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Aerospace - Elevation (Spintwist Records @ Nov 06)

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 1, 2007 10:28
Hi All !

I'm really excited for review the second album of Guy Youngman (Shanti). Aerospace is one of the Israeli trance scene pioneers with experience of many years as a talneted producer. This diligent guy was released debut album (Earth) on the beginging of 2006 and now he is ready to serve the next one - Elevation. The album is out on the German label - Spintwist Records. Let check if the music it self is really got elevation .

1. Be Light 135 BPM
Guy is starts with avarage proggy tempo. The intro is followed with robotic vocal and few seconds later the calm Aerospace's base-line is gets inside. The track is developing slowly - melody after melody with support of friendly kick, which gives a loosened feeling to the whole track. This is surely a nice way to open this story.

2. Free Fall 137 BPM
We get closer to the dance floor...the tempo is going high and the power is getting stronger. The begining of "Free Fall" tune is sounds familiar from somewhere, but the kick's entry is remind the old & lovely Aerospace line. The melodies around are so smiley and positive, and the listener can't stop move the head with smile on the face. On 04:40 there is a down just for the special up one minute later with reserved energies and the smile just get bigger . After two tracks I'm start to feel the excitement in the body...lets see what is cooking next.

3. Vibe Rate 138 BPM
Thirty seconds is enough for get up and let all energies get out. It's start with simple introduction and the continuation is so clever and danceable - full of hallucinate effects, super groovy baseline and smart vocal - "Close your eyes...". After five minutes the track is going down completely, but it's going up gradually untill the vocal's come back as a sign for get back the the diging. "Vibe Rate" is the best track on the album in my opinion.

4. Air Bureau 135 BPM
The fourth tune is more easier and "convenient" with the same tempo of the first track. I guess that Guy is want to give a calming moments to the listener for prepare the body for the rest...mayB . "Air Bureau" track is full of playings and soft melodies all around without part of madness or anything like that...just a solid tune.

5. Soundbite 135 BPM
Melodic-track is the best definition for "Soundbite" tune. If you expect for a dance floor hit - you wrong. The chilling atmosphere from track numer 4 is still in the air here. The slowly baseline with the fat kick and those cheesy melodies are fitting to the noon time with target to relax and enjoy from very nice music background...forget from the legs work, now it's time for head's working .

6. War Zone 135 BPM
Although the tempo is still low, this track is more danceable on compare to the last two tracks. "War Zone" tune is a combination between Aerospace and the full-onish Lior Lahav (Solar System). Unfortunately, this track is not bring a new refresh message with it despite the good purpose. The tune can be useful dj-tool for wake up sleepy crowd on proggy sets, but I expected for more because this is the sixth track on the album.

7. Elevation 138 BPM
The title track is finally bring the new life and the elevation, which was very necessary here. The baseline is faster and together with the danceable kick, I actually back to dance . The playing on 03:10 is really emotionaly and beautiful with great effect for the track. I wouldn't call this one a stormer but this is definitely a very good material !

8. Dat Tune rmx 138 BPM
Now Guy is remixing Hannes Klitta's (Vaishiyas) track. I can't explain why but I really connect to this one. The Aerospace version for "Dat Tune" is kind of cheezy, but I found it special and unique. The brake on 04:00 is so chance to stay calm after it. Good vibes are fly everywhere...

9. Wanna Run rmx 136 BPM
I'm sure that all Aerospace fans remmember the "legendery" singing of MC Hazy Edy on "Wanna Run" original track from the first check out the new remix for it. I'm sure it was very difficult to change a lot the track, but Guy has done an excellent job here. The combination of Hazy song and Aerospace upgrading style is sweet and suitable. Please be careful not fly too high with the brake on 05:20 . One of my favorties tracks here.

10. Sitting on a stone 90BPM
Mr. Edy Palkovich is keep the good work with Aerospace and after the amazing "Raggadun Style" from "Earth" album, it's time to present the "Sitting on a stone". The song is influenced by the Reggae style. A very nice ending to the album.

To sum it up - "Elevation" album is a bit disaapointed me despite the proffsional producing, but there is nothing new or original here. This album is maybe more mature, but I couldn't find here much brilliant tracks such as "Space Odyssey" or "The Future Is Here".
In my opinion "Earth" album is better becasue the music there has honest feeling with tons of new ideas and pure love to the music.

Buy "Elevation" album here:
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 1, 2007 14:54
Sounds like a good album by your review. but I hope it is better than 'Earth' which was good. I will Give my verdict when I get my copy.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 1, 2007 15:00
The album is awsome...liked this 1 much then first album
Elevation,best track at the album           Dance is - As a matter of fact, socially admissible public analogue of the sexual act :)
Sound Surgeon
Crater / Mish-kah

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Posted : Jan 1, 2007 23:35
I can agree with guy cohen's last comment. I wouldnt say its a bad album but if you heard "Earth" this album will sound like its been done in very similar basis. Sound is better and top notch but the feeling isnt getting us to new places.
In my opinion, if he would wait more and make some newer beats in 2007, it would be better for us. Maybe two albums in one year is too much.

i really enjoyed Air Beaurau and Sitting on a stone

d.j k-pax

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Posted : Jan 5, 2007 21:00
not only sound like a good album but it is a GREAT ONE....
guy shnati upgrated himself to one of my top 10 artists in world after becoming aerospace 2 years ago.....
perfect sound.. groove and emotional atmosphere in each and evary track
whay go aerospace with another great album           K-PAX/EMOTIVE spintwist records
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 20:20

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 22:06
nice review nathan and guy!

aerospace is one of my favorites in prog since "earth"....
with his melodic style he one of the leading acts today ..imo!
as mentioned here...there is nothing new in syth sounds bassline drums and percussions

2. Free Fall my most favorite track in this album ....with goa melody in minimal version...reminds me..ap's dancing galaxy

1,5,9 also favorites

at first look the cover seems like commercial for el-al

i loooove the cover ...very original the sea of deamons, mushrooms suns moons and other cover shit!


IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 22:13

On 2007-02-14 22:06, Alias wrote:

at first look the cover seems like commercial for el-al

more like Aeroflot (Russia)

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 14, 2007 23:25

more like Aeroflot (Russia)


i was focused on the plain
about wings symbol you right....its looks like aeroflot blya!

Ray Zed

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Posted : Feb 15, 2007 00:15
good album! high production skills with clean and crisp sounds equal to that of proggy producers such as freq or liquid soul. a lot of potential dancefloor hits. however, although this is a good album it is nothing too disimilar to 'Earth', there has been no evolution of sound from the last album. im not saying that is a good or bad thing, that is for the listener to decide, but imo there is nothing new here.

fav tracks:

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 15, 2007 15:39
aerospace is rocking!!!

great album, from a great artist and best freind,

this album flow is briliant,
you press the play button and you get into a great
musical flow,like the masters!

i had the big plesure to make this album launch in israel,
and to see this great aerospace live act,
and ppl was flying!!!

keep up the great work my freind,THE FUTURE IS HERE!!!

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Posted : Feb 16, 2007 04:22
Massive respect for a great artist indeed!

Mature album,with high production skills Mr.G

Uplifting psyprogressive with a soul!

Some i like and some i like More!,but for sure every track is a dynamite on the dance floor!

Especialy liked the Air Bureau and War Zone!

Huge support from us!

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 22, 2007 23:55
My review:

Elevation ( Spin twist, dez. 2006 )

Track List:
1. Be Light
2. Free Fall
3. Vibe Rate
4. Air Bureau
5. Soundbite
6. War Zone
7. Elevation
8. Dat Tune rmx
9. Wanna Run rmx
10. Sitting on a Stone

This is the second of Guy Youngman under his alias Aerospace. A friend recommended Aerospace's debut album "Earth" to me, I bought it and I enjoy it a lot, always playing it on my parties and getting massive dance floor feedback. The logic step was to get this second album and check it, that’s what I did and here is my report. The album was released by Spin twist Records, and the cover is "sweet" and blue as well as the CD itself. It's funny to me. Cover:;

I must make clear that I have a "love and hate" relationship with Aerospace's music, on one side I totally enjoy the melodies, the structure of the tracks, and the very characteristic and deep bass that always keep me moving. On the other hand I usually dislike the spoken samples that Guy uses so frequently, in fact they usually ruin the track to me, rendering it unplayable except for home listening in which case it is acceptable.

The album begins with Be Light (T1) a danceable track that uses melodies and effects to achieve a joyful atmosphere. However I don't like the samples, they sound kind of artificial to me. A nice opener that gives us a glimpse of what the album will be like. Free Fall (T2) arrives smoothly and slowly takes control of my feet and I'm just powerless in face of its charm. Incredible melodies, awesome and danceable bass lines, interesting track structure developing slowly and steady (137 bpm), all these elements together make this track one of my favorite here. Excellent job in assembling this real psy progressive tune, I tested it and the dance floor response was a handful of smiles...

Air Bureau (T4) is an OK track, nice flow and bass, overall a nice track, but far from being a stand out in my opinion. I found Soundbite (T5) a good track for home listening, and maybe it can be useful in the beginning of a progressive set, but I feel like it does not reaches its full potential or lacks a proper finalization. War Zone (T6) suffer similar deficiencies in my opinion, and maybe a little more tweaking or twisting could enhance the track, specially towards the end. OK, Elevation (T7) arrives the save the world with its groovy bass lines, psychedelic elements and winning melodies. Another exceptional psy progressive track, the breaks move the floor and tense atmosphere keeps the crowd waiting for more. One of the best tracks from Aerospace.

The always repeating samples of Vibe Rate (T3), Dat Tune rmx (T8) and the singing on Wanna Run rmx (T9) are not my taste and ruin these tracks to me. Other people may like them, so check them, but for me they add nothing but the repetition of naive words.

Closing the album with a similar vibe of his debut "Earth" Guy Shanti present us with Sitting on a Stone (T10), a reggae influenced tune, with lyrics and a story behind it. I like it a lot, relaxing, funky and funny, good track with a nice rhythm and flow.

This second release follows the same lines of the Aerospace's debut, a nice album, but I guess a lot of people have high expectations after the Earth album, including me. The album is consistent following a well defined sound line, it will do the trick at the dance floors and even has two top notch tunes, but I miss something... I thought it was because of the tracks with samples that don't fit my taste, but now I feel there's too many average tunes here...

Recommendation: I recommend this release to everyone who liked the Aerospace debut and for the people who are seeking good psy progressive around 135 to 138 bpm. We have here 10 tracks totalizing almost 78 minutes of previously unreleased music. It has effective tracks for DJs and good flow for home listening. Checking the samples is highly recommended; if you like them don't hesitate and buy this one while it's still fresh.

Favorites: 2(!!), 5, 7(!!), 10.

Buy it here:

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...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
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