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Trance Forum  Forum  Russia - 29.05.09(Friday) - Hilight Tribe in Moscow
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29.05.09(Friday) - Hilight Tribe in Moscow

Rainbow Family

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Posted : Apr 3, 2009 17:00:14
Goatika Creative Lab & Rainbow Family proudly presents:

29th of May, Friday

20:00 - 06:00


Hilight Tribe (France) (The only 100% live trance band)

BOOM festival 2006 show:

Natural Trance is a patchwork linking modern culture with ethnic sound. The Hiliight Tribe, five musicians and one sound doctor at the mixing desk, play a live performance for the dancefloors of the 3rd millenium. Digeridoo, Djembe, Guitar, Congas, Drumset or Bass , among others, come in synchronization with the Drum kick. Travelling the world is part of the deal, that's how the band finds its happinness, inspirations and way of life!
Instruments: Drumset, Percussions, Special FX.
Influences : Drum & Bass, Progressive Techno, Acid Jazz..
Instruments : Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Djembe, Didgeridoo, Jews Harp, Sitar, Ngwani, Berimbao, Percussions.
Instruments : Bass,Dun Dun, Vocals, Percussions.
Influences : Indian Ragga, Kavali(Sabri Brothers), Gong, 70's psychedelic music..
Instruments : Congas, Bongos, Djembe, Percussions, Flûte...
Influences : World Music (Afro-Cuban, Mandingue, Dub)
Instruments : Natural Trance Djembe, Bougarabou, Vocals, Didgeridoo, Percussions, Tablas, Shruti Box, Tibetan trump (dungkar)...
Influences : Natural Trance, Tribal Psychedelic Music, Psytrance, Zakir Hussain, Guem, Mamadi Keita, Traditional Latin Percussions, Codona (Don Cherry), Tuvan Overtones, Shpongle, Nayabhingui, Classical Indian Rag (Nikhil Banerjee, Bismilah Khan, Hari Prasad Chaurasia).
Instrument : Two Mixing desks, Effects Control(delay, flanger, gates, etc.), Sherman Filter...
Job : Sound Doctor.

Goatika Creative Lab (international tribal band)

Artem(Russia) - violin, mandolin
Jovis(USA) - didgeridoo
Steven(Netherlands) - drums
Elvis(Goa, India) - guitar
Roei(Israel) - percussions
Pasha(Russia) - bass
Victor(Russia) - trumpet
Andrew(Russia) - sound engineer

concert video:


Komarchiki (Russia) special old school 4 hours set


Andrew Jones (USA)

ChoodoartLab (Russia)

Keerych.Luminokaya lab (Russia)

artworks by Luke Brown (Indonesia)


digital Live-painting by Andrew Jones (California, USA)

"4th Density Digital Dance Dimensions" performance by Pha-Droid (California, USA)

Sacred Body-art ceremony by Andrew Jones (California, USA)

Live-painting by Keerych.Luminokaya Lab (Russia)

Live-Mandala of fruits, nuts, candy's and flowers by Grigoriy Zedginidze (Russia)

Quantum Tribe (Russia)

"CICterna Hall" ( undeground Prospect Mira(circle station), build 26/1 )

1st of April - 1st of May cost 1500rub,
1st of May - 28th of May cost 1700rub,
vip - 3500rub.

If you would like to buy pre-sale ticket check it:, tlephone: 644-2222

"Acid Wear" shop ( undeground Tulskaya, Holodilniy lane, build 3, "Roll Hall", shop 83)

1900rub - with flyer,
2000rub - without flyer,
4000rub - vip ticket.

Have a nice Trip!

Feel free to ask any questions. Hot Line:
(in weekdays from 11:00 till 20:00) 8-903-124-70-99 Viktoria
Info e-mail:

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Posted : May 6, 2009 09:02
It will be great action!
All the best to you, friendz! 
Trance Forum  Forum  Russia - 29.05.09(Friday) - Hilight Tribe in Moscow
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