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Trance Forum  Forum  Electronica - Abe Duque - Don't Be So Mean
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Abe Duque - Don't Be So Mean

IsraTrance Analyst Member

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Posted : Jun 9, 2009 18:39:49
Side 1
1. "Life Is So Good To Me"
2. "Tonight Is Your Answer"
3. "Following My Heart"
4. "Wake Up"
5. "Getting There"
6. "Forever Untitled"
7. "Trash Acid House"
8. "Why They Need Us"
9. "Ofma"
10."Salute The Dawn"
11."Let''s Take It Back"


Abe Duque's third album, "Don't Be So Mean", is a wonderfully homogenous mix of his trademark fist-pumping sound and a rarely revealed meditative, dreamy side. The electrifying "Tonight is your answer" and the optimistic "Life Is So Good To Me" deliver the thump you've become accustomed to, as do the two gorgeous numbers "Following My Heart" with tantalising vocals by Virginia and "Salute the Dawn", a collaboration between Abe and regular sidekick Tijana T (with contributions from Debussy and Henry Thoreau). the Numbers "Why Do They Need US" and "OFMA" offset this drive with ethereal electronica.

Dark acid basslines, Latin percussion, deep-house grooves, piano instrumentals ... "Don't Be So Mean" unites Abe's last two years of performing his live show from Australia to Japan, the US to Berlin, Barcelona to South America, Holland to Eastern Europe, and his releases on acclaimed labels Tresor and Disko-B, as well as Warner Bros, International DJ Gigolos, Sahko, Tension, Abuse, Mille Plateaux, Sonic Groove, Rapture as Abe Duque as well as alter egos Kirlian, Super Secret Symphony, Facil and the techno supergroup jam, the Rancho Relaxo All-stars....

"Don't Be So Mean" is out june 1st on Process Recordings, with "Following My Heart" released as a single just before.
Lucid Picnic

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Posted : Jun 11, 2009 23:00
trash acid house massive check one 2!
          Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves
Alex Boshke
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 8, 2009 20:30
here i expected something more then it is.. so so album comparing to his previous works 
Rui Ferreira
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 10, 2009 03:28
haven't the chance to listen yet, but lately everything seems to be so empty of solid work...i wonder why
Trance Forum  Forum  Electronica - Abe Duque - Don't Be So Mean
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