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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Acid Rain Production - 26.8 (near the blue bird LOL)
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Acid Rain Production - 26.8 (near the blue bird LOL)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 29, 2005 16:35
well, it was our first production and damn it was fuckin amazing! i couldnt believe it will be like that =)
200 ppl more or less 90% of them were really nice and good atleast 40% of them smiling beautifull girls and the vibe was awesome!
some shimonim and group of arabs at the party at night (i beleive the location brought them)that try to make some problems but we handle them preety well although we didnt have security (they cancled us in the last momemnt!) but they all disappeard in the morning...
the music was great all the way...i didnt heard the line up until 6 but ppl saying the music was kickin all the way and im sure it was just like that!
the line up was :
Kanibal Active
Stupid Science
& Never Trust A Dj
i came to the party at 6 (been at the entrance all the time running from place to place) Zion was playing, he gave as usuall great set the crowd responce very good!
after him we came to play, we started with some morning melodyc tracks and finish with old melodyc goa tracks i enjoyed playing and dancing i did couple of fashlut but it was oki...i was so tired =)
after us came my friend, Eliran who played goovy morning tunes who fits perfectly for this hour and his mixing skills are amazing, he know what he is doin
after him Never Trust A Dj came to play and he gave a great psychedelic set! started slowly with some pumping tracks and then moves to psychedlic goa tunes that rock the dancefloor!
another little story and im ending this
couple cars took the wrong turn to the party and got to the party from another road, some of them came to the bar and said they having a great time, they came from another road, didnt pay entrance and they want to pay, when i heard it my heart was full of hapiness and a huge smile was on my face there are good ppl in our world! but some of the cars (eventually they were a lot of cars) didnt pay..
great sound system - two sets of turbo that make thier job, beautifull deco, the place was full of colors, the whole place was glowing
in the end we are so happy we did an amzing event and we couldnt make it without the ppl who came to join us! THANK YOU!
big big thanks to Hagai, man without you we couldnt make it! Eyal, thanks for helping and supporting and thanks to all our friends who help us to make this event special like it was...
and thanks to the ppl who helped us clean the place, we really aprriciate it!
have a great week cya at the next production in the far future

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 29, 2005 18:55
Happy to see that all was ok

no pigs no fights etc etc..

look like u did a good time bro

sorry i mess that but hope for next 1.

Keep the good spirit zoombizoola and Acid rain pro.

          Happy Happy,Joy Joy.

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Posted : Aug 29, 2005 20:43
hey we hed the best time it was a great pro for your first time keep up acid rain ill be happy to be in the next
          release n'attack compiled by zion out now orb records

here try this"*)
..*) .*)
(. (.` * ..` ..`
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 13:26
If I wasn't there I would have thought that indeed it was such a great party.
The atmosphere was nice, location was really awesome. but for my taste there were not enough people, and thus not enough energies. that's why the party closed at around 9am.
another annoying thing was the instructions which were quite confusing and so it happened that people came in the wrong way.
still it was really nice for your first time, I enjoyed myself going for a stroll in the forest, and let's hope you will keep improving for next.

          No one ever lives to see the end.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 16:11
the party closed at 10am
you right there was more space for more ppl but more doesnt have to be better
and the instruction to the place and in the forest were really confusing, sorry for that.
glad you came and enjoyed yourself and i can promise you in the next time it will be more organized and you will have the best time

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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 17:12
very good party
it was really missing           Freedom, Peace & Love

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Posted : Aug 30, 2005 23:39
i got there arounf 6-7am,
was very nice location, not a lot of people but very friendly vibe & lots of smiling faces.
i enjoyed very much, see u next time
Opus (Eli)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 1, 2005 09:47
hen i happy to see that your party was great and im sorry that i didnt come!!!

keep it in this way

opus(senka pro.)           "The harmony between heart and soul is the divine...
the divine trance".
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Acid Rain Production - 26.8 (near the blue bird LOL)
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