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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 16:11
Alchemy Records are going digital with our own MP3 store hosted by our affiliate TRACKITDOWN.NET. Soon to be linked into our own online shop - the store has high quality MP3's at 320kps and has samples available online as previews before purchase.

Support the psytrance scene by purchasing authentic Alchemy Releases online at this link

INFO from is your home for dance music on the net, offering the very best in music downloads and editorial features on the biggest names in dance.

The music files offered for download are 320kbpsMP3 format providing great quality and flexibility. 320kbps files are marked '[320kbps]' after the title.

Many of the site features are available to unregistered users, however, to purchase tracks and take part in our message boards you will need to register.

Finding and downloading the music you want couldnt be easier, if you are unsure of how to use our system please read the following instructions and F.A.Qs.

If are unable to resolve your problem by using the following information, please email
Twisted Juggler
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 25, 2005 01:12
one can buy and trade it with others
not the best idea baba
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  42
Posts :  102
Posted : Aug 25, 2005 17:31
Hi Twisted

I think that MP3 or compressed format audio is the future (and is already the present) of music distribution. People have been copying music ever since the days of casette tape and I used to be a strong opposer of MP3 format trading but now understand that you can't stop it from happening.

In fact from a label's perspective although it may reduce CD sales by a percentage, MP3's now travel far further around the globe in a few minutes and a lot faster than your local CD reseller. We know that albums like Rinkadink's Pirate Signal and new compilations like Interphase are literally online on peer to peer networks within a few days after distributors get hold of promo copies. It is inevitable that faster internet connections mean faster piracy of music. There are now more people who have heard of Alchemy Records than ever before and in fact people who have never bought a CD are coming to support the live events at clubs and outdoor parties to see the musicians live.

The fact that more people have our music on their computers, iPODs or other media players means that more people will come to know who we are in a shorter period of time.

So MP3 trading can in fact act in a positive way for promotion of the record label and the recording artist.

At the end of the day not everyone is an internet trading music pirate. I have faith that there are still music lovers out there that appreciate holding a real copy of the CD in their hand.


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Posted : Aug 25, 2005 20:25
Error Corrective

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Posted : Aug 26, 2005 19:44
congratulations on the site!
whether or not digital music will entriely replace the physical medium of CDs im not so sure as like Spencer has said the whole shopping experience will still appeal to many....though i suppose we will know when the street stores start closing but of course, for many specialist music stores this is already happening.
i agree, dont be discouraged by buying music over the net just because you could get hold of it otherwise with a P2P, its like saying you wont pay for goods in a street shop because you could run out with them under your jacket....
the future could well be with mobile phones...give the technology a few years to develop and we could be seeing a complete portable entertainment/communication system where CD quality audio can be downloaded in the same time as MP3s take today as part of a whole package that includes movie clips, promotional material, artist biogs..etc this is by no means wishful thinking - it is happening today, most notably with youngsters who will grow with this technology.
most importantly lets also not forget that cutting out physical distribution and retail costs means more for the label and the artist! waahey!

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