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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Any one was at Yaar Megido??
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Any one was at Yaar Megido??


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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 13:58
First time prodaction... forgot their name..


Crying Orc
Guinea Pigs
Energy Loop

and more...

anyway it was super fun their!! realy great Acid Vibes all over the place and a lot`s of pinukim by the organizers. low prices Bar,
good sound system and most important Beautiful smileing faces digging all over the place

I saw a lot and i mean a lot of friends their.. if anyone have some pic`s it will be lovely

realy big thanx to the pro. Kobi, Micha and everyone involved.

Boom and Shavua Toast V2


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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 14:16

great party with all the nice people
and yeah what about some pics ??

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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 15:31
had a great great time... saw lots of good freainds lots of good ppl smileing and digging..

loved all the music that played there (DARK)

*the ppl... u could see that the organizers didnt thought only about the money and didnt invite ppl that shouldnt be..

*killer killer set by orca.. loved every track my legs r steel broken from the digs

all in all had a lot of fun can wait for the pics 10x mescalito keep it that way !!

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Posted : Oct 7, 2007 16:18

On 2007-10-07 13:58, Adrenochrum wrote:
First time prodaction... forgot their name..

Mescalito Clan
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 11:15
ammm it sounds like it was a good party.
sweet location. i am very familyer with this place.
i hope i'll find my way to get the info next time. (hint hint to the pro)
psyco micro

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 18:24
it was great party the location was very good deep in the forest:) nice pepole the sound was 1 turbo that defenetly did the job.
the music was very powerfull the best set in this party for me is guinea pigs wwooww keep on rocking brothers!!!thx to micha and the rest of mescalito for making this nice frendly party boom on you!
Flip-Flop Pro.

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 18:30
mescalito clan good for u!!

very nice and good dark vibes all along...
good line up and good ppl...

good luck next time!

adir . flip-flop crew
Energy Loop

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 19:50
was a killa party
i enjoy'd playing there , allwase nice in the north
the sound system was verry good and the cactus plants on the deck was funny and fun to look at.
i have some VID's in my MYSPACE profile from this party.
enjoy           "fuck money..."
Mescalito clan

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 21:44
Thanks to all the beautiful ppl and the smiling faces who joined us on that magical event in the dark and secret corner of megido forest (keep it underground ).
See you on our next acid fiesta soon .
Find us for the details.

Mescalito clan

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 22:38
some pictures

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Posted : Oct 8, 2007 23:31
its good to hear it was good.
i wish icould b there.
good job guys, love u , david.           Poooky - - thrashpop psy.

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Posted : Oct 9, 2007 01:50
hehe here i am

(The left one)
Finger Print

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Posted : Oct 9, 2007 22:04
Ye it was a nice friends party inside the deep forest, a very good location to
make small parties.
nice to come back after long time not being in israel(india,Thailand)and to see that
the parties are still on full power.
keep it going mescalito ppl.

Keep It PsCheDeLiC

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Posted : Oct 13, 2007 13:59
Nice u see u all enjoy
i just opend topic at Party Galleries

see u all soon
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Any one was at Yaar Megido??
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