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Trance Forum  Forum  BeNeLux - 26-28 June Shakti Dei Gathering (BE)
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26-28 June Shakti Dei Gathering (BE)


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Posted : May 5, 2009 17:37:21

Welcome to our annual celebration of
Love & Light, Dark & Sweetness, Crazyness & Pirates, The Holy Ghost & The Sun, Shakti & Shiva!

Date: 26/27/28 of June 2009

Rhakti // Shakti Stage:


Line Up

Menog (Portugal) => Full On
Parasence (Russia) => Twisted
Kindzadza (Russia) => Dark
Neuromotor (France) => Twisted
Fungus Funk (Russia) => Twisted
Naked Tourist (Germany) => Dark
CPC (Russia) => Dark
Whicked Hayo (Belgium) => Dark
Lost and Found (South Afrika) => Full On
Jahbo (Denmark) => Twisted
Psymmetrix (UK) => Twisted
Irgum Burgum (Hungary) => Dark
Sun Girl (Russia) => Full On
Z-Cat (Russia) => Dark Full On
Psytour (Greece) =>Dark
Lova (Italy) => Dark
Doog (France) => Twisted
Anoebis (Belgium) => OldSchool
Fracktophone (Belgium) => OldSchool//Full On
Oonah (Belgium) => Full On
Firaga (Belgium) => Full On

Minimanimal Stage


France Family

D-Sens aka LunaSpice
Drenan aka Cyclones
Miss Tick
Rizou vs Thomasou

Belgium Family

Tom Dazing
Loop Generation
Pete Howl



The venue of our festival is a Old Zoo, so for one weekend you can be the animals

Paris: 303 km
Amsterdam: 202
Keulen: 271 km
Milan 900 km
Zurich 750

Entrance Fee

Till 15 May 2009: 25 euro

From 15 May 2009: 35 euro

@ gate 40 euro

Everybody must pay 5 euro extra for the reclyclage of the mess that you will make

Busshuttle De Paris


Depart Vendredi le 26/06/2009 Paris: Porte de la Chapelle 22.00
Arrive Dimanche le 28/06/2009 Paris: Porte de la Chapelle 21.00

(Busshuttle = Paf)

80 euros (jusqu en mai)
95 euros (jusqu le 15 juin)

Info Busshuttle


Zaventem//Brussel connection with the entire world
=> Direct Trein To Gent Sint Pieters Station each 20 min

Charleroi//Brussel connection with Sud//East Europa and Marokko with Lowcost

=> Bus to Charleroi Sud Train Station
=> Trein to Brussel Sud (each hour) than change
=> Trein to Gent Sint Pieters (each 20 min) than see travel Gent Sint Pieters Location ...

Train: Gent Sint Pieters Station

Bus From Gent-Sint Pieters Station
=> tram 22 until Gent Sud Train Station
=> Bus 54 until the last stop in Doornzele

Car: or your Gps with the next adres:
Twaalfroedenstraat 12
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 5, 2009 17:49
never would get this, to put all the names of so called styles on the line up, dark, twisted, full on??? don't want any discussion about the genres names, but come on if it's a psytrance festival is psytrance played there right? and if people don't know some artist we have Myspace nowdays where every one can hear the type of music of the artist in question.

sory just getting tired of all those names for gods sake.           to use your head you have to go out of your mind
Horrordelic Records

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Posted : May 13, 2009 07:09
Great lineup !!

yeah too much focus on the style.. And whats the real differnece between Twisted and Dark ?

Its enough to write where they come from i would say..            3o~ kriz aka krize 3o~ ....Horrordelic Records....
- Think for yourself -
Trance Forum  Forum  BeNeLux - 26-28 June Shakti Dei Gathering (BE)
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