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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - After in kfar Maccabi
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After in kfar Maccabi

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 2, 2003 13:51
was very good... Sub6 was amazing...
i am sure that every one who where had a gerat time!

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 2, 2003 15:54
More details maybe?
When? Rest of the line up?

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Posted : Sep 2, 2003 22:30
Rest of lineup (sorry, I dont remember the right order), except for Sub6 (which came alone and bombed my ears with a killer skills) we had the chance to hear Onyx & PTX , Canibal Active, Black&White, Eyal Yankovitz and Gidi Hovek-Olam.
i'd like to mention that the price was *only* 40nis + some selection, not the best but many unwanted peoples didnt get in luckily.. the place was loaded with bunch of peeps by 20:00 and the party was over at 2:30 i think.. (was to high ) and.. oh it was on the swiming pool of the kibutz.. so lotsa chicks got into the water..
i really enjoyed the last saturday of august!

cya around fella's
          HappyMoon Crew
Scratch 22

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Posted : Sep 4, 2003 20:45
ok. a few corrections....
selection stopped working after a while... so lots of unwanted ppl did get in eventually ... but it was only at the last hour so it was ok.
the party ended around midnight maybe a bit later
(happymoon my man u were too high imo .... 2:30???? )
line up was:
progressive dude(black & white?) till around 6. than came onyx and ptx with an amzing set imo. realy liked it shame the place was still empty.
than i guess it was yankovich who played terrible nitshonot... lots of infected and melodic ichsa if u ask me.
than came sub6 who was amazing....almost the whole set than he lost it a bit imo. but great music. excellent groove....loved u`r stuff.
after him came cannibal who opened with a rmx of underworld... way to go! they started very intersting and diffrenet but soon they adapted to the crowd and gave up on the whole groovy breaky thingy... great mixing dudes. great music. made my day to here union jack. then they closed down the party cause of the noise it made in the kibbuts . shame. cannibal were giving a great set...
as far as i know gidi didn`t play....
saw some nice ppl in the beggining than i saw loads of "ok" ppl and some which were not that ok...
all in all... ppl came to party and it was a party indeed. more volume could have helped tough. personally i had a blast . great music most of the time and a nice place for an after.

          if u dig deep enough u just might reach the sky...

"dream is destiny"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 5, 2003 04:57
sounds niice ...

any pics ?

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Posted : Sep 5, 2003 06:32
well , in order to corect thing's realy , ...after golan ( sub6 ) came black & white wich made this grait party and there music is soon to blow u out big time !!

Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - After in kfar Maccabi
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