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Trance Forum » » Forum  Australia & New Zealand - 24/405 -Triptamind's - Free day by the River
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24/405 -Triptamind's - Free day by the River


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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 15:39
Time Becomes a loop Presents
Triptamind's - Free day by the River

Come party by the river in a little enchanted forest


Al diddy
Armageddon VS Bender
Pixiesinmybrain (Blair)
Matt Nucleas Vs Gorgeous Georgous

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 15:40

8:00am --- 8:30 RonnySimulacrum (Warm up)
8:30 ----- 9:30 Matt Neucleus VS Gorgeous Georgeous
9:30 ----- 10:30-- Sylph
10:30 ----- 11:30-- Armageddon VS Bender
11:30 ----- 12:30-- Pixiesinmybrain
12:30pm --- 1:30-- Dale
1:30 ----- 3:00-- Siaqua
3:00 ----- 4:30-- Al diddy
4:30 ----- 5:30-- GroovyBoots
5:30 ----- 6:30-- K-Dent
6:30 ----- 8:00-- A.De.Biet

And if lighting, vibe, weather and all other factors are going kosher
8:00 ---- 9:00-- Space Cat (50% chance Twisted Evil )
9:00 ---- 10:00-- Dr Zaius (20% chance Shocked )
10:00 ---- 10:30-- RonnySimulacrum (Windout) (1% chance Cool )

Set times and party location are subject to change at any time without warning, and so is the whole fucking world if you have not noticed. Unfortunately management dose not retain the right to refuse entry to anyone. And this party may contain traces of NUTS.
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2005 17:30
I WANNa be there . . . . . .
Heaps of love and luck!  


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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 10:12

We wont you there to man

But free party do not have the budget for international pros djs like your self

You will be there in spirit

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Posted : Apr 14, 2005 16:15
Not to long now people

This one is going to big, fun and free

Dance in your inner tube, all the way to the dance floor

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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 07:00
Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Fine. Min 12 Max 24


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Posted : Apr 21, 2005 07:03

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Posted : Apr 23, 2005 01:20
One Day to go

Fine. Mainly sunny. Min 13 Max 29


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Posted : Apr 27, 2005 16:53
Well where do I start.

Big thanks to everyone that came out and made the day party a great success, and helped it to become a night party, hahaha.

I was so happy with the turn out, looked like all of the eastern suburbs Doofers were there and then some.

The crowd was awesome, and I was really pleased with the whole lay back feel throughout the day, it was truly “The Big Doof Picnic”. So many blankets, chairs, couches and even swinging garden furniture. The people all seemed to bring with them the exact energy I had hoped for.

Big thanks to all our DJs that came out and played for free, you earned some good karma inducing so many smiles. I loved seeing so many happy people dancing to such diverse tunes.

Loved all the sets;

-Sylph had to start off the day, and he did a killer job, always really impressed by his track choice and his mixing is spot on.

-Nucleus and G-George looked like they had lots of fun banging out tunes.

-Armageddon Vs Bender was a crack up, think they would have had fun even if they where baking a cake up there, they just glowed, and very nice tracks. Had to miss some of this for a fuel run.

-Pixiesinmybrain was all about image, so I was tranced by his topless-ness and kilt.
He did well but.

-Dale always brings out the goods, loved it. Got them really packing the floor.

-Siaqua where fucking fantastic, and I hope these guys keep up the good work, your tracks rock.

-Al diddy, (who I had never personally meet before) mixing was very slick, good tunes and straight up good modern Psy. Killer.

-GroovyBoots was fantastic, and managed to keep many of the psy heads dancing as he converted all the psy heads to breaks. Love your work man.

-ADe.Biet I loved your tunes, grooving all the way, very professional mixing.

-K-Dent kept them grooving with a bit of drum and bass, loved it. Respect for dealing with people tripping over cables and the power dropping out so calmly, which was fantastic in it own way, because the percussion took over and filed the air, good drumming kids! And when we were up and running again he brought the tunes back with some lovely Dub.

-Pet-alien-was missing in action? So out with Dr Zz-trip.

-Dr Zaius was all over the shop with his tunes, but that was fine because A. it worked & B. he was mashed.

-RonnySimulacrum, well I was mashed tooand my cd froze up on me however, the pack up time chill tunes worked out better.

-Legohead and Hefty Dan, they rocked up after we had packed all the gear up and played a big fuck off John Cage set in the car park.

Big thank you to all the people that helped out to make this a free party, if we all give, we all receive. I truly love you all and the journeys we share.

D- GroovyBoots you are a legend and a mystery. Thanks for starting this rollercoaster with me.
Clouds – Kazz A Light, I would be at a loss without you
Miss slingshot-Caz 2.0, you are truly amazing. You too kazzes are really getting the hang of that decor thing.

Shorts and Bec, you help is everlasting and brilliant, thank you, we all love you.
George, you are the best Bro, all I could ever need in one.
J- a truly amazing man, love your work and friendship.
Adrian you should chill out a bit more at these partys, but we still love you for your helpful madness.
Martin- thanks for continuing help and friendship, and the Becks...

And thanks to all the other people that chipped in and help out. Thanks for helping us make people smile.

My favorite moments where;
-One of my best friends surprising me for my B-day and rocking up from Queensland.
-Parting with all my old school friends that introduced me to Doofing all those 8 or so years ago.
-Playing with the generator.
-Seeing so many faces I know, and meeting new people from the forums.
-Dancing for all of 1minut.
-Seeing so many good people in one place
-Hanging out in the car park afterwards with a bunch of trippers.

Thanks again to everyone that came and made this a very special party.

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Posted : May 1, 2005 19:36

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