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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Acent and Kepten Kats after, 15.7
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Acent and Kepten Kats after, 15.7

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 16, 2006 20:14
Hello friends...
Its nice to see that we can still dance and smile with this small "Attack" at the north.
I know it was smaller party then we all thought, but it was still good energy.
Thank you all the friends that came and dig from the afternoon till 2am.
I hope you had great time there, like me.

Thank you, the "helpers">
Kats & his "family", Roi & Shimrit (BAR), all the line up>
Maxi (Oscuro), Alon & Itai (Sickboy & Wave equation), DDK, Richter and Hertz, Omer & Pit (Entropy), Eilon & Israel (Knightman & Mono), and Barak (Multiface).
GREAT SETS, guys!!!

I hope that next time the peace will be stronger then the Bombs...
C ya next time, Inon (Acent crew).
Black Machine

Started Topics :  56
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Posted : Jul 16, 2006 21:26
Hey Dude
thanks allot i had a good time in there.
too bad that the war started but we still live in Israel....
anyway great one bro thanks
see ya soon.           Oscuro(Mechanical-Dragon.rec)

Started Topics :  7
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Posted : Jul 16, 2006 23:13
hello u guy's! like Inon said it was emptier then we expected prolly cuz of the situation...well next time (on the 28.7 - cosmic attack) i'm sure we will make some dust! great set by oscuro , sick boy and wave equation (Alon & Itay) gave a great set of more then 2 hours!! Entropy - u rock!
see ya all soon
good luck Inon with the next one

Started Topics :  9
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Posted : Jul 17, 2006 15:14
I came to this after in 19:00 pm and it was something like 100 people in the place
The music was realy killaaa Entropy killed all my body
and the last set by Mono & Knightman was realy osom.....hope u liked the vaflim guys ))
if anyone got the pic`s plz upload them
C u all in the Cosmic Attack 28/7
Invisible reality

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Posted : Jul 17, 2006 17:40
Glad to hear it went good
See you all at 28/7 Cosmic Attack
          Invisible Reality (IONO music)

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Posted : Jul 18, 2006 00:19
hii inon good one man im vary sory for the ppl how miss this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck           !!!!!!!RidinG On ThE WaveS Of SounD!!!!!!!
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - Acent and Kepten Kats after, 15.7
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