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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Anyone into Turkish Trance.
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Anyone into Turkish Trance.

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Posted : Nov 1, 2001 15:03:54
Hey all...
I'm here in Istanbul.... Turkey, apperantly no-one plays here psytrance, only "Ibiza-Music" ... DJ Hasan is the king here and you can hear his quality mixing skillz in some nice clubs (much better than the ones in israel *cough* TLV *cough*) even though all that show is very impressive, I just cant stand anything BUT trance.
I miss Israel, and since I'm working now here, and living here, I just want to send you all my best wishes... I'll visit from time to time (I have a frequent flyer, hehehe , SHOWOFF)
Oh.. by the way, did you know that the turkish weed SUCKS ASS??? and did you know you need about 5 glasses of johnny walker to feel a bit of satla from that grass?!?
        Yesterday night was a hard night, after 10 hours of work I just wanted to get high, so what I did is rolled myself a joint and smoked it... it was the same weed I've smoked the night before without feeling a thing (and I NEVER EVER need an "amount" of drugs to feel - not more than shpitz, not more than 2 heads / 1 joint!) so...
as I was saying... I smoked the spliff, and 10 mins later I still didn't feel a thing...
so.. I started drinking, a glass after a glass, and then it began, I felt the GRASS influencing me, I started laughing like a nutcase and my eyes became red.


I know.. I know... well.. I'm bored at work so I'm writing all I can think of.. hmmm.. I am working in a Textile company as a Network Admin / Webmaster / IT Consultant and I get all the luxuries in the world (For now) , no, the muslims aren't killing me (yet!) and turkey is a bit more developed than Israel (and cheaper) I get to work with X-Models who wanted to do more than modeling so they went to study fashion designing and shit.. and they are hot.

*** Simon WHO?!
That's what they'll tell you if you'll go to a music store in the biggest mall in Istanbul and ask for an Halluciongen / Astral projection / Infected /etc .. CD... so,  I hate this country only for that fact.

If you're in Istanbul for some reason, just message me, I can fix everything (including a home, philipean maids, luxury, full fridge, driver + pegeot 607)

I'm going to Manchester for a week in 11 - 17 november - if anyone knows about PSY-TRANCE parties at those dates in England, PLEASE notify me about it since there is nothing like going to an english psy-club after a day's work .


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Posted : Nov 1, 2001 16:10:47
Turkish weed may suck but Turkish solid is a whole different experience. just dont find your self in the Midnight Express.

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Posted : Nov 2, 2001 13:25:07
man,u fuckin smart,man.
Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Anyone into Turkish Trance.
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