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Trance Forum  Forum  Russia - 25.07-06.08/Space Of Joy Pitomnik / Intelligent Maya Festival / Crimean Mountains
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25.07-06.08/Space Of Joy Pitomnik / Intelligent Maya Festival / Crimean Mountains


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Posted : Jun 17, 2007 00:43
Space Of Joy Pitomnik / 25 of July 06 of August 2007/ Crimean Mountains

The beings awakened at the present moment are able to see an uncountable multitude of Buddhas, bodhisattvas, dakinis and dacians peaceful and irate, inhabitants of uncountable worlds.

Pitomnik is an experimental spatial-temporal continuum, intended for realization of the accumulated wishes, for gaining the invaluable experience of communication, for the liberation from the fuss caused by the habit of confusing oneself.

Being in the dynamic balance sliding the waves of different musical trends, the Pitomnik alumnuses will be able to gain footholds in their bodies, which would allow them to raise and cultivate the new conscious look at the world and their place in it.

The unique combination of a merry holiday, a secret exploring institution and a cosy lap of nature in the Pitomnik will be safe enough for psychic labyrinths explorers, who, looking for the escape from the anomalous sun radiation in the shadows of forests, will find themselves in the clear land of a blessed epoch.

The beings awakened beyond time see the light of consciousness infinitely streaming in all directions.

Planet Art Festival "Intelligent Maya" / 26 of July - 1 of August 2007 / Location - Space Of Joy Pitomnik

Our festival is an autonomous journing module, floating in the infinite universe and connected with it to form the whole, which, being a pure abstraction, is able to explore any unknown probabilities and color combinaions.
Our active creative nature strives for soothing in the flash of recognition of its unity. Our combined body realizes its fundamental connection with the mighty power, the motive illusion.

Intelligent Maya - Conscious Illusion

July 25th / The Day Out of Time / Space Of Joy Pitomnik

July 25th is the Day Out of Time the galactic day of freedom, joy, art and creative activity! The Day Beyond Time is the 365th day in the natural Moon, Sun and Earth-cycle based Mother Natures calendar, being included in the New Time Calendar, with the rhythm of 13 moons of 28 days each synchronizing all the year. The remaining day is located beyond the calendar grid and has neither day number nor moon-number. This is the day of shifting from one galactic year to another. Thus this is the point of the changing of year cycles, this is the optimum moment to enter the new cycle renewed and revitalized, leaving everything old and obsolete behind. In this day millions of beings all around the planet celebrate, proclaiming the creative activity, and the unified wave of love spreads in all directions, filling all the space

The intention:

Our intention is to live together through 13 tones 13 days and nights, beginning with the first tone the Purpose (July 25th) and finishing with the last one the Presence. Creating and interacting in the Pitomnik and in music and dancing on the festival. The 27th-29th of July is a full moon, it will add a special energy

Jult 25th the Day Out of Time. This is a family holiday, the New Year after all. The vibrations are nave songs, shaman dances, communication with friends...

July 26th the Opening of the Festival. Everybody to the Dancefloor!

July 27th a live stage. Chill In in the big sound ))

July 28th and 29th the Full Moon. The two mighty but different days. Maybe for somebody just one of them is prescribed.

July 30th Dub & Live

July 31st/August 1st Preparty Solipse 2008. The close of the festival. Goa trance in our vision...

August 2nd Crossing to the sea, those who has not become bored with it can remain in Nursery..

August 3rd and 4th The continuation on the sea shore. Cosmic Theatre.

August 5th The night and dawn with friends.

August 6th The Presence...

P. S. On the formation of the festival we are with the following: Cosmic Theatre (Fin), Symbyosis family (Usa), Euphoria pro (Ukr), Felless s.s. (Rus), Psy Qest (Ukr), Yeti Sound System (Rus).Each of them has one tone to show their vision of the music.
We are waiting for responce from Hippie Killer (Rus)

Line up!

First new - Everything is possible
Second new - preliminary line up will be tonight !!!



One big area with participation of lots of live (and not only) instru-mental)) & electronic collectives & DJs.

EXPER-I-MENTAL LAB the battlefront of the real sound experts & avangardists of the present time.


Video Art
Modern Theatre
Space Designers Arts
Performers & Fire workers

Informational & Recreation Zone

A special space for those who are eager to learn & to get a self-experience of the ancient practices & methods of spiritual & body recreation.

Child Playground
Artistic Workshop
Trade Fair
& many other...

happy tunes & Lovely vibes

In this year special accent on: delivery up to the sea, showers, the Internet, tasty things, a good sound .


Space of Joy Community

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Posted : Jun 17, 2007 00:45
Ticket's and Contact's

In this year we have found opportunities to optimum economy and the admission fee for festival has decreased. The earnest entreaty to concern to it meaningly and to bring admission fee in advance. With this action you will help for preparation of Nursery and realization of Festival very much! You can bring admission fee and to receive Personal PIN (Permit In Nursery) start from 3rd of June.


before 20th of june - 25 euros
20th of june - 1th of july - 30 euros
1th of july - 15th of july - 35 euros

15th of july it is the end of presale!

to know how to buy ticket in your area you can connect with us by:

skype: spaceofjoy
tel: +38 096 910 57 44
icq: 306-128-746

you can address about all questions with this contact's as well!



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Posted : Jun 25, 2007 02:15
Line up:


Absolute Fuel (Ukraine)
CpC (Russia)
Delusional (Portugal)
Deviant Species (UK)
Eraser vs. Yojalka (Finland)
Filteria (Sweden)
Grybni Vygluky (Ukraine)
Hummanoid (Crimea)
Izzumm (Russia)
James Reipas (Finland)
Jarilo - Tripaganki Family (Germany)
Mamali (Russia)


Catalepsic (Russia)
Choodo (Russia)
Demi (Crimea)
Gavrila (Russia)
Hare (Russia)
H2O (Russia)
Inka (Russia)
John buDJah (Russia)
Kelt (Russia)
Max Raider (Ukraine)
Michedelic (Ukraine)
Michelson (Russia)
MVM (Russia)
Maks (Russia)
Nowhearman (Russia)
Ospodi (Russia)
PsyTo (Ukraine)
Rod'kaa (Russia)
Soma (Crimea)
Star wind (Russia)
Stereomind (Russia)
Tajga (Russia)
Tony Lizard (Russia)
Tomas303 (Russia)
YZ Shroomov (Ukraine)
Yoda (Crimea)
Wolf (Russia)

Line up is preliminary and will be update!


Trance Forum  Forum  Russia - 25.07-06.08/Space Of Joy Pitomnik / Intelligent Maya Festival / Crimean Mountains
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