13, 2007 16:33
such a nice little party!
Good turnout too, considering how short notice it was.
Go 28thDay!!

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Posted : Apr 13, 2007 17:31
a little late but here r some pics:
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 15, 2007 06:16
thanks for the pics!
a great time up at cosm and nyc in general
thanks go out to 28th day crew who go over the top in setting up a solid party in an incredible space. seriously, top notch party organizers and friends, <sheds a tear>

the pics show that the place was full of smiles and people bouncing about. great energy all night. coral and lauryn ripped thier tag team and set me up huge! i tried out some of our new live tracks at first but realize they needed some more dialing, thanks for the feedback everyone! always good to hear some honest opinions! we are hard at work and i cant wait to play the tracks again in the city someday after they are tweaked. to see my friends and tons of just energetic people dancing hard to my favorite sounds is a dream come true. next time we will stay longer. what a crazy city.

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