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after in savion


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Posted : Jun 22, 2003 02:53
how was the party?,damm i had to work and i cam in 00:30 but evreybody was gone...,so i had a beed insted...
Arie Molecular

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Posted : Jun 22, 2003 03:05
was nice.
they made the party in a Vila with a pool in Savyon.
when i was there it was nice 200ppl in the place, guy Kenneth was playin' an exellent set.
i had a good time while i was there.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 22, 2003 06:00
very nice after party....
I was there till midnight. very good crowd, only beautiful ppl...I think around 500 ppl, maybe even more. the place looked ok, not much of a deco or anything like that.
Guy Kenneth playd a great set, mostly progressive stuff.
Gabe (Wrecked Machines) was next. great set IMO !! loved almost every second of it...
was great meeting you Gabe...keep up the great work !!!
Mikky & Koby (Psychotic Micro) were up next...and again they came through with some real powerfull tunes...the crowd went nuts at this point...
all in all, great party with great quality crowd, good vibes and massive line up...
to Eyal & Ronen - boom boom!! keep it up...
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Posted : Jun 22, 2003 14:07
indeed very nice after...
got there at 18:00 pm there were 150 people
most of them on the chai shop.
but after that the party start kicking untiil psyco micro start their set and people went crazy.
very nice friendly crowed.
poor deco...(only some uv lights and colourful sheets).
music-wrecked machines played good progressive stuff and psyco micro gave thier regular pumping scratchy sound.

pity that the party ended on 24:00 because of the police.
p.s- people why u didn't swim...
it was so fun chilling in the pool!
2 thmbs up for the orgenizers.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 22, 2003 18:08
a GOOD after !!!
i got there at 18:30and like pedro sed all the ppl where in the chai shop
at 19:40 or something like that the "pig's" came for a small look at the party .
after that the sound wasn't in the MAX becuse of them
Guy Kenneth give great set but i don't like this kind of music after him came the brazilan guy i don't know what is name but is music was great!!!
and what can i say for psychotic micro
they give so powerfull set that the ppl sed to them that they r killin them
oh my god what a set!!!
the party was antill 24:00 becuse of the police or else what i can't anderstend how the organizers let the ppl in the party go like that home !! in 24:00

overall a good after party           The external world became changed as in a dream. and colors became more glowing.When the eyes were closed,colored pictures flashed past in a quickly changing kaleidoscope.After a few hours, it痴 disappeared.What痴 this condition?
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 23, 2003 23:18
Great after party!
thanks Moksha (Eyal) & Ronen Rasta for this great event to close me weekend.
the party was realy colorfull with great ppl from north & south...
Psychotic Micro kicked my mind as allways!
(Miki & Kobi you're kill'n ppl!)
Wrecked Machine was great too, nice to see brazilian dj play'n here! nice full-on set.

but the most great thing about this party was:
it was 2 min from my home...! & it was nice to see all the "Mekurhanim" looking for the party in Sazyon

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Trance Forum サ サ Forum  Party Promotions - after in savion
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