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Trance Forum » » Forum  France - 29-30/05/2010 Le Triangle presents:
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29-30/05/2010 Le Triangle presents:

atyss sonic

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Posted : May 28, 2010 15:53:25
29-30/05/2010 Le Triangle presents:

Forest of Visions - 45 hours of sound, 26 lives 12 DJsets - Paris Intramuros at Locatelli Keller (Immendorf/Hollabrunn)
Center of Paris



Foret Hurlante - Dancefloor Trance

D-root LIVE 23h (Progressive)

LDB LIVE 00h (Ethnotrance)

Aloes LIVE 01h (Fullon) (aka

The Clones LIVE 02h (Fullon)

Jaws Underground LIVE 03h (Fullon-psyché)

Electrypnose LIVE 04h (Psyché) - Suisse

Atyss LIVE 5h (Psyché)

Rigel LIVE 6h (Goa/Psyché) - Grèce

Tarik Djset 7h (Psytrance)

Ah puch Djset 8h30 (Morning Psytrance) - Mexique

Safir Djset 10h (Morning Fullon)

Grouzoide LIVE 11h30 (Progressive Psytrance)

Secret Vibes LIVE 12h30-14h (Ethnotrance)

Foret Vivante - Dancefloor Alternatif

Les pierres noires LIVE 22h (Folk)

The airplane LIVE 23h (Rock Psyché)

One shot LIVE 00h (Impro groove experimental)

Tasty LIVE 1h (Rock Funk)

Gerson Djset 2h (Minimale) - Mexico

VasilisB DJset 3h30 (Minimale) - Grèce

Thomas Müller 5h (Minimale Techno) - Bpitch Berlin

Raphael Murillo 6h (Minimale Techno)-Hush Germany

Dsens LIVE 7h30 (Minimale Progressive)

Fluxo Djset 87h30 (Progressive) - Portugal

DJ Nod Djset 10h (Dubstep) - UK / US

DimmiP Djset 11h30 - 14h (DnB Dubstep) - Grèce

Foret Paisible - Chillout

Alvax LIVE 23h (Breakbeat Downtempo)

DJ Nod Djset 00h (Dub ) -UK/US

Vincent Courtois LIVE 1h30 (Jazz impro)

Tajmahal LIVE + DJset 2h30 (Ambient)

Uasca LIVE 5h00 (Ethnic Chill) - France/Portugal

Herve Cavelier LIVE 06h00 (Ambient)

Electrypnose LIVE 7h00 (PsyChill) - Suisse

D-root LIVE 8h30 (PsyChill)

Digidep LIVE 10h (Electrodub Psychédelic)

Siam Djset 11h30 (PsyChill)

My prayer LIVE 13h15 - 14h (Tripop Lounge)

More Info:

Location Etablissement artistique \\\"le 104 \\\" innercity Paris, métro Stalingrad

By métro : ligne 2 Stalingrad, ligne 5 Crimée, ligne 7 Riquet

� By bus : ligne 54 - station Riquet ; lignes 54, 60 - stations Crimée/
Curial ; navette \\\"la Traverse\\\" - stations Riquet ou Curial/Archereau

� By Vélib\\' : bornes rue d�Aubervilliers, rue Curial, rue Riquet,
avenue de Flandre, quai de la Seine et rue Tanger.

� By car : boulevard Périphérique, sorties Porte d\\'Aubervilliers,
Porte de la Chapelle, Porte de la Villette
Entry fee 15 before midnight
20 after midnight
7 after 07:00
12,5 presale (only 400)
Infos To return to more original human values, going beyond our differences and through our individuality, we transform for you the 104 to a magical and glowing forest ...

Our objective is to protect by decree 10,000 hectares of rainforest in Ecuador from the surface of innercity Paris, in one evening!

There will also be be shops, conferences and documentary projections in the festival area.


-18h15 The deforestation of Amazon, by Jean-Patrick Costa, président of Zéro Déforestation

-18h45 A representation of the tree as a symbol of reality , by Luce Cayla

-19h15 De l�angoisse catastrophique à la naissance de nouvelles utopies, by Jacques Arènes


-23h Le Point Zéro , documentary by Christine Della Maggiora and Dominique Roberjot

-00h Shamans of Equator, documentary by Yves De Beretti

-01 h00 Other Worlds, by Jan Kounen

-2h30 Debate with Jan Kounen

-3h30 Zeitgeist : Addendum

For more info, visit us on our site! [click here] 
Trance Forum » » Forum  France - 29-30/05/2010 Le Triangle presents:
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