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Trance Forum » » Forum  Party Promotions - 23rd and 24th of April Quest4Goa - Portugal
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23rd and 24th of April Quest4Goa - Portugal

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 18, 2005 11:34
from the site of Quest4Goa:

"In the next days 23rd and 24th of April the fluvial beach of "Alfusqueiro" will b the meeting point of the next Quest4Goa celebration.

we came thix way, invite u for 2 days of magic party full of musik, art and dance, in the beautifull shores of the river "Alfusqueiro", where during the night will be bathed by the light and energy of the moon, wich will b completly full,on the night of 24th.

for thix celebration we count with the presence of international projects QUADRA, MEKKANIKKA e PSYPILOT representing the labels Solstice, 3DVision / Materia e Turbo Trance, beyond the portuguese SIDHARTHA e SPECTRA by Metraton e Spectral / Oxygen.

Live act´s:

QUADRA (Solstice) - ISR
oficial presentation of the album "Serotonina"

MEKKANIKKA (3dvision / materia) - SW

PSYPILOT (turbo trance) - FR

SIDHARTHA (kagdila / metraton) - P

SPECTRA (spectral / oxygen) - P


IDO LIRAM(Solstice) - ISR

NIKKA (3dvision / materia) - SW

FILAFERRO (turbo trance) - FR

HERMÄ (Quest4Goa) - P

EKSCO (kagdila / metraton) - P


X_TIGMA (Quest4Goa) - P

MUSTAPHA (Moonblast) - P

PSY_DÓNIO (Biónica) - P

xill out:

CHILLED C'QUENCE (Quest4Goa / Amboworld) - P oficial presentation of the debut album "Magic Sense"



GABI (Quest4Goa) - P


PLURGRIM (P.L.U.R / En Sof) - P

CELT_IAN (Quest4Goa) - P

MALEK (En Sof) - P




rout 2 party:

A1 exit AVEIRO IP5. go by IP5 towards VISEU. exit TALHADAS / SEVER DO VOUGA. on the exit, u will meet a "rotunda", and then follow for TALHADAS. when u reach the crossover, go right in the direction of ÁGUEDA. after u go by 4 km turn left for A. dos FERREIROS / ALFUSQUEIRO. follow the arrows 2 the party!nice trip!


+351 938 676 705 || +351 919 271 573 || +351 226 102 409

Log - in

20 goas (unic price)

the envitation is on..come spend 2 memorable days in the company of quest on the middle of nature!
bom shankar

more info:

well good luck 2 all...if i can i´ll b there!           ...

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Posted : Mar 20, 2005 20:00 we go again!!! Excellent choices for 2 days fullfied with good vibes!!

GO GO QUEST!!!           "If we don't create our future, our past will create it for us"...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 23, 2005 20:23
Very creative line up by Quest4Goa...

All the best and good luck Malek...           Be well...

" Happyness lives not outside of us,where we generally look for her,but inside of us,where we rarely find her... " /
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 24, 2005 00:39
hello dear friend a3k

tks for your advance but the oficial topic is posted here:

Thanx in advance

Quest4Goa crew

          KORPORA(HOMmega/Crystal Matrix)
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Mar 25, 2005 15:19
i don´t mind on havin 2 posts about the same partie..i guess the israteam won´t b 2 satisfied..i guess that they can join the 2 threads, ok? makes no sense on havin 2!
see ya..and i´m there for sure!!           ...
Trance Forum » » Forum  Party Promotions - 23rd and 24th of April Quest4Goa - Portugal
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