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Trance Forum  Forum  Greece - 5 fingers - 5 tracks
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5 fingers - 5 tracks

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 22:26
hi everydoby!
its been a while since my last post...
i listen to a lot of progressive ill list some of my favorite tracks the last couple of years in order to get some feedback of similar tracks.

amazing intro,deep bass,great kick.
at 2:12 an amazing synth comes in,simple but so atmospheric calling for your soul in order to prepare for what is synths all the 3:17 a breakdown with sensual female voices and at 4:23 comes in a glorious melody!deep emotional optimistic builds and takes you in distant places of your mind!
oh!and that fx coming in at 7:07 till the end is so amazing!
a track that brings pure joy in my ears!

2.ticon-u make me wanna drink more
great intro full of 1:39 an amazing driving bassline comes in and it keeps favorite part is at 4:35 when that amazing synth comes in-so atmospheric-i have listened to nothing like that!especially at 4:52 till 5:18 is becoming intense!all the track is great and reminds me of the deep blue aegean sea!

3.wizzy noise-oceanica
from the start you understand that this track is different!great synths in the beggineng,great bass,great voices,so airy,so dreamy!at 00:55 it starts to evolve in a stunning piece of dance emotional music!driving voices,synths in the background,fx,great sequences.this gives you a flight in unexplored places!2:43 here we go again!the bass keeps pumping hard never letting go of you!3:16 and the synth and voices keep the work alive and furious!builds and builds and builds...4:31 the glorious moment of the track!
the pads make you wanna cry,dance,smile...the little synth gives hope, 4:58 the percussion comes in like it wants to tell you something!keep your faith and you will achieve anything!yes!this is purity!this is an emotional eruption!the pads are keeping the vibe stron,the voices touch every little cell of your brain!yes!can;t have enough of this part!5:52 its all exploding into a mayhem of dancing emotionality!7:34 listen to the pads!they are so emotional!every note is provoking the most sensitive parts of the brain in order to give you a sense of freedom,spirituality,humanity!7:48 a distorted synth comes in and fills the glorious puzzle of original emotions!ecstasy is reached!
thank you wizzy for this hymn...

4.astrix-just in time
great pads,that fx at 00:28 is so stimulating!amazing vocals!so dreamy and atmospheric!1:28 that synth sound is just perfect!perfect!that intro prepares you!
3:11 amazing bass!amazing kick! amazing synths!driving and energetic!cant keep your feet on the ground.cant escape the rhythm!4:10 a little breakdown.
4:25 the most amazing rthythm i have ever listened to the last 5 years!so dring,pumping,a dancefloor killer!you have to dance!you have no other choice!this part is not begging you to demands it!play it loud!it will suck every drop of energy that you have accumulated!the track is superb and...dangerous!

amazing intro!pds,synths,cocals,all fit together amazingly!00:42 the female voice touches your soul!its so airy,so dreamy,so exceptional!the kickbass kicks in.great!builds,builds,builds!there is no stop!you are grabbed and carried in a world of magic!2:17-2:19 that sequence in the lead makes me mad!2:33 great synths,a bit cheesy one may say but i truly likeem!alteration follows!nothing stays the same!percussion,fx,pads,synths,everything changes and we reach the ultimate part!

4:38-5:34 the most emotional breakdown i have ever listened to in my entire life!i listen to this 100 times in a row and cant get enough of it!emotionality is vast,enormous!dear god!this is beyond ones wildest imagination!this is out of this world!it reaches the deepest,slightest,tiniest parts of your heart!it makes you FEEL!feel alive!feel all your entity as a whole!words cant do this justice!

at 5:10 listen to the pads that change and change...they elevate me in horizons of endless spirituality and emotion!i want nothing else!you cant exceed that much beauty!but think again...
at 5:20 listen to those keys,that give another boost to the unparralleled beaty that has been already accomplished!this is GLORY!this is PARADISE!it has to be!

the track continues till the end in that vein....which is translated into perfection!

that is enough!my heart will break!this is pure ecstacy!
this is enough for the rest of my life!
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  19
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Posted : Jan 6, 2008 22:27
i hope that you can feel,what i feel!

i seek desperately for tracks in the same style!

any suggestions?
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 02:41
01.Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura - Perfect Ace (Atmos Remix)
02.Tristan - Focus
03.Vibrasphere - Wasteland
04.Sun Control Species - Polarized
05.Citizen - Uncharted

Hope its what you looking for

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 18:39
Space Cat vs Pixel - Clear test signal
Aquatica - Discoteque(RMX)
Quadra - lsd came falling down

tops for me

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 20:46
midimal-deep devil insane creation-out of control ace ventura+lish-the light gaudium-calm reality day din-pop up

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Posted : Feb 5, 2008 01:45
DNA - Discodelic
Electro Sun & System Nipel - We Can Dance
Mekkanikka - Musicanical
Safi Connection - Dinner With God Vs Space Tribe
Oforia - Return Of The Machines (Time Lock Rmx)           there's a rainbow in the sky all the time don't be blind...((Ziggy Marley))
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 11, 2008 20:48
hey there man ..
nice taste

some good progressive i listen lately ..

try ..

-> Yotopia - androids
from VA - Advanced options vol.3 compiled by echotek / YOYO RECORDS

-> Next - Unplucked
from VA - Reflections vol.2 compiled by Dj B52 / BLUE TUNES RECORDINGS

-> Lish VS Little Beat - Red light
from VA - Drums and Roses compiled by Dj Zombi /BLUE TUNES RECORDINGS

-> Timedrained - Dreams factory
from the latest album "Dillema" / IONO MUSIC

-> Zolarium - Psychedelic trip
from VA - Goa Beach Vol 7 compiled by Dj Mikadho / YSE records

.. hope you like them too
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